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8 Things You Need To Know Before Launching Your First Site

8 Things You Need To Do Before Launching Your First Website | No clue where to start when your launching your first site? Find out everything you need to do before your launch!

Launching your first website is downright scary.

You might have reached a pain point you didn’t anticipate, or you might be sitting here, reading this blog post, procrastinating building the site for yet another day. (We know the feeling all too well!)

My husband (Andrew) and I built Bluchic from the ground up over the past 6 years, and we have learned a lot along the way about how to effectively launch business sites and start to build a lasting customer base.

Want to learn my 8 tips for what to do before launching your first website? Read on!

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How To Be A Top Notch Affiliate Marketer That People Trust

How To Be A Top Notch Affiliate Marketer That People Trust | Want to make money doing affiliate marketing? You have to become someone that people trust! Check out this blog post to learn how to become a top notch affiliate marketer that people actually trust.

Affiliate marketing seems to be everywhere these days– on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and especially on blogs. If you have any sort of online business, you too can be implementing an affiliate marketing strategy for your business.

First, let’s back up a bit. What exactly is an affiliate marketer?

Well, in short, an affiliate marketer is someone who builds a brand relationship between a potential customer and a business.

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4 Creative Ways You Can Diversify Your Income Streams

4 Creative Ways You Can Diversify Your Income Streams | Looking to diversify your income streams? Check out this blog post to learn 4 creative ways that you can diversify your income streams for your small business!

Everybody tell you to diversify your income, but why? Diversifying your income is a great way to build long term wealth both personally and professionally.

Running a small business can be scary for many and a lot of that fear has to do with money.

By diversifying your income, you’re able to stabilize the amount of money you bring in each month without having as much risk.

Your business shouldn’t rely solely on one client or one product stream. It’s too risky. You never want to have all of your eggs in one basket, because what if that basket goes away?

You can diversify your income streams in a lot of different ways, but we wanted to give you a peak behind the scenes of our business and showcase our different income streams.

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How To Keep Your Website Always Up To Date

How To Keep Your Website Always Up To Date | Always have that dreaded to do list of website updates you need to make? Check out this blog post to learn how to always keep your website up to date (plus a free checklist is included!)

Updating your website is one of those things that always goes to the back burner, am I right?

We’re guilty of this too, so this is a judgement free zone!

Your website is an ever evolving important piece of your brand and you want to be always be tweaking and checking in on it to make sure it’s doing its job, which is earning you money!

Because the list of website to dos seems to always be growing, we decided to compile our weekly, monthly, and quarterly website checklists that you can print off and use for your very own website!

We like to schedule time into our calendar when we’ll do these website updates to make sure we remember to do it. If it’s not on the calendar, it won’t happen!

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