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3 Ways to Create Passive Income with Email Sequences

Discover 3 ways to create passive income with email sequences in this guest post by Sarah Anderson on Bluchic's blog.

Guest post by Sarah Anderson Strategic email sequences are one of the best ways to leverage time in your business. You set them up once, send traffic to them, and let the email automation take over. More sales with less work sounds perfect, right? If your current marketing includes promoting your list, you’ll get a […]

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A Cheaper, Easier To Use Alternative To ClickFunnels & LeadPages

Announcing Bluchic Landing Page Templates! A Cheaper, Easier To Use Alternative To LeadPages.

Introducing our newest product in our shop…Landing Page Templates! Imagine… Never having to worry again about how you’re going to design a landing page to sell your next product or service. Wouldn’t that be nice? Answer me this… do you fit any of the scenarios listed below? You want well-designed, lead generating landing pages, but […]

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How To Design a High Converting Sales Pages

We’re sharing how to design high converting sales pages so you'll feel confident in creating a sales page for your business. Free checklist included!

We all want high converting sales pages, don’t we? I think you’d be crazy if you said no! High converting sales pages = more revenue for your business. But there seems to be a mystery as to how to exactly create high converting sales pages. What should every sales page include? How should it be […]

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How To Start Building Your First Sales Funnel

We lay out all of the steps you need to take to build your first sales funnel and all of its essential components. Let’s get started!

Building your first sales funnel can be intimidating, especially if you have no idea where to start. There are so many things you need to keep in mind when creating a powerful sales funnel that increases your revenue, and missing one step can derail your efforts completely. We decided to lay out all of the […]

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Sales Funnels: What They Are & Why Your Business Needs Them Now

Learn all about what sales funnels are and why your business needs them from Bluchic - introduction to sales funnels

When new business owners hear the phrase “sales funnel” many of them either have no idea what you’re talking about or they think they don’t need one because they’re just starting their business. Oh, how wrong they are. Sales funnels are important because it takes your customers on the journey of the buying process. Proper […]

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