• What Email Marketing Can Do for Your Brand

    Do you send emails or newsletters for your business? Or is it one of those things that just seems too complicated and time-consuming? We get it — it can seem like a lot of work to build an email list and then consistently interact with those subscribers. You have to figure out how to get […]


  • How to Capture Lost Sales With a Cart Abandonment Sequence

    How to Capture Lost Sales With a Cart Abandonment Sequence | Watching visitors leave your site without buying? Find out how to build an effective cart abandonment sequence so you can recapture conversions. #salesfunnel #funnelstrategy

    Is there anything more frustrating than seeing visitors check out your offers, add something to their cart, and then leave? What stopped them from clicking that Purchase button?  We’ve been there and we understand just how disheartening cart abandonment can be. But it’s important to know that it’s not something that just affects your business. […]


  • How to Build a High-Converting Sales Funnel

    How to Build a High-Converting Sales Funnel | Want to build a sales funnel that actually converts? You need a solid design! Find out how to optimize your sales funnel in this step-by-step guide. #salesfunnel #funnelstrategy

    A successful sales funnel is all about the design! If you want a high conversion rate, you need to consider all the components of your sales funnel, from the copy to the connections. When you’re designing a sales funnel, think about it like a map. You’re creating the path you want your audience to take […]


  • Is Your New Offer a Success? Here’s How You Know

    How to Know Your New Offer Is a Success | How do you determine if your new offer is a success? Hold a post-launch review! Find out how to analyze your launch and your new offer’s performance. #launchstrategy #launchtips

    You’ve officially closed the cart or ended the promotion on your latest launch. Things went well (you think), but you’re not exactly sure. So… how do you know for sure that your new offer was a success? With a launch review.  We’ve talked about how important it is to prepare for your launch by building […]