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Displaying “Just Another Blog” on Your Live Site

The beautiful thing about WordPress is that it is a canvas onto which you can project your personal vision. The downside? The canvas is not a blank one.

When you set up your site, WordPress will automatically add a tagline to each published page that reads “Just Another Blog”. What this tagline should be is a one-line description of what your site is all about, yet often, users forget to update it from the default setting.

Common WordPress Mistake to Avoid : Still using default just another blog tagline

What so bad about it?

Using content that is shared verbatim on other sites is bad enough in terms of identity and makes you look unprofessional, potentially attracting the wrong sort of attention to your page. In addition to this, if you leave the text on your site, Google will index it along with all the other pages it appears on, and your site’s search prominence (SEO) will take a big hit.

How to put it right

Head to Settings, select General and alter your page’s tagline. Select a tagline that will portray what your website is, add in relevant keywords, and away you go.