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Back to Being You

Writing About Page Tips l Back to Being You

Sometimes, after being in business or blogging for a while, we make enough little tweaks and edits to our About pages and other writing that it just doesn’t sound like us any more. It’s a natural progression.

The first time you post you throw yourself out there, you just don’t care. After while, there are partners and affiliates to consider. There are hundreds, thousands of readers. We add new information, take away dated facts and suddenly we lose our voice. Get back to being you, on your About page and throughout your site, with these little steps.

  1. Start fresh. Daunting I know, but a blank page and fresh words can give you your voice back. You don’t necessarily need to scrap what you use on your site currently, but only add the parts that you remember and that flow naturally. Otherwise, press on with new words and phrases.
  2. Tell a friend. Write up your section and send it to a friend. She will be honest and will tell you if it’s all you, or if it sounds contrived. Take her advice and be you.
  3. Don’t be too formal. I’m going to let you in on a secret… when I write About pages and bios for my clients, I spend a lot of research time reading their social media posts and watching their videos. I love to hear how they really talk. That doesn’t mean I will necessarily try to copy them, but their tone and style will drive how I write. Follow your own tone and be you, even if that means a bit of slang.

Don’t try to emulate someone else. It’s your brand and it’s time to get back to being you.

profile_tiffGuest post by Tiffany Silverberg l Website l @tiffsilverberg
Tiffany is a freelance writer with experience in print and online writing. She uses her journalistic background to unfold unique angles of untold stories and helps clients present themselves and their products with freshness and excitement.
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