Promotion Tips & Ideas

There are so many ways you can share your Bluchic affiliate link, the opportunities are endless!

Here is a list of ways to promote your affiliate link:

  • Share your testimonial or a story about why you love using Bluchic theme on social media (using one of our pre-made graphics!) + Facebook groups
  • Add a banner image to your website (using on of our pre-made graphics!)
  • Add a sidebar widget (using on of our pre-made graphics!)
  • Email your newsletter list: There are multiple ways you can email your newsletter list. You could email your list when we are offering discounts/promotions for our themes. You could also add an email to your autoresponder/welcome series dedicated to sharing your experience using a Bluchic theme.
  • Review one of our themes in a blog post: You can share your experience using one of our theme and include your results (for example: increase in website traffic, email subscribers, revenue, etc). Then you can email your list and share on social media to get more traffic to your blog post.
  • Add Bluchic on your resource page as a recommended WordPress theme shop or throughout your website/blog content
  • Share a video on Facebook, Facebook Live, Instagram stories, or on YouTube about how you use one of our themes and your experience.
  • Mention during a podcast interview (if it’s relevant): You can share how using a Bluchic theme has increased your revenue, helped you increase your email subscribers, or pageviews.
  • Create a vanity URL to promote (example: This helps give a quick way to share your specific affiliate link when you are talking to a friend or being interviewed on a podcast.

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