Our business wouldn’t exist without customers like these gals and we are forever grateful for letting us live our dream of building and designing website

Happy Valentine’s Day! While some people think of Valentine’s Day as a Hallmark holiday, we like to use this day to share the love all over the place, including here on this very blog.

Our customers are nothing short of amazing and we wanted to feature a few of them here on the blog to “share the love” on this holiday.

Our business wouldn’t exist without customers like these gals and we are forever grateful for letting us live our dream of building and designing website.

Okay, onto the customer spotlight!

Customer Spotlight: 6 Bluchic Customers & Their Successes

Zabrina is a Business Leadership & Success Coach. Her website runs on the Victoria theme by Bluchic.

Zabrina Janda

Zabrina is a Business Leadership & Success Coach and she says her website is one of the main reasons for her success. She stated,

“Before deciding that I wanted to become a business coach, I was leaning toward life coaching. So like every online business newbie, I hopped onto WordPress and started off with a standard template that looks like it was put together by a teenage boy. It had absolutely no personality and no wow factor. In fact, the only people visiting my website was my mom and closest friends.

I was envious of other coaches who had these gorgeous websites and I desperately wanted one too. So, after scouring Pinterest for inspiration I happened upon a site that mentioned it used a Bluchic theme and came across an entirely new world. I couldn’t believe that I could purchase a layout that someone had already created and made it my own.

I quickly purchased the Jacqueline (my first theme 😉) and had Bluchic set everything up and it absolutely transformed my website. I was proud to send my Facebook ad traffic there!

I was so in love with figuring out how to turn this layout into something completely unique and would spend hours tinkering with all of the features and discovered what these themes could really do.

Eventually, I had friends, colleagues and clients ask me how I created my website. I’d send them to the Bluchic site and anytime they had techie questions, I quickly helped them figure it out or build out their entire website using their theme purchase. I began to realize that my real skill was helping new online entrepreneurs with all of the difficult the techie stuff.

My business began to evolve into business coaching and teaching others how to set up sales funnels, Facebook ads, and now websites using one of the Bluchic themes! I even began filming tutorials to help DIYers conquer the technical aspects of their business without all of the headaches.

Bluchic didn’t just help grow my business, it created my business.

Purchasing their themes allowed me to discover my creativity, my “nerdy” side, and my teaching skills for which I couldn’t be more thankful.

My website, of course, has now evolved into an incredibly glamorous and feminine site using the Victoria theme.

I’ve been able to showcase my contributions to The Huffington Post and Youtube using the press banner, I’ve set up my first self-study shop, and have seen a huge increase in user engagement!

The Bluchic themes have done more for me than Kathie and Andrew could ever know. A million times, thank you!”

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Amber runs the lifestyle blog Amber Lately, running on Isabelle feminine WordPress theme by Bluchic."

Amber Lately

Amber runs the lifestyle blog Amber Lately where she shares posts about faith, motherhood, lifestyle, and food. She uses the Isabelle theme and says,

“Having a Bluchic WordPress theme has given me the autonomy I’ve been looking for when designing my website. It allows me to add my own personality, while providing an already classy design.

Because of Bluchic’s incredible customer service, I have been able to implement customizations and integrations successfully, which has allowed me to connect with my readers even further.

There is huge comfort in not only having a great theme, but also having a great team that can provide unlimited support. Blogging is not a one person gig, it takes a village, and Bluchic has definitely become a part of my village.”

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Nadia helps female entrepreneurs turn their tiny businesses into big profits. Her site runs on Bluchic WordPress theme.

Nadia Finer

Nadia helps female entrepreneurs turn their tiny businesses into big profits by helping them to do the big things they have been avoiding. She has even guest posted on our blog several times! She says,

“I love Bluchic themes! They’ve enabled me to easily build a website myself that looked slick, feminine and professional.

I’m not a web designer but I was able to build my own very stylish website – and it didn’t take me long either.

Over the years I’ve customized my site with graphics and bits of coding – so it’s developed as my business has grown. I always recommend Bluchic to clients who are looking for a simple and stylish website.”

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Brittney helps other solopreneurs and small business owners build their brand online through content marketing, public relations, and social media. Her site is running on Victoria WordPress theme by Bluchic.

Brittney Lynn

Brittney is the gal behind BrittneyLLynn.com where she helps other solopreneurs and small business owners build their brand online through content marketing, public relations, and social media. She’s been adoring the Victoria theme and says,

Bluchic has been a lifesaver for me as a solopreneur. When I first started out I was using a free WordPress theme (big mistake!) that ended up being banned from WordPress. I didn’t even know that was possible!

I was scrambling to get my website back up and running and Bluchic came to the rescue.

I was able to easily install the theme with their clear, easy to understand tutorials and had my website back online in just a couple of days.

I love that I’m able to use my own branding on the template, and it’s features are to die for.

The hero banner has also helped me triple my subscribers, which has been absolutely amazing! Can’t recommend Bluchic WordPress themes enough!”

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The Spreadsheet Alchemist website is running on Victoria WordPress theme for infopreneurs by Bluchic

The Spreadsheet Alchemist

Kristi, who runs the website The Spreadsheet Alchemist, has always placed a high priority on making her website beautiful, sometimes to her detriment. She says,

Prior to purchasing Bluchic’s Victoria theme, I tried out two gorgeous girly-girl themes made by different developers. Unfortunately, they didn’t convert – people just weren’t clicking!

So, I studied sites that I knew converted exceptionally well, and I used what I learned to sketch out a mockup of my future site. The problem was that the site layout I knew I needed was not known for its feminine aesthetic, which I begrudgingly accepted as a tradeoff I’d have to make.

Every option I came across was super unsatisfying…that is, until I found Victoria. OMG, it was EXACTLY what my mockup looked like! It was truly a no-brainer purchase.

Fast forward a few days. My site is up, people are signing up for my list (despite my lack of marketing), and spreadsheet sales are increasing. Woo-hoo! I attribute this to Victoria’s elegant-yet-comfortable, no-frills layout that is designed to convert. And, when I decided to rebrand a few weeks ago and go with an entirely different vibe, Victoria proved to be the perfect theme for me to transform my vision into the most beautiful site I could have ever envisioned creating. I know that it’s going to convert like crazy…

What makes Victoria stand out from the bazillion other feminine WordPress themes in terms of its ability to convert is it’s perfectly conceptualized “Hero” image area and featured widget sections, beautiful WooCommerce integration, and the perfect amount of CTAs in all the right places…It’s elegant and beautiful, yet recognizable and comfortable for new visitors who don’t otherwise know what to expect. I simply cannot recommend this theme and developer enough!

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One Woman Shop community is made for freelancers, solopreneurs and businesswomen. The site is running on a Bluchic WordPress theme.

One Woman Shop

One Woman Shop is part resource, part community and all heart. This community is made for freelancers, solopreneurs and businesswomen who are taking risks and changing their lives for the better- in business and beyond- day in and day out. Christina and Sara, founders of One Woman Shop, say:

We’ve been using a Bluchic theme on One Woman Shop since the very beginning and couldn’t be happier. We love that the themes provide a great technical foundation but that we can easily edit them to showcase our own branding.

Our Bluchic site has helped us grow our business by putting the spotlight on our multi-author blog and making it easy to grow our list with email marketing. Whenever we’re asked for theme recommendations, Bluchic is always top on our list.

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Final Thoughts

I wish we could share the success stories of all our customers but we had to limit it (otherwise this would be a super long blog post!)

Our customers are what makes our business and we are so thankful for each and every one of you. We’re so happy you have been able to grow your businesses using our WordPress themes and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for each of you!

Bluchic feminine WordPress theme that is easy-to-use and elevate your business, instantly!