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Still Using Default Favicon

Ask the average person in the street what a Favicon is and you will probably be met with a blank look, which explains why this little thing often gets ignored. The Favicon is basically the little icon that appears beside the name of your website in the browser’s tab, also found in lists of bookmarks on browsers.

Common WordPress Mistake to Avoid : Still Using Default Favicon

Why Shouldn’t You Use Default Favicon?

The Favicon plays an important role in your website branding. It’s a small piece of screen real estate that packs a big punch. Using your own Favicon enforces brand consistency across devices. It also makes your website stand out in a sea of tabs, especially when a visitor has multiple tabs open in their browsers. Neglect to change it and you will be left with a default icon identical to many other users.

How to put it right

Simply create an icon that you want to display alongside your website using Adobe Photoshop or Canva. Your favicon file must be square and at least 512px x 512px in .ico format or .png format.

To upload your own custom favicon, in the WordPress admin menu go to Appearance > Customize > click Site Identity and select the favicon file to upload.