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We always have a soft spot for calligraphy artwork where every stroke is made with love and attention. That said, nothing beats a handcrafted custom calligraphy work. But there are times where we need to save time and money. That’s when we’ll turn to calligraphy fonts for something that can be used quickly and still look as if hours of work had been spent on it.

In this post, we feature 10 irresistible calligraphy fonts for under $35 that you should know; sorted by the price range. They can be used for your website design, homepage banner design, logo, stationery design and more. Enjoy!

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10 Irresistible Calligraphy Fonts You Need to Know

Hollyhock l $32
Meet Hollyhock, a modern and messy calligraphy font with wild, tall letterforms that refuse to be tamed. You can add subtle swashes to the beginnings and ends of your letters with contextual alternates or play with the various doodles, swirls, and swashes to manually add flare and flavor to your text.

Calligraphy font: hollyhock

Ondise l $32
Meet Ondise, a curvy and warm hand-lettered calligraphy script with a natural, dancing baseline. Created with a pointed pen & ink, this convincing calligraphy font includes six different ampersands as well as a swash feature that automatically substitutes beginning & end of word letters.

Calligraphy font: ondise

Nubila l $32
Meet Nubila, contain 864 glyphs, Central European languages support, swashes, stylistic alternates and ligatures.

Calligraphy font: Nubila

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Matchmaker l $30
Meet Matchmaker, a modern calligraphy typeface. Its tall, quirky, and juxtaposed letterforms provide a deviation from traditional calligraphy-inspired typefaces. Matchmaker features smart contextual alternates and swashes that add to the front and beginnings of letters

Calligraphy font: matchmaker

Veryberry Script l $25
Meet Veryberry Script, a hand-lettering calligraphy font with a unique character. There are more than 700 glyphs in the font including discretionary ligatures, initial and terminal forms for all letters and ligatures, stylistic alternates, ornaments etc.

Calligraphy font: Veryberry Script

Brooklyn Girl l $25
Meet Brooklyn Girl, a modern calligraphy font inspired by the quirky, girly, handmade movement flourishing in Brooklyn, New York. She features curly caps, flowing lowercase and a really cute ampersand. Plus, with two weights – calligraphy pen & ballpoint pen – there is so much versatility.

Calligraphy font: brooklyngirl

Stringfellows Typeface l $20
Every stroke of this font is made with love and attention; the same love and attention any calligrapher gives to their artwork. The idea is to give you something you can use quickly, to make it look like you toiled over your custom type artwork for hours. Includes extra international characters with bonus ornaments and catchwords.

Calligraphy font: stringfellows

Isabella Script l $15
Meet Isabelle, a handwritten stylish copperplate calligraphy fonts, combines from copperplate to contemporary typeface with a dancing baseline, classic and elegant touch. Isabella features 300+ glyphs and 118 alternate characters; including initial and terminal letters, alternates, ligatures and multiple language support.

Modern Calligraphy font: Isabella Script

Bulgary l $15
Meet Bulgary, comes with 289 glyphs in total and more than 100 alternate characters which you can mix and match to fit your design.

Calligraphy font: Bulgary

Emerson l $10
Meet Emerson, a quirky and lovely hand lettered script font. Includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers and punctuation.

Calligraphy font: Emerson

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