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Canva Social Media Templates for Female Entrepreneurs & Bloggers!

Check out the new Canva Social Media Templates for Female Entrepreneurs & Bloggers! Include beautiful styled stock photos and video tutorials.

We are so excited to announce the launch of our brand new Canva Social Media Templates!

After surveying our audience at the end of last year, it became quite clear that our subscribers and followers wanted a solution to their graphic design problem.

In an ideal world, everyone could afford to hire their own graphic design for their brand but we realize not everyone is quite at that level yet, so we wanted to create an affordable way for female entrepreneurs and bloggers to have amazing social media graphics without the huge price tag.

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Building A Brand Through Social Media: Your Complete Guide

A complete guide on how to build your brand through social media, included free workbook!

When you think of the term “building your brand”, what comes to mind? Many people assume having a brand is only for big corporations or 6 figure businesses but that’s so not the case.

Your branding is important whether you’re a solopreneur growing a business or you have a 10 person team. Social media can be a great way to build your brand, whether you’re an individual or you’re a 10-person team.

Why build your brand on social media? One notable reason is the sheer amount of people who use social networks every single day. Having an online presence, and a social media presence, is almost crucial in this day and age (though that doesn’t mean you have to be on all platforms) and it’s an easy way to start building a brand around yourself and your business.

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6 Reasons Why Your Blog Posts Aren’t Getting Shared (And What To Do About It)

Learn 6 reasons why your blog posts aren’t getting shared and what you can do about it!

So you’re creating all of these amazing blog posts, you’re feeling good the content you’re putting out into the world, but yet….you hear crickets.

What could be going wrong? You’re doing all of the right things! You have great SEO, you’re sharing on all of the social media platforms, so what’s the deal?

In today’s post, we share reasons why your blog posts may not be getting and shared and what you can do about it!

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Why Branding Your Social Media Graphics Matter & How It Can Bring You More Business

Learn why branding your social media graphics matters & how it can bring you even more business!

Branding your social media graphics matters big time for your business. No matter what social media you’re using for your business, you’ll want people across all networks to be able to recognize your brand.

It’s a great way to get people to remember your brand no matter what social network they’re on. Creating that memorable brand image will catch your audience’s eyes and remind them, “hey, I recognize that brand!”

The more people see your brand in places they’re spending time online (Facebook, Pinterest, Google searches, Instagram, etc) the higher probability that they will remember you the next time they’re looking for what you sell.

In today’s post, we share why branding your social media graphics is so important and the different ways it can actually bring you more business.

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8 Unique Ways To Use Styled Stock Photography To Help You Grow Your Brand

Check out these 8 unique ways to use styled stock photography to grow your brand!

We’re huge fans of styled stock photography. We use stock photography throughout our entire business and honestly, I know our business has grown because of it!

Using styled stock photography not only helps your business grow but it also saves you so. much. time! We tried in the past to shoot our own photos to use for our business but we quickly realized two things: 1) The amount of time it took to take gorgeous photos was not worth the return and 2) We aren’t the best at taking gorgeous photos.

While I’d love to say we’re amazing styled stock photographers, we’re not. Our expertise is creating beautiful, professional WordPress themes and our time is better spent on honing in our craft.

There are so many ways you can use styled stock photography to grow your brand and we decided to share all of the different ways we use them as well a few additional ways we haven’t tried yet!

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