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The Number 1 Thing That Holds Most Entrepreneurs Back From Succeeding (& How To Combat It!)

Do you suffer from analysis paralysis as an entrepreneur? Find out how overthinking your decisions is holding you back from succeeding in business.

Analysis paralysis. That is the number 1 thing that holds most entrepreneurs back from succeeding.

You may be shocked by this answer, but it’s true. Decision making is a huge part of being an entrepreneur and with so many decisions to be made, it can cause major stress and anxiety in your life, leading you to never make a decision.

Analysis paralysis hits all entrepreneurs at some point but you don’t have to continue living your life terrified of making mistakes.

Today we share more about analysis paralysis and how you can combat it.
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How To Review Your Year & Plan For The Next Year

Bluchic shares a little brainstorming exercise with you on how to review your year and how to plan for the next year so we can all make 2018 the best year yet!

We’re spending this month slowing down, reviewing the past year, and dreaming up what we want 2018 to look like. It’s important to set aside time to reflect on your business and review your year.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of always creating, moving, growing but after months have passed you realize you’ve gone down a path you don’t want to walk down.

We don’t want that to happen to you so we decided to share a little brainstorming exercise with you.

We wanted to share how to review your year and how to plan for the next year so we can all make 2018 the best year yet!

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5 Ways to Stay Sane with a Side Hustle

Working on a full-time job and a side hustle can be overwhelming. Today's guest post from Jessie Deschane shows us 5 ways to stay sane with a side hustle!

Guest post by Jessie Deschane

It’s Friday, finally (as I write this…)! I’m usually up at 5:30 am, then hop on the train to the gym while checking in on my full-time social media job to make sure nothing blew up in the few hours I was asleep.

Once I get into work at 8, I get to work until lunch, then jump into a breakout room with my Tupperware and start writing up a blog post for a client and schedule some social for my own blog. Oops, now lunch is done, back to the full-time job!

Train home at 4:30 pm, take a quick break on the couch and play with the puppy … and then pull out the computer to work on my own brand and social media management/virtual assistance biz for real.

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Gift Guide For The Girl Boss

Here's our own round-up of gifts that are perfect for the girl boss in your life and for yourself as an end of year treat!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. And while we do get a small commission when you purchase through one of these links, it doesn’t cost you anything additional to use that link. Please know we only recommend products and services that we trust and love!

It’s the holiday season and you know what that means…gift guide season!

We couldn’t help ourselves and decided to do our own round-up of gifts that are perfect for the girl boss in your life.

Grab these gifts for your business buddy, or grab them for yourself as an end of year treat!

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How To Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rates By 148%

Learn how you can increase your landing page conversion rates by 148%!

It’s been several months since we launched our Landing Page Templates and the feedback we’ve gotten back from our customers has been nothing short of amazing.

Truly. When we started creating the Landing Page Templates, we knew this would be something you all would find value in (largely in part because you told us what you wanted 😊) but we’ve been blown away by all of the positive feedback.

Hearing from our customers about how our products have helped them grow their email list and revenue or help them build a business around the life they want to live is so incredible. I don’t think it will ever get old to hear from happy Bluchic customers.

Though we love getting these emails in our inbox, we wanted to share on the blog feedback from actual girl bosses who have been using our Landing Page Templates for a few months now.

They’ve gotten some incredible results and we’re so thrilled with their success!

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