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Publishing Posts Under the “Uncategorized” Category

WordPress enables you to file posts in certain categories, providing users with easy navigation of your site and giving them ‘content clouds’ with similar posts that might interest them.

When you install WordPress, you begin with a single default category entitled “Uncategorized”. If you fail to assign your posts to the relevant category (an easy mistake to make), they are all going to end up in the lumpen “Uncategorized” pile.
Are you committing this common mistake with your WordPress website? Publishing Posts Under the “Uncategorized” Category

What so bad about it?

If the “Uncategorized” category sounds like a contradiction in terms, that’s because it is! Why would you want to make life harder for your readers as they can’t find the content they’re looking for? Why would you want to appear careless and unprofessional? What’s more, failing to categorize in this way can have a negative effect on the search engine optimization of your pages.

How to put it right

A simple solution to a simple problem, we suggest renaming the “Uncategorized” Category to “Other”. To do this, go to Posts – Categories – mouse over to “Uncategorized” – click Quick Edit and change your category name and slug to “Other” (or any category name that you choose). Click Save and you are done. All the posts that were posted under Uncategorized will automatically be updated.