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Using Unfriendly Permalink Structure

Each new post on WordPress will automatically be assigned its own permalink, which will look something like this:http://www.yoursite.com/?p=123. Ugly, right? While this might not seem like too much of a big deal, it is something that you need to keep on top of.

Common WordPress Mistake to Avoid : Using Unfriendly Permalink Structure

What so bad about it?

Great content needs to be shareable, identifiable and convenient. Using the default permalink means that your content fails to tick any of these boxes. This kind of permalink also makes it more difficult for search engine crawlers to associate the relevant keywords within your content, reducing the page’s SEO performance.

How to put it right

In your WordPress dashboard, go into the Settings and select Permalinks. From here you can choose your permalinks structure to make them relevant to the title of the page. For better SEO, we normally select “Post Name”. That way each post will be saved with a slug that reflects the title of the post or page (read: keywords), rather than just a random set of numbers.