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How To Review Your Year & Plan For The Next Year

Bluchic shares a little brainstorming exercise with you on how to review your year and how to plan for the next year so we can all make 2018 the best year yet!

We’re spending this month slowing down, reviewing the past year, and dreaming up what we want the new year to look like. It’s important to set aside time to reflect on your business and review your year. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of always creating, moving, growing but after months have passed […]

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How To Skyrocket Your Social Media Referrals To Your Website

Who doesn’t want to skyrocket social media referrals to their website? Check out this case studies post!

Who doesn’t want to skyrocket social media referrals to their website? I know we’re always looking for ways to increase our website traffic and Pinterest and Facebook are at the top of the referral list (right behind organic search). It’s been several months since we first launched our Canva Social Media Templates and we’ve had […]

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How to Visually Grow Your Brand Past Your Logo

How to visually grow your brand past your logo to build a community, increase profitability and achieve your purpose. Let your brand & business blossom!

Guest post by Vanessa Ryan. Branding, more so now than ever, is the biggest element that can set you apart from the sea of creatives who are eagerly competing for your ideal reader, client, and customer. It is fierce competition out there, and some amazing talent. Building an authentic, consistent brand that constantly shows up […]

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