• How to Legally Protect Your Website and Business

    If you’re new to business or creative entrepreneurship, your top priorities may be finding clients and making money so you can pay your bills. Your second concern, however, should be protecting your business and your website legally. The last thing you want to worry about is a lawsuit or losing all of your hard work! […]


  • How to Set Up A Successful Online Business

    People are buying online now more than ever before. If you’re thinking to yourself, “it’s too late for me to start an online business!” you are 100% wrong! It is never too late. Many people believe in the age-old quote, “build it and they will come” and that, unfortunately, isn’t the case when it comes […]


  • How To Grow Your Email List with a Free Challenge

    If you’ve run an online business for any length of time, you probably already know the importance of growing your email list. In fact, the Content Marketing Institute reports that 87% of B2B (business to business) marketers say email is one of their top free organic distribution channels. There are numerous ways to grow your […]


  • The 6 Things Every Online Course Sales Page Needs

    Is this your year to create your first online course? The rise of online learning is growing rapidly and there are claims that it will be a $300 billion dollar industry. If this is your year that you will create your first online course, one thing you have to have is a sales page to […]


  • 25 Services You Can Offer as a Virtual Assistant

    25 Services You Can Offer as a Virtual Assistant | Want to become a Virtual Assistant but have NO idea where to start or what service to offer? Check out this list of 25 services you can start offering as a Virtual Assistant right now! #virtualassistant #onlinebusiness #workfromhome

    Virtual assistants are in demand more now than ever. Not only are they easier for your clients to afford than personal assistants, but you’re able to take on several clients at once, work remotely and take on the workload that serves you and your business best. And the best thing of all? The sky is […]


  • How to Prepare Your Website for the New Year

    How to Prepare Your Website for the New Year | It's that time again, time to update your website. Read this blog post to learn how to prepare your website for a brand new year.

    New Year, new website! Or should we say refreshed website? The beginning of the year is a great time to focus on goals that are both personal and professional. And if you’re an online business owner, chances are some of those resolutions have to do with your online presence. After the craziness that is the […]


  • 5 Ways to Customize a Bluchic WordPress Theme

    5 Ways To Customize a Bluchic WordPress Theme | Wondering how you can customize your Bluchic theme to match your business and brand? Here are the 5 ways to personalize your Bluchic theme! #wordpress #website #onlinebusiness

    If you’re interested in taking your business to the next level, then you already know that having your own website is the only way to go. Here at Bluchic, we are in the business of helping yours succeed with an entire line of WordPress themes. But if there’s one myth we wish we could dispel, […]


  • 3 Reasons Why You Should Use Bluchic

    3 Reasons Why You Should Use Bluchic | Are you wondering what website platform you should choose between a Bluchic theme, Divi, or Showit? Check out this blog post to find out why Bluchic is best!

    Here at Bluchic, we’re all about helping business owners create awesome websites with our line of WordPress themes. From ChicShop, our theme specifically for female product-based entrepreneurs, to ChicServe, built for female service-based businesses, our goal is to give you flexibility with an automatically responsive design your customers will love. In addition to looking amazing, […]


  • How to Move From WordPress.com to Self-Hosted WordPress?

    When it comes to your brand and business, your website is your calling card. That url where customers can reach you says so much more than the 10-30 characters you’re choosing to string together. On today’s blog post, we’re giving you the 411 on WordPress — how to move from WordPress.com to WordPress.org. The difference […]


  • How to Create a Free Resource Library

    How to Create a Free Resource Library | Ever wonder how to create a free resource library for your website? This blog post shares everything you ever need to know about creating an awesome resource library for your audience. #onlinebusiness #entrepreneur #smallbusiness

    Building your email subscriber list is a solid strategy to grow your business in the digital age. Although in-person, personalized connections will always have a time and place, you can’t ignore the fact that more customers equals more sales (and more email subscribers equals more customers). In a previous blog post, we told you everything […]