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How to Create Your Website Strategy and Sitemap for Conversion Flow

Are you ready to build a website that’s so much more than pages and products? A website that’s built on a strong, purposeful strategy and drives conversions? With content that meets your audiences where they are in their journey?

Then start here, with our FREE resource that shows you how to create a website strategy and sitemap to drive engagement, boost conversions, and craft meaningful pages – all in four simple steps.

Here’s what you’ll get inside your FREE website strategy planner:

Meet Bluchic Team

Who is behind Bluchic?

Hi! We're Andrew and Kathie.

Co-founders, husband and wife team behind Bluchic. Since 2012, we’ve helped over 30,000 online business owners and entrepreneurs build a beautiful, professional online presence for their businesses through our WordPress templates.

We know the ins and outs of WordPress, and we definitely know how newbies may struggle with getting their site off the ground. With Bluchic, you get the inside scoop and simple, clear advice for launching your dream website.


Meet your audiences where they are and create a clear-cut path to conversion with our FREE website strategy planner!

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