• 6 Simple Ways to Boost Affiliate Sales for Your Business

    If you scroll through Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or any other social platform, chances are you will see “sponsored posts,” ads, and partnerships. These are all types of affiliate marketing — but they’re not the only types. Affiliate marketing is what happens when one brand or person connects a potential customer to a brand or person, […]


  • 5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence in Your Business

    As a business owner, your confidence plays a big part of your overall success. People want to buy from experts who are confident about the work they do, and they may hesitate to work with someone who doesn’t seem sure of themselves. Whether you struggle with perfectionism, fear of failure, or perhaps comparing yourself to […]


  • Business Bundles: Are They Right For You?

    Business Bundles: Are They Right For You? | Thinking about participating in a business bundle? We discuss what they are, who they are for, & how they could benefit your business. #businessstrategy #marketingstrategy

    Have you seen those “business bundles” floating around recently? Maybe you’ve even purchased one (or four, we won’t judge!). These business bundles usually include a ton of courses from creators all over the internet, specifically chosen to help you grow your business in one way.  As you grow your offers, maybe to include templates or […]


  • Q1 Marketing Check-in: How to Review Your Progress

    Quarterly Marketing Checklist | Don’t wait until the end of the year to see how your marketing works. Here’s a quarterly marketing checklist to evaluate your progress every 3 months. #marketingtips #marketingonline #marketingideas

    We’re taking a moment as we wrap up Q1 to review our progress before we start Q2, and we encourage you to do the same for your business. It’s important to reflect on your business and review things on a quarterly basis, not just yearly! By checking in every quarter, you are able to make […]