How to Create a Giveaway for Health & Wellness Brands | Want to grow your audience or reach your ideal customers? Learn how to create a giveaway that can help you meet your health or wellness brand’s goals.

Have you thought about using giveaways to boost your marketing strategy?

As a health and wellness brand, giveaways are a great way to tap into your audience, and even expand your reach with new followers!

With a well-planned and exciting giveaway, you can also convert giveaway entrants to social media followers to loyal customers.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about how to plan and put together a great health and wellness giveaway that can help you meet your brand’s goals.

Why You Should Host a Giveaway 

Before we talk about how to host a giveaway, let’s go over why you should add them to your marketing techniques. 

1 | Increase your brand reach

Launching a new product? Generate interest and buzz with a giveaway! Want more potential customers in your target audience to know about you? They can find your brand when other social media users share your giveaway link or use your giveaway hashtag.

2 | Boost your following

A common requirement in giveaways is to ask entrants to follow your social media pages. You’ll grow your number of social media followers, email subscribers, and eventually, loyal customers.

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3 | Give back to your fans

One way to stand out from your competitors is to give your fans something valuable for free… before asking them to buy your products or services. A giveaway shows your appreciation for your audience and builds customer loyalty.

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How to Create a Giveaway for Your Health & Wellness Audience

Now that you know how giveaways benefit your brand, let’s talk about how to create a successful one for your audience!

Step 1: Set your goals

What do you want to achieve with your giveaway? 

Maybe you want to grow your email list, increase brand awareness, generate leads, or simply hit a certain number of social media followers. Whatever your goals are, they’ll influence the type of giveaway you host.

To increase brand awareness, you can ask entrants to tag their friends’ accounts or share your giveaway post on their own feeds and stories. Or, you can ask entrants to create and share their own posts — which is a great way to get user-generated content to share in the future!

For more leads and email subscribers, you might require that entrants enter their email addresses. If you want to boost your follower count, you might ask entrants to follow your account or like your page, a commonly required step for many giveaways. 

Step 2: Plan your contest

To pull off a successful giveaway, you have to know your audience. Pick the platform that they use most often so you can reach the most users. (In 2019, most health and wellness influencers focused on Instagram, and Instagram Stories, more than any other platform.)

Reach your target audience by using relevant hashtags and language, too. Relevant hashtags will help your giveaway get noticed by your ideal audience. 

Don’t be afraid to use specific hashtags with a lower following! Popular hashtags like #healthylifestyle or #wellness have millions of posts, which means your giveaway has to fight for the attention of your users. Use a couple of less popular hashtags, and your giveaway will have a better chance of being seen by followers.

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Step 3: Pick a great prize

What would your health and wellness followers want most as a prize? How much room do you have in your budget to spend on your giveaway? Should you partner up with another brand or some influencers to host it?

Your prize will depend on your brand, but here are some popular types of prizes for health and wellness giveaways:

  • Fitness gear
  • Food and snack goodies
  • Kitchen accessories
  • Gym memberships
  • Skincare and personal care items
  • Gift cards to health and wellness brands
  • Prize packs with a mix of items

Of course, you can always give away a free product or service as the prize! Just make sure it’s specific to a large segment of your target audience so you can convert them to loyal customers.

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Step 4: Follow the rules

Each social media platform has certain rules for hosting contests. Plus, there are certain rules for running a contest on your website. Make sure you follow the rules for your giveaway to protect your brand and your entrants!

You’ll find that many social media platform rules for giveaways are similar. State that your giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by the platform. Don’t encourage followers to create multiple accounts or inaccurately tag content.

Here are links to the full contest guidelines for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It’s worth checking out some federal and state guidelines for running online contests, too.

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Final Thoughts 

After all your hard work and planning, it’s time to run your giveaway! Announce it on your social media channels, in your email newsletter, and on your website. 

Once it’s over, make sure you check out the results of your giveaway. Did you meet your goals? If you used our tips to host your giveaway, let us know how it worked by sending us a DM on Instagram!

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