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How to Open menu link in new tab or window

How to Open menu link in new tab or window

I would like my store links (e.g. Etsy shop) on the menu to open up a new window, leaving my site open. Is there an easy way for me to do that?

With Custom Menus feature, you can arrange the menu easily; including the option to open the menu in new tab, without adding any code. To have the custom menu link (to Etsy shop or other external link) open in new window:
1. Go to Appearance -> Menus
2. On top right of the page, there is a tab Screen Options, click on it and it will pull down the setting box
3. Tick Link Target under Show advanced menu properties
4. Now there is an additional check box under each custom link – tick Open link in a new window/tab.
5. Click Save Menus button

Now your site visitors can view your Etsy or BigCartel shop without leaving your site.