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Who’s Behind the Bluchic Brand

Behind the Bluchic Brand

Hello! We’re Andrew and Kathie; a developer/designer, coder/marketer, husband/wife team. We’re college-sweetheart, Graphic Design graduates in advertising, with a passion for web design that all started back at blogging. We create pre-made WordPress themes that are chic, feminine and designed with specific creative niches in mind, just for women in business like you.

The Build-up to Bluchic

Andrew gifted me my own domain during our final year of college in 2006 and I began my blogging journey on a self-hosted WordPress site. I often think of this little gift as my life-changer.

The only problem was that I was on a constant search to find a chic theme that was the right fit for me and my style. Being a perfectionist, I found myself changing the look of my blog on almost a weekly basis.

In 2008, mostly out of frustration, I had the idea to just design my own. With my graphic design background and Andrew’s knowledge of coding, it was sure to be the perfect match! Even though my first few mockups still make us giggle, that was the turning point in our journey into web design.

We started freelancing together soon after, working mainly with female entrepreneurs and blogs for the wedding industry because of my chic design style. I then took the plunge to leave my 9 to 5 job as a graphic designer and began working full-time on our web design business, while Andrew juggled his full-time web developer job and his role in our business. Oh, and all this while we were in a long distance relationship! We happily tied the knot in 2009 and Andrew and I finally got to share the same postcode.

But I began to realize that other women in business were experiencing the same frustrations as I had; trying to find the perfect theme but not being in the space to sign up for custom design just yet. And that’s when our Bluchic idea was born! As for the brand name, Bluchic came to mind as we wanted something short and oh-so-chic like my design style.

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Bluchic and what we believe

In January 2012, we celebrated the official launch of Bluchic. Yes, with several creative doubts, lots of questioning our idea, along with an imperfect website. But we believe that done is better than perfect and we just needed to start.

Since the launch of the Bluchic shop, we get to work and build a life together while taking care of our little one and working on our passion from the comfort of our home.

At Bluchic, we believe in creating designs that are chic feminine and easy to use. We know what it’s like to work through creative doubt and the delay this can cause before a business launch.

Our chic, feminine designs are for the girl boss, female entrepreneur who wants to launch a beautiful site in a short amount of time, without the frustration of searching for the perfect theme.

Our theme shop is stocked for the business re-brander and the professional creative looking for a supported design journey. We want to encourage creative that not everything needs to be perfect in order to grow.

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Three Fun Facts About The Bluchic Team

1. He’s all code and she’s all design.
We both have a degree in Advertising and Graphic Design, with a background in the advertising world before making our move to web design. Andrew builds the websites while I create the visuals. Together we’re the team that will help you with pre-purchase style decisions, as well as post-purchase tech support.

2. We’re two Type A’s
Organization is our love-language; which yes, is much more challenging now with a little one.

3. We love IKEA
Really, we are die-hard fans. Fun fact: we had our previous house featured in IKEA Family Live Magazine local edition. So when we are not on the computer or spending time with our little boy, you’ll find us playing with home decor and DIY projects.

Three things to know before buying your theme

1. Our themes are easy to use and install. You won’t need specific coding experience to get your Bluchic site up and running, perhaps just a bit of a DIY attitude and willingness to learn.

2. Once you’ve decided on a theme to purchase, you’ll most likely find you’ll want to customize it to fit your branding. It’s very easy to get lost in this step. Try to stick to your brand guide and not to get caught up in constant comparison and changes.

3.You don’t need a perfect website to get your ideal customer. Your site grows as your business grows. Get it done ASAP and get it out there. Pick a theme and start!

Try to stick to your brand guide and not to get caught up in constant comparison and changes.Click To Tweet

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