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6 Creative Ideas For Using Homepage Sliders

To give you an idea, we have put together 6 creative ways of using homepage slider in websites and blogs.

Homepage image sliders, aka carousels, are the ideal device to communicate your brand. You can use it to showcase your website information by displaying multiple images in an eye-catching way that grabs your visitors’ attention and turn them into clients/readers.

If you’re searching for premium WordPress Themes with gorgeous homepage sliders, look no further than our Bluchic Themes. Our themes sliders offer more flexibility and possibility; not just limited to show the latest posts. It allows you to insert any images and link to any URL.

To give you an idea, we have put together 6 creative ways of using homepage slider in websites and blogs. All examples used in this post are from our customers websites.
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10 Irresistible Calligraphy Fonts You Need to Know

We feature 10 irresistible calligraphy fonts for under $35 that you should know. Download a free printable featuring 15 additional shops!

We always have a soft spot for calligraphy artwork where every stroke is made with love and attention. That said, nothing beats a handcrafted custom calligraphy work. But there are times where we need to save time and money. That’s when we’ll turn to calligraphy fonts for something that can be used quickly and still look as if hours of work had been spent on it.

In this post, we feature 10 irresistible calligraphy fonts for under $35 that you should know; sorted by the price range. They can be used for your website design, homepage banner design, logo, stationery design and more. Enjoy!
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How to Identify Fonts on the Web

Ever wondered how to identify a font on a website? Learn how by reading this blog post!

Have you ever landed on a beautiful website and wondered what font was being used? I know we have!

Gone are the days when we have to use a limited selection of web-safe fonts for the websites and blogs; such as Arial, Verdana, Georgia, etc. Now we get to play with so much more beautiful fonts for the web.

Imagine you come across a website or blog, and notice the handwriting font used for the headline title is to die for! You can’t wait to use it for your next project. Now, off to find and download the font. But, wait a minute… What is that font name? Ugh, bummer.

Identifying fonts was previously a troublesome task, often requiring you to contact the site owner and ask the million dollar question of what font did he/she use for the site.

But guess what? You don’t have to do that anymore! There are free tools out there that you can use to immediately identify a font that’s being used on a website. We’ll show you step-by-step how to use two of these tools to identify fonts.
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10 Essentials To Do List After Installing WordPress on Your Website

10 essential things to do after installing WordPress, to keep your site running smoothly.

I’ve installed WordPress, what’s next? If you find yourself asking this question, keep on reading as we have listed out the next steps that we usually perform after WordPress installation.

1. Change the default Admin nickname and password

By default you’re using “Admin” as a nickname which is displayed each time you post an article or make a comment. Change “Admin” to your own nickname or something similar so people can easily refer to it. If you hired someone to do the WordPress installation, it’s best to change the initial password to your own one. This can be edit by going to Users -> Your Profile.

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Yes, we’re open!

we_are_open After months of working on our template design with trial and error, we’re pleased to announce that Bluchic is now open!

We’re launching with two design styles; Magdalena and Le Breindel, available as website + blog, business card and social media set. You can purchase each item separately or as All-in-one Bundle.

To celebrate the launching, we are giving a 30% off on ALL items for the next two weeks! Use this discount code upon checkout : CHIC30LNCH. Coupon code has expired.

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BluChic provide female business owners with cost-effective and attractive template designs for website & blog primarily using self-hosted WordPress platform, check out our theme collection. Our template designs range also include design-to-match branding for business card and social media set (Twitter backgrounds and Facebook landing pages) all-in-one bundle.

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