Ever been on the dating scene, wanting to throw your hands up and scream, “Just show me Mr. Right already!” Choosing a theme for your WordPress site is a lot like that. Each new theme has us asking, “Is this the one?”

Irresistible brands can’t be boxed into a basic theme with generic plug-ins. You’ve tried theme after theme, you’ve coded your way through many sleepless nights and, still, something tells you this isn’t “the one.” Your current website might be stylish but it’s not attracting or converting the right customers for your business. Quality design requires both form and function, both beauty and intentionality.

That’s where Bluchic comes in as the matchmaker you’ve been waiting for. We help you find the perfect, niche-chic theme that you can settle down with for the long-haul.

Bluchic’s WordPress themes are so much more than feminine & playful. Our themes combine beauty & bold vision with the niche-specific architecture you need to convert prospects into paying customers.

Not all businesses are created equal. And neither are WordPress themes. We believe that your WordPress theme should look and feel as good as it converts.

We believe that your WordPress theme should be customized to your niche, whether you’re health coach or a lifestyle blogger or an event stylist with a thing for natural materials.

You’re a serious entrepreneur with a serious business and it’s time to settle down… with a WordPress theme built for your unique business.

Ready to launch? If you’re already on self-hosted WordPress.org and need the details to come together, click here to meet the theme of your dreams.

Who’s Behind the Bluchic Brand

Since 2012, Kathie & Andrew have been matching their strengths and skills to create WordPress themes, with the creative female entrepreneur in mind, that as beautiful as they are functional. Bluchic was born out of Kathie & Andrew’s search for their own niche-chic WordPress theme.

Using their backgrounds in advertising and graphic design, Kathie and Andrew saw a gaping hole in the market for WordPress themes that looked as good as they functioned in the marketplace.

For Andrew, code is poetry. For Kathie, the poetry is in the design. Together, they bring their strengths to create chic WordPress themes to poetically and visually express your unique strengths and expertise in your niche.

You’ve heard that “done is better than perfect.” Kathie and Andrew believe something more: Done WELL is better than perfect. They know first-hand the all-consuming self-doubt that entrepreneurs face when waiting to hit “publish” on a new site. That’s why they combine their coding and design expertise to bring you themes that take the details off of your plate so you can focus on your big picture plans.