How To Be A Top Notch Affiliate Marketer That People Trust | Want to make money doing affiliate marketing? You have to become someone that people trust! Check out this blog post to learn how to become a top notch affiliate marketer that people actually trust.

Affiliate marketing seems to be everywhere these days– on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and especially on blogs. If you have any sort of online business, you too can be implementing an affiliate marketing strategy for your business.

First, let’s back up a bit. What exactly is an affiliate marketer?

Well, in short, an affiliate marketer is someone who builds a brand relationship between a potential customer and a business.

They provide the bridge to connect these two parties through creating (ideally) interesting, engaging content around a product, service, or person, and in turn, drive their followers to purchase whatever they recommend.

In 2018, we live in a society overwhelmed by technology and a desire to connect online.

This means it’s pretty easy to be an affiliate marketer–almost anyone can do it. I know we all know someone who is a “brand rep.”

Anyone can be an affiliate marketer, but the affiliate marketers who perform the best are the ones who have gained their audience’s trust.

If you want to learn how to be not just an affiliate marketer, but a high-performing, user-trusted affiliate marketer, keep reading!

How To Be A Top Notch Affiliate Marketer That People Trust

1 | Prioritize the content

Whatever your blog, website, or social media pertains to, try to stick to affiliate marketing within that space.

If you normally write about books and suddenly you’re reviewing the newest vacuum, people will notice. And they will think it’s really weird. We don’t want that!

When you stick to the natural flow of your platform in your affiliate marketing, you’re not only keeping your integrity, you’re also vastly increasing the likelihood that people will buy the products and services you recommend– because when they fit with your platform, they will fit with your audience.

Keeping with the earlier example, say you partner with an upcoming release for an author you love, or a company that sells literary-themed gifts.

Your audience is already there because they love books, so it makes sense that they would buy those things.

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2 | Stick to what (or who) you know

This goes well with point #1, but takes it a step further: when you decide to market a product or service, only promote products and services that you know, like and trust.

These should be the first people you reach out to when you consider becoming an affiliate. You already like and use their services, so you’re in a great position to start promoting them.

Your audience is smart and they will see through you if you’re becoming an affiliate for a product that doesn’t make sense.

Losing trust with your audience is the worst thing that can happen, so stick with who you know when it comes to affiliate marketing.

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3 | Make a how-to

When you get into affiliate marketing, one of the best ways to convert more people of your audience is to make a how-to video or blog post of how to use the product.

This shows your audience how you use the product, assures them of the quality, and will help them once they purchase the product to use themselves.

If they see you use it, they’re much more likely to trust your opinion and be more comfortable with investing in the product or service.

People love seeing “behind the scenes” content and this is no different when it comes to affiliate marketing!

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4 | Give an honest answer

Answer people’s questions honestly when they ask you about the product you’re promoting.

You can still review a product, even if it isn’t your favorite– you can mention the pros and the cons when you talk about it.

The most important part of answering questions from your followers about a product you are an affiliate for is to be authentic and honest with your experience.

The more your audience trusts you, the more likely they are to purchase the products and services you recommend.

Your audience appreciates your honesty, so give it to them!

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5 | Limit the links

Don’t overstuff your content with affiliate links, mention them only when it makes sense.

Not every post has to be about products you are an affiliate for (nor should it be).

Instead, if you intersperse organic content with your affiliate content, and carry through the same tone from your organic content into your affiliate posts, the recommendations will feel more natural.

The more natural and friendly your recommendations feel, the more they will lead to purchases.

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Final Thoughts

If you follow these suggestions, you should be well on your way to becoming a reliable, profitable affiliate marketer in no time.

Remember: sometimes less is more. It’s better to select a few products and services that you truly love and recommend than 20+ items you only pretend to use.

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