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Customer Spotlight: Jamie Jensen of Your Hot Copy

Introducing Bluchic Customer Spotlight, a series of posts featuring our customers who share the amazing stories behind their business and the gorgeous website they’ve built with Bluchic themes.

In today’s Bluchic Customer Spotlight, we’re happy to introduce you to Jamie Jensen, award-winning writer of Your Hot Copy. Read on to learn more about Jamie’s inspiring story and how she uses our Jacqueline WordPress Theme for her website. Enjoy!

Bluchic Customer Spotlight - Customer Spotlight: Jamie Jensen of Your Hot Copy

Q: Hi Jamie. Tell us about yourself and your business?
I’m a copywriter and creative director over at Your Hot Copy. We help creative entrepreneurs, small businesses, and lifestyle brands get clear on what makes them marketable, and then weave all that goodness into stories that sell. From email marketing to brand taglines, we offer full-service online content creation.

Q: What ignited the spark in you to start your business?
I loved writing for all of my entrepreneur friends and helping them work out the creative kinks in their branding. It became pretty clear to me that it was my next business move. I also love teaching and coaching writers and those who’d like to be writing. It’s a wonderful bonus to also get to do that in my business through online courses and in my Facebook group.

Q: What does a typical day in your life look like?
There is no typical day in an entrepreneur’s life! Some days I wake up and go running or go to yoga, and then settle in to write in the afternoon with very few distractions. Other days I am up working for 20 straight hours! And then there are days where I have phone calls from morning to night. It all depends on the season, the clients, and the project. I love all of it though. The unpredictability is part of the fun of running your own business.

Bluchic Customer Spotlight - Jamie Jensen of Your Hot Copy

Q: What’s been your biggest challenge so far and how did you overcome it?
I think the biggest challenge is the unpredictability, and it’s something you just get used to. I couldn’t imagine going to a job where every day was the same.

Q: What’s one thing you wish you knew before you started your business?
Doing it alone is rough. I’m happy to now have another copywriter on my team, who’s also brilliant and adds so much value to the work we create.

Q: What business tools or resources have helped you or inspired you?
I love looking at other successful entrepreneurs for inspiration, especially Tim Ferriss and Danielle LaPorte. It feels better to know that when things don’t go smoothly all the time, it’s just part of the process and totally normal, and it helps to get little mindset shifts to keep the positivity up. Also, Rebecca Tracey of The Uncaged Life has a program called Uncage Your Business, and really I owe so much of my success to taking that course.


Q: If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting out, what would it be?
Take your time and don’t rush into running your business full-time right away.

Q: What’s in store for your business in 2016?
I plan to run my Copy That course live at least once, if not twice. Also, a writing retreat. And perhaps, if I can pull it together next year, a video division.
I’d also love to work with more local start ups around New York City (where I’m from and currently reside).

Q: What made you choose your current Bluchic Theme for your website?
OH! The clean, simple, design. It was the best and I just felt like I could project my whole vision onto it. I’m obsessed!

Q: What are some of your favorite features in Jacqueline Theme?
It’s SO easy to customize. I actually JUST did a mini re-brand to bring my writing partner into the forefront, and with just a few small changes to the graphics and a new header -voila! – we have an entirely refreshed, revamped website!

Q: What is your favorite quote?
“Life is a creative process, so just let it happen.”

To learn more about Jamie, check out her website l Twitter l Facebook l Instagram.

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