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Being Your Brand by Being You

Being Your Brand by Being You

It should go without saying, but if you are creating your brand, you can do it your way. Certainly, there are overarching business practices that have proven effective over time. You’ve heard the evergreen bit of advice: “The customer is always right,” “Always Be Closing,” “… We can do a bit of market research, compare the numbers, set prices, figure out how much we can make in an hour, and uncover the most popular keywords, but when the numbers and the advice runs out, we’re left to our own devices.

It’s a bit scary. We want the secure, the promise of success. And yet, in the end we have to trust ourselves, our own ideas, our own brand. That’s entrepreneurship – coming up with an idea and going at it ourselves.

Being the daily activity force behind your business, you should be decision force as well. When it makes sense to you and sits well with you, you’re more likely to pour into it with fervor.

Be your brand. Make your own decisions. Let your personality and way of working drive your own success.

profile_tiffGuest post by Tiffany Silverberg l Website l @tiffsilverberg
Tiffany is a freelance writer with experience in print and online writing. She uses her journalistic background to unfold unique angles of untold stories and helps clients present themselves and their products with freshness and excitement.
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