Discontinued Older Themes

2014 marks the third year for BluChic since we launched our first theme. Since then we always strive to deliver the best feminine WordPress theme for women-owned businesses & blogs and constantly update our themes. However, change happens and it is with a heavy heart we announce that we’ve decided to retire older themes from our collection.

We’ve taken in a number of considerations when deciding which themes to retire; we weigh in sales, design, code, functionality, and various other aspects.

Starting today January 15th, 2014 the following themes will no longer be available for purchase and won’t be visible in our shop:
1. Magdalena
2. Le Breindel
3. Sally Store

For Existing Customers
If you have bought any of these themes and are currently using one of these themes, don’t panic! You may continue to use it.

Update & Support
While we won’t make any more update to these themes once it’s been discontinued, we’ll continue to provide support (via support ticket) for these themes for a limited time period (for the next 1 year until January 31st, 2015).

Discount Coupon
Get a 30% discount if you own one of these themes and wish to upgrade to a newer theme. Just use coupon code RETIRE30 on checkout. Offer ends on January 26th, 2014 midnight EST timezone.

  1. Version 14.01 is the last update and no new update will be released for any of these themes.
  2. Theme support will still be provided for the next 1 year until January 31st, 2015.
  3. These themes will be discontinued and will NOT be made into a free theme or release elsewhere.

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