• How to Choose The Perfect WordPress Theme

    How to Choose The Perfect WordPress Theme | Choosing the perfect WordPress theme is no easy feat. But if you follow these steps, you’re sure to end up with your dream website! #wordpresstheme #websitetemplate

    The time has come. You’re ready to update your website — or build one for the first time. Your starting place? Choosing the platform you’ll build your website on. Here at Bluchic, we’re especially partial to WordPress because you can easily customize and manage pages without much coding knowledge. Plus, there are so many plugins […]


  • The Importance of a Launch Runway for Your New Offer

    You’ve worked hard on your new offer and it’s ready to launch. How do you make sure all your time and effort get rewarded with strong sales? The answer is a launch runway. A launch runway introduces your target audience to your new product and ramps up interest before launch. That means when you do […]


  • 3 Steps to Launching Your Dream Website

    3 Steps to Launching Your Dream Website | Think you’re ready to build your dream website? Make sure you do these 3 steps first! #launchwebsite #createwebsite

    Your website is your business’s best asset. But what happens when the website you have isn’t really bringing you joy… or ROI?  One thing we’ve noticed that a lot of people get wrong about websites is their purpose. Yes, they’re meant to house information. But they’re meant to drive sales most of all.  With quite […]


  • How to Create Revenue-Boosting Offers In 2023

    What if you could easily create a smash-hit offer that could serve more people and bring in plenty of revenue? Even better, what if that smash-hit offering had you waking up to messages like…  “This completely changed my life!”  “I’m happier and freer than I have ever been!”  “I recommended this to ALL of my […]