• Why Customer Service Is So Important For Your Business

    Learn why customer service is so important for your business and tips for providing excellent customer service. Get creative & think outside the box!

    Exceptional customer service is an aspect of business ownership that people know is important but it can quickly fall to the wayside once things get busy. It’s easy to get wrapped up in constantly trying to get more customers but your current customers also need to feel taken care of. Many business owners toss aside […]


  • How To Overcome Self Doubt As A GirlBoss

    I share my tips on how to overcoming self-doubt as a girl boss and how you can do the same. Click to find the tips!

    Self-doubt. It’s a horrible feeling, isn’t it? I’m sure it’s something all business owners (or anyone) has felt before. I don’t think you would be human if you didn’t! Unfortunately, we’ll most likely feel it again in the future too. I think self-doubt is one of those things that is never 100% cured (because it […]


  • 6 Elements Of A Really Amazing Website

    We share the top 6 elements of a really amazing website so you can attract more visitors & generate more leads. Click here to check it out!

    Ever wonder what makes a really amazing website? Having an extraordinary website means generating more leads and attracting more visitors. While every website is unique, there are some common elements that make up an incredible website. In today’s post, we’ll cover those elements that make up a really amazing website and how you can make […]


  • Making The Most Of Your 404 Page

    Your 404 page doesn’t have to be boring. Find out ways to make the most of your 404 page in this post!

    Most people don’t give a second glance at their 404 page but we feel it can be a page you could utilize to your advantage. A 404 page, if you aren’t familiar, is the error page that people land on when they try to access a page that doesn’t exist on your website. Here’s an […]


  • A Huge Business Mistake We Made + How You Can Help

    We share a huge mistake we made in our business (an email list disaster) & how you can help us out in this post

    Hi all, Kathie here. Today’s post is a little different from all of our other posts. In an effort to be more honest and transparent with our readers (because we love you guys!), we wanted to open up about a huge mistake we recently made and how you can help us out. We share this […]