• 5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence in Your Business

    As a business owner, your confidence plays a big part of your overall success. People want to buy from experts who are confident about the work they do, and they may hesitate to work with someone who doesn’t seem sure of themselves. Whether you struggle with perfectionism, fear of failure, or perhaps comparing yourself to […]

  • How to Elevate Your Service-Based Business Brand

    How to Elevate Your Service-Based Brand | Having a website and brand you are confident and proud of is key to your business growth. See ways to elevate your service-based brand. #branding #businessbrand

    As an online service-based business owner, your website is the foundation of your business. It is the very first impression you have on potential clients who are interested in your services — which means you want to make it count. To do that, you need to think of your website as more than just some […]

  • 9 Actionable Tasks To Do When Business Is Slow

    9 Actionable Tasks To Do When Business is Slow | Use slow times in your business and take action to improve! Here are 9 actionable tasks you can take when business is slow.

    We all have slumps and slow periods in our businesses, whether it’s because of a holiday or it’s just an off-season. No matter what industry you’re in, it happens!  Don’t stress! You can use these slower periods to reevaluate your business and take action to improve on a variety of areas so you’re ready to […]

  • Mompreneurs and Mom Bosses: Why Online Business is the Best

    Why Online Business is Great for Moms | Are you a mom who wants to provide for your family while working from home? See 5 reasons why online business is great for moms, and how to get started!

    Alright, you mamas out there…this post is for YOU! Many moms, just like you, are looking for ways to contribute to their family’s finances while also still caring for their children at home. Especially after the pandemic. Here at Bluchic, we firmly believe there has never been a better time to start an online business. […]

  • 4 Tips to Create Visual Consistency in Your Brand

    4 Tips to Create Visual Consistency in Your Brand | Growing your brand means showing up consistently. Your visuals should be consistent, too. See our 4 tips for improving visual brand consistency today.

    Visual consistency in your brand is key if you want to stand out and create a name for your business. Your brand has the power to build trust and evoke emotion in your customers. You want them to feel those same emotions every time they see your brand — across multiple mediums! Visual consistency can […]