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Be Your Beautiful Authentic You!

Do you feel that you’re constantly watching people out of the corner of your eye, trying to be exactly like them in business? Ever wondered what that looks like?


Imagine that you’re jumping up and down in a thousand strong, beige-sweatered crowd, shouting “Pick me! Pick me!” along with everyone else. What a lot of effort and in the end all you have is a big beige coloured noise that drives the people you want to impress off in the opposite direction. There they go. Bye!

It doesn’t really work, does it? This is not for you, whatever you’ve been told. And oh boy, I bet you’ve been told, even by that little voice in your own head. Be like them. Fit in. Copy someone else’s success. Go compare. Really?

Pssst. Here’s a tip for you. Being yourself is a far easier way to stand out in business than suffering from chronic comparisonitis.

Be your beautiful authentic you by Nadia Finer

Being the big brave female solopreneur is lonely, but you don’t have to run and hide in the crowd. The beige crowd, or greige crowd. Whatever, you don’t need to join the mooing herd of fear, uncertainty and doubt (aka FUD).

When you stop following the crowd and listen to the sweet silence afterwards you might, just might, start to hear a new small voice. Or even two small voices. One of them will be the authentic you, the person that’s been trying to be heard all along and the other will be the voice of Nadia (that’s Nadia Finer, of Little Voice, Big Business btw. Hello!) who will be cheering you on!

Set your authentic self-free to display the colours that are uniquely your own. Here's how.Click To Tweet

So step one: Do a quick self-check – are you suffering from comparisonitis? Everyone has at some point. And step two – this is where things really start to change – set your authentic self-free to display the colours that are uniquely your own. Here’s how.

Between the two extremes of either trying to do it all yourself or hiding in the crowd, there is an alternative. You can learn from inspirational people without needing to copy their style. You can fire your stuttering engine back into full life and hit the road with confidence simply through expressing your true self.

And believe me, I have the first-hand experience that it is not only more fun to do business as your authentic you, but you attract clients you love to work with!

At one point I was hiding behind my business, scared to step out into the limelight and be proud to be myself. You see, I’ve always had a little voice – like 8-year-old little and it’s held me back in the past.

You can learn from inspirational people without needing to copy their style.Click To Tweet

I’ve been sent to elocution lessons and even had a fall out with an ex-business partner because she thought I wasn’t stepping into my full potential.

But one day I got to the point where I said to myself “no more”. This is me. I now coach hundreds of clients and use my voice to inspire female entrepreneurs to go big even if they feel little.

So I am here to say – just be you. And embrace everything that makes you unique! There are billions of people but only one you. Unique, gorgeous, beautiful you. When you have the confidence to express yourself, you light up the world and inspire others. Are you ready to show your true colours?

To hear more about how you can be your beautiful authentic you in business check out Nadia’s Finer’s business podcast.

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Nadia Finer is a business coach specialising in strategy and support for female entrepreneurs. She helps women like you to step into their own unique awesomeness and GO BIG!