• 4 Reasons to Consider an Evergreen Launch

    4 Reasons to Consider an Evergreen Launch | What’s the right launch strategy for your brand? Learn the top reasons to consider trying an evergreen launch. #salesfunnel #launcing

    When you hear about “launching” an offer, you probably think of a limited-time event with a scheduled runway and promotional period with a hard end date. This is a live launch, and while it often works really well to build excitement for high conversion rates, it can be a lot of work. What if you […]


  • What Your Beauty Brand’s Website Needs to Succeed

    Building a Successful Beauty Brand Website | If you want to attract new clients for your beauty brand, you need a beautiful website. Here’s how to build one. #BeautyWebsite #WebsiteTemplate

    Having a website is a basic requirement for any business nowadays, but the setup and aesthetics vary depending on the industry. Some types of businesses might just need a landing page and a contact form, but that’s not usually enough for a beauty brand. If you’re a makeup artist, salon owner, hairstylist, or nail technician, […]


  • How to Host a Challenge the Easy Way

    How to Host a Challenge the Easy Way | Ready to host a challenge to grow and engage your audience? Here’s how to make it successful — and easy on yourself. #salesfunnel #emailmarketing #freechallenge

    A free challenge is a great way to attract new people to your brand, engage your audience, or build excitement for an upcoming launch. But it can also be a lot of work. So how do you host a challenge that’s successful and fun — without giving yourself too much to do? What do you […]


  • 5 Elements Your Tripwire Funnel Page Needs

    Building a Strong Tripwire Funnel Page | How do you design an effective tripwire funnel page? Learn about five elements you need to include to drive conversions. #tripwire #slo #salesfunnel #funnelstrategy

    A tripwire funnel can be an excellent tool to increase revenue. It’s an upselling tactic that generally requires minimal time and effort on your part.  And tripwire offers can be extremely effective, both initially and in the long term. Why? Because it’s easier to convince someone to buy from you again once you’ve already gotten […]


  • Upselling From Free: Building a Value Ladder in Your Offers

    Building a Value Ladder and Upselling Effectively | Do you have a value ladder in your business? Find out how to create and organize your offers to lead your customers on the path from free user to high-value client! #tripwire #salesfunnel

    We’ve talked about the power of free and freemium offers in attracting new customers. After all, who doesn’t want to try something free? There’s a reason so many grocery stores have tables with free samples! But getting a customer to download your digital freebie or sign up for a freemium service isn’t the end goal. […]