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Be Your Beautiful Authentic You!

Be your beautiful authentic you! Because being yourself is a far easier way to stand out in business than suffering from chronic comparisonitis.

Do you feel that you’re constantly watching people out of the corner of your eye, trying to be exactly like them in business? Ever wondered what that looks like?


Imagine that you’re jumping up and down in a thousand strong, beige-sweatered crowd, shouting “Pick me! Pick me!” along with everyone else. What a lot of effort and in the end all you have is a big beige coloured noise that drives the people you want to impress off in the opposite direction. There they go. Bye!

It doesn’t really work, does it? This is not for you, whatever you’ve been told. And oh boy, I bet you’ve been told, even by that little voice in your own head. Be like them. Fit in. Copy someone else’s success. Go compare. Really?

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