Create a New Revenue-Boosting Offer in 2023 | Are you planning to create a new offer in 2023? Here are 4 things you need to make it a smash hit!

What if you could easily create a smash-hit offer that could serve more people and bring in plenty of revenue? Even better, what if that smash-hit offering had you waking up to messages like… 

“This completely changed my life!” 

“I’m happier and freer than I have ever been!” 

“I recommended this to ALL of my friends!” 

That’s the dream! 

Over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about creating a new offer that not only boosts your revenue but has a positive impact on the people you want to serve! Of course, there’s no secret formula to consistently creating offers like this. Sometimes, it’s all about luck of the draw! 

But there are a few things you can do to prep your business for a new offering that’s sure to hit it out of the park. 

How to Create Revenue-Boosting Offers In 2023

1 | Audit Your Old Offerings

One of the biggest mistakes we see business owners make is to add new products and offers to their suite without looking through their old offerings to make sure that they’re both profitable and still aligned with your brand. 

Here’s the thing: as we grow and evolve as business owners and humans, our business is going to grow and evolve as well. And that’s a good thing! Bluchic has been through a few iterations over the last couple of years (like starting the Beautiful Biz Lounge!). In every change we made or new offer we created, we got one step closer to running our dream business! 

But that only happened because, as we brought new templates and services into the mix, we made sure that the old ones we had were still working. Sometimes, we had to let go of a few close-to-the-heart offerings (we retired a few of our oldest themes in 2022!), but it was all for the best.

If you have too many offers that aren’t fully aligned with your business and what your customers need, you’ll just overwhelm your potential buyers. So every year (or every quarter!), take a look through all of the services and products you have, and evaluate which ones are still profitable and aligned! 

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2 | Craft A Clear Problem-Solution Pipeline

Regardless of what niche or business you run, every offer you create should solve a problem you KNOW your audience is struggling with. 

For example, when our website templates began to gain traction, we saw that our audience didn’t just want to build websites. They needed full marketing funnels that could support a multi-platform digital strategy while bringing more sales and more impact to their business. So, we crafted our sales funnel templates with an eye for design and conversion! 

ChicSpark Sales Funnel Templates Kit
ChicBloom Sales Funnel Templates Kit for Elementor
ChicBloom Sales Funnel Templates Kit

That offer took off fast, and it’s all because we identified the problem our customers were struggling with and created an offer specifically designed to solve that problem. 

In any business and niche, your customers are struggling with something. Crafting an offer that gives them a simple solution to that problem (that they don’t have to take too much time or brain energy to implement) will give you a winning offer that buyers can’t refuse! 

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3 | Choose an Effective Delivery Method

Crafting a problem-solving winning offer is only half the battle! The other half is delivering it to your customers in a way that’s both effective and easy for them to access. Depending on what your offer is and its complexity level, this could be in multiple different forms. 

Don’t just follow what a marketing guru has said! For this step, you must rely on your knowledge and understanding of your customer or target market. You know them better than anyone — what are they most craving? A one-hour masterclass they can watch anywhere? An in-depth course that will leave them completely confident in their ability to do or accomplish something (like getting fit and healthy)? 

One of the common mistakes we see business owners make is to put this step before step #2: crafting a clear problem-solution pipeline. Really, you need to know what problem you’re solving before you can decide exactly how you’re going to solve it for your audience. 

If you don’t, you might end up with some ultra-miserable late nights working on hundreds of slides that do nothing but overwhelm your audience! 

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4 | Throw in Some Magic

And the best way of all to take your offer over the top and make sure it’s a winner? Add in an extra special bonus to your content or product. The great thing is that this bonus doesn’t have to be complex or over the top. It can be something as simple as turning course videos into audio tracks so your customers can listen on the go. 

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Final Thoughts

Creating a winning product is about strategy and instinct. You know your audience best, and you know what they need and want. Trust that! 

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