You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Not quite sure if Bluchic themes are right for you? Have some questions before you buy? Here are the answers to the most common questions we get from customers just like you.

Yes, but you’ll need the $25/month WordPress Business Plan in order to upload a theme. We highly recommend setting up a self-hosted website instead. Here’s an easy guide to help you set up a self-hosted site!

Sadly no, Bluchic themes  are for self-hosted WordPress websites only. Here’s an easy guide on creating a self-hosted WordPress site!

No, it really has nothing to do with your domain extension. You can choose whatever domain name you like (.com, .net, .org, .co, etc) and connect it your website.

Here’s our blog post with an infographic that explains the key differences between and

Your theme purchase includes the theme files, sample demo content, a child theme for easy customization, future theme updates, and access to our help center for tutorials and support to help you get the most out of your theme.

Sadly no, due to image license, we can’t include the photos and images in your purchase. You can always buy the images separately from Haute Stock and Styled Stock Society.


Even if you’re a novice WordPress user, our themes are built to be easy-to-use and intuitive. No coding knowledge or design skills required! We have complete walkthroughs for every theme so you can easily set it up on your own.

Many of our customers are new to WordPress and were able to set up everything on their own using only our tutorials and theme setup guide. You won’t believe how easy it is! (Don’t just take our word for it – read what our customers have to say here.)

Or you could always hire us to set up your site for you in 24 hours!

Note that if you want to customize the theme to look or function differently than the demo site,  knowledge of WordPress and possibly coding may be required. Sadly we do not provide support for theme customizations or user modifications to the theme’s code, styling or functionality.

Yes! We update our themes regularly to make sure they are bug free and compatible with our recommended plugins and the latest versions of WordPress.

You’ll receive an email notification with a new download link when we release an update. More info on how to update your theme can be found here.

Our theme’s are fully customizable, and you are more than welcome to make any changes you like.  However, please keep in mind that customization beyond the design and functionality of the demo site require a working knowledge of WordPress and possibly coding.

If you’re up for a bit of DIY though, be sure to use a Child Theme to make sure your customization isn’t overwritten by future theme updates.

Note that we do not provide support for theme customizations or user modifications to the theme’s code, styling or functionality.

Yes, most of the color elements can easily be changed using the Color Wheel Picker in the Theme Options or Customizer.

Yes, you can change the fonts easily using a plugin such as Easy Google Font Plugin.

Yes, simply upload your logo in the theme customizer under Appearance > Header. You’ll find the recommended size for your header logo in each theme setup guide.

Our code is as beautiful as our designs (and we worry about it so you don’t have to). We update our themes periodically to make sure they’re always compatible with the latest version of WordPress, and we use microdata to help improve your site’s searchability. We always know what’s new in the online world, so we can keep your theme up to date with the newest web trends and features. (As part of your free lifetime updates, of course!)

Yes! Bluchic themes are built with HTML5 and CSS3 for seamless responsive design, so you can trust that your website will look gorgeous on any device.From desktop to tablet to mobile, your site will fit every single screen, showcasing your content in a tidy, attractive layout. You won’t have to stress about losing visitors because of an ugly or unresponsive mobile view. o matter the device, your website will be beautiful and easy to read.

No, you won’t need anything other than the domain, hosting, and WordPress installation. Just purchase our theme and you can get started right away!

You can find detailed installation and setup guides for our themes in the help center, or you can hire us to set up your site to look just like the demo site in 24 hours!

It seems you’re trying to upload the entire zip file, which contains the theme and other files like Bluchic plugins, license, etc. You need to unzip that file and then install only the zip file that contains your theme to your WordPress site. Check out our tutorial on how to install your theme in our help center.

Sadly no, kindly have your client purchases the theme instead (tip: you can send them your affiliate link.)

Yes, purchase one theme and you can use it on as many websites and domains that you own.

Experience with WordPress will help you get the most out of our themes, but it’s definitely not required. We’ve provided detailed tutorials and installation guides in our help center that will get you started.

Note that sadly, we are unable to provide support for general WordPress questions.

Yes, you can find the sample content XML file in your download file that  includes sample posts, sample pages and image placeholders.

Note that the sample content will not appear exactly like the demo site until you set up the Theme Options and Widgets. So please continue following the instructions in the theme installation guide after uploading  the sample content in order for it to appear as it does on the demo site.

No, sadly we are unable to offer customization services. We do offer an installation service to set up your site to look like the demo, but this doesn’t include customization. If you’re keen on customizing one of our themes and need a bit of help, check out WP Kraken.They provide WordPress customization services at an affordable price.

Yes, you can remove our credit link in the Theme Options tab. We don’t require you to have backlinks to our site, although we do appreciate it.

Yes! All Bluchic themes are compatible with WooCommerce, a popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress that allows you to sell products on your website. Check out the demo sites to view the shop page layout for each theme.

Yes! You can translate the theme to your language using Loco Translate plugin.

Note that translating your theme is considered a customization beyond our support policy and we are unable to provide support for site translations.

When you install the new theme, it won’t look like the demo site just yet. You’ll need to complete the theme setup by following the step by step tutorials for your theme. Here’s an example of what the theme setup tutorials look like:

Setting up your WordPress theme is a lot like buying IKEA furniture. (stay with me here).

When you walk into IKEA, you see the beautiful, decorated spaces and put-together furniture. What you don’t see is all of the work that goes into putting those spaces and furniture together.

When you purchase the IKEA furniture, you still have to take it home and follow the instructions to put it together.

It’s exactly the same with WordPress themes. Many people purchase themes, expecting it to look exactly like the demo site from the beginning.

But just like IKEA furniture, you have to follow the step-by-step instructions before your theme will look like the demo.

However, we’ve made sure that setting up your Bluchic theme is much easier than putting together IKEA furniture. Our instructions are easy to follow and our customers love how easy it is to set up our themes.

Bluchic themes make it easy for you to express your sense of style and create your unique online brand. Cherry-pick your colors (from the Customizer) and change fonts (using a plugin) to make your site reflect your brand.

You can also upload your own header, logo and other images to inject your personality into your site. If you have a little coding know-how, you can customize the theme even further – the only limit is your imagination.

Check out the many ways our customers have styled their Bluchic theme to fit their brand in our showcase!

Visit the shop and find the theme that’s the best fit for your business! All of our purchases are processed via PayPal, where you can pay with credit card, debit card, or PayPal balance.

Our installation service includes everything you need to get your site set up just like the theme’s demo site. This includes:

  • Bluchic Theme Installation (You’ll need to purchase your theme separately.)
  • Sample content including pages, posts, products, and photos similar to those shown on the demo site, so you can see exactly what your new site will look like.
  • Setup to make your site looks exactly like the demo.
  • Installation and activation of all the plugins you need to match the design and functionality of the demo site.

Note that your theme purchase does not include the sample photos. We will upload watermarked photos when we set up your site, but they are only placeholders. You will need to replace them with your own photos, or purchase the stock photos from Haute Stock and Styled Stock Society.

Sadly, no. You will need to set up your domain name and hosting before we can complete your installation. Don’t sweat it though! We’ve made it super simple to do yourself with our step by step guide here.

It’s pretty fast! All installations are generally completed within 24 hours from time of payment (as long as all the login info is provided correctly.) Please note that installations are only performed from Monday – Friday, excluding weekends and select holidays. In that case, your installation will be completed on the following business day.

For sure! We’ll proceed to set up your theme with the sample content to match the demo, but we won’t touch your existing content.

We are sadly unable to upload your content for you, as everyone’s needs are different. Don’t worry though – our setup guide makes it easy for you to add and edit your own content as needed.

The templates work with the Elementor plugin and are not compatible with any other page builder plugin. Elementor a free plugin that is easy to use. There is a PRO paid version as well with more features, but this is totally optional and not required to use our landing page templates.

The templates only work with WordPress and sadly are not compatible with any other website platform.

If you have a WordPress site, you’re good to go! All you have to do is install Elementor, a free page builder plugin to use the templates. From there, customizing your landing page is as easy as drag and drop.

Our templates are very easy to use, and no coding knowledge or design skills are required! Once you upload the templates, you can use the drag and drop editor to customize it. The templates are built on the Elementor page builder, which is intuitive and easy-to-use.

Yes! All of our templates are designed to work beautifully with any of our themes.

Of course! The templates work with any WordPress theme, Bluchic or not. So you don’t need to buy one of our themes to use them.

Yes, the templates are created so that visitors can easily navigate your landing pages on any device at any time. They will look great on any tablet, phone, or desktop screen.

You can download a free countdown timer plugin like Evergreen Countdown Timer. You can upgrade to a paid version for more features, but this is not required.  After purchasing your landing page template, you will get a PDF document with step-by-step instructions for setting up your landing page, that includes a link to the plugin and a tutorial on how to add the free countdown timer to your templates.

Yes, the templates work with most email service providers, including Mailchimp, MailerLite, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, etc.

You’ll need to copy the opt-in form code from your email provider account and paste it into the landing page templates. The styling of the form might differ depending on your email service provider. You can find a tutorial for integrating your opt-in form with the landing page in our help center.

Yes, the templates work with most major shopping carts and ecommerce platforms including . WooCommerce, SendOwl, Gumroad, Samcart, etc. You’ll need to use one of these third party service providers for the checkout process and add a “buy now” link to the button on the sales page.

How it works: you copy the “buy now” or “add to cart” link from your shopping cart or ecommerce platform and add that link to the “Buy Now” button on the sales page. So when people click on the button, it takes them to the checkout page.

Yes, you can add your pixel codes to the header section of your landing page. If you have a Bluchic WordPress theme, you can add the pixel code to the Header Script section in Theme Options. Otherwise, you will need to install a plugin like PixelYourSite in order to add your pixel code.

You sure can! All the templates are fully customizable and simple to edit. You can easily change the colors and fonts to match your own, and customize the layout by rearranging/adding/removing sections using the drag and drop page builder.

Once you make your purchase through  PayPal you’ll receive an email with your receipt & download link. Download the zip file, unzip it and open the PDF guide for the step-by-step instructions and a link to video tutorials that will help you get started with your template.

Once your payment is completed, you’ll receive an order confirmation email with a link to download your files immediately. Click on the link to download the zip file.

If you pay via e-check, it can take 6-10 working days for the payment to be cleared and will delay the product delivery.

If you feel your payment has gone through and you still haven’t received a download link, please contact us and we’ll make sure you get the files you purchased.

We run promotions every now and then. Check our announcement bar at the top of the screen to see if there are any promotions or sales going on right now. We also send exclusive promos and freebies to our subscribers, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter!

Note: If you found a Bluchic discount code on a coupon site, please check it carefully. It may be an old, expired coupon code that appear as if it’s still valid, but will not work when you try to use it. Always get your coupons directly from the source (in this case, the Bluchic website) to make sure they’re valid.

We are always working on new theme & template designs. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when we release new products!

We process all of our  payments via PayPal, where you can pay with credit card, debit card, or PayPal balance. All of our prices are in USD.

Since our shop sells non-tangible digital products that you get immediate access to, they cannot be returned or exchanged. We sadly cannot issue refunds after the purchase is made.

If you have questions about a theme before you’re ready to make a purchase, feel free to ask via our contact form. Our demos also give a great idea of what the theme could look like for you, so you can see it before you buy.

You sure can! We’ve probably already answered your question in our help center, but if you don’t see what you need there, feel free to submit a ticket and we’ll get back to you ASAP (usually within 24 business hours). We’ll solve your issue quickly and with zero fuss, so you can get back to building your dream business and website.

We respond to all support questions within 24 business hours.

If you don’t get a response within 24 hours, please email us directly at [email protected].  Sometimes your messages are just so good that the form likes to hold on to them and they don’t make it into our inbox.

We provide support for theme installation & setup, theme bug fixes, and issues that come up when using thee packaged theme features. This covers everything required to ensure that all theme features are working as advertised and as shown on the demo site.

While we provide support for any theme features, bugs, or installation issues, we don’t provide support for customizations.

We try to keep things simple and affordable around here, especially when it comes to your website. You only pay the one-time fee when you purchase your Bluchic theme or template, and it’s yours for life (hooray!).You can use it forever, on an unlimited number of sites, and you’ll always have access to support and updates.

No, you don’t! Canva is a foolproof drag-and-drop design platform that is very easy to use. You can easily customize the templates in Canva to suit your unique brand in less than five minutes. No previous design skills required!

No, these templates are designed for Canva only, and are not compatible with any other design software.

Yes! The template pack includes 10 styled stock photos you can use in any of the templates.

You can find detailed instructions on how to use all of our templates in our help center.

We’ve designed this template pack to work beautifully with any of our themes. We’ve brought the same refined, feminine style you love in our WordPress themes to our template pack for seamless branding between your website and social presence.

The Canva Social Media Templates will work with any theme (Bluchic or not). All you need is a free Canva account… You’ll be able to edit the color, font, and photos to match your branding…

All you need is a free Canva account! Canva is an easy to use software that offers powerful design tools for free.

If you have a paid Canva for Work account, you can customize the templates even faster with your brand fonts and colors, but this is totally optional and not required to use the templates.

After purchasing, you’ll receive a PDF Getting Started Guide with links to the Canva Templates, and instructions for adding them to your Canva account. All you need to do is click the links in the PDF guide and the templates will automatically open in your browser. Make sure you are logged into your Canva account, and then all you need to do is save a copy and start editing!

You can use the templates to create as many social media graphics you like, for your personal use or for your clients. However, you must export and send the final graphics to your client as pdf, jpg, png, etc. files and may not transfer any of our templates to your clients.

There are so many ways to customize the templates with your brand’s fonts and colors and make them completely your own. You will get 10 styled stock photos included with your template purchase, but you can easily add your own photos to make your templates even more unique.

Check out this video that shows how you can customize the templates in Canva.

It’s possible that the Canva templates may have been overwritten. Contact us through the support ticket and we’ll restore the original designs right away!

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