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We know you’re being inundated right now with all things Genius Blogger’s Toolkit, so we dug a little deeper into several of the products featured to see what people actually think about the products that are included.

Below you’ll find testimonials from people who have taken some of the products you’ll receive if you purchase the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit.

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what the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is, who it’s for, courses included, and why you should consider buying

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Testimonials of Courses in the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit


Sign Up To Sold Course: 3 Proven Steps for Turning Strangers Into Customers by Caressa Thompson

“I was tired of having to rely on scheduling promos on social media alone. I needed an automated way to monetize my product. I’ve had sales sprinkle in daily after implementing what Caressa had strategized for me.”
– Sonja Thompkins | Boutique Coach,

“If you want to bypass the trial-and-error tactics and get started with a solid sales funnel system, then you’ve got to work with Caressa.”
– Meghan Hartman | Designer,



ConvertKit Masterclass: The Exact Formula I Used to Grow My Email List to Over 14K in Under a Year by Monica Froese

“Monica knows her stuff when it comes to Convertkit and how to effectively use email marketing to engage with her audience. The swipe file she provided is so helpful in helping me create my own email sequences since I had no idea how to go about emailing my subscribers. I can’t wait for her Convertkit Masterclass to come out! The first video alone blew my mind!”
– Susan Cabezas

“Creating a welcome sequence had been on my to-do list for MONTHS, yet when I sat down to write them, I kept getting stuck. A blank screen is discouraging. When Monica offered her swipe file, I snagged it immediately and am SO glad I did! I literally wrote out my entire welcome sequence during a hair appointment, while my color was processing! I’d probably still be spinning my wheels without the swipe file — fill-in-the-blank style email templates that I could customize to match my own voice and offerings.”
– Robin Kegerise, Online Business Owner at She Works Heartily



Blog and Be Legal: The Start to Finish Guide to Starting Your Blog & Online Biz Legally by Jackie Jade

“Once business started picking up I knew it was time to get serious with the legal aspects of my business I’d been avoiding. Once I started booking bigger projects I knew I needed to protect myself, my business, and my family by getting everything in place. I contacted a local attorney… and going in, I was thinking it would be around $500-$700. But when she came back with the quote, my mind was a little blown. She estimated that everything would come to $1500. And that was with editing documents I already had created!

I definitely wish I would have heard about Jackie and all of her amazing offerings sooner. I know that working with her on any other legal issues that come up will be the best option for me and my business in the future.”
– Krista, Krista Rae

“Jackie is a phenomenal teacher. The law is so intimidating, but she makes it manageable with her in-depth coverage of each topic. She explains complicated legal terms in bite-size portions so even beginner business owners can understand. Plus, she is absolutely the sweetest and seamlessly finds ways to engage the audience even on the most difficult topics.”
– McKinzie, Moms Make Cents



Pageviews from Pinterest: The 7-Step System to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic (& Income!) in the Next 30 Days by Krista Dickson

“Before I started Pageviews from Pinterest, I had eight pageviews that came from Pinterest. EIGHT! I have had over 17,500 pageviews just from Pinterest since starting the course. As a result of the large amounts of traffic I’ve been getting, I have grown my email list and have been chosen to work with brands. Thank you Krista!”
– Evelyn,, fitness blogger

“This course rocket launched my Pinterest engagement from zero to 16,000 daily profile views and 110,000 monthly viewers in just over two months. I highly recommend this course if you want to get the most out of Pinterest for your blog!”
– Lisa,, home & wellness blogger



Traffic, Subscribers, Yours by Raelyn Tan

“Before taking Raelyn’s course I had 0 organic traffic, and the only other little traffic I had was coming from Pinterest. After implementing her strategies I have started to see actual organic traffic coming to my site every day, and my Pinterest traffic has even doubled!
For some who has struggled to grow my email list, I am now at 500 subscribers in just a couple months and seeing it grow daily.
I’m excited to see how much more my business grows as I continue to use Raelyn’s strategies!”

– McKenzy Potter,

“Traffic, Subscribers, Yours gave me many new ideas on how to get traffic and email subscriptions. I have since grown to 4,000 page views per month and 260 subscribers! I feel so much better now when I think about growing my audience. The course modules were very organized. The worksheets were great, and there were many easy to follow tech guides.”
– Igor Benić,



Find Your Tribe Online: Find Your Readers, Grow Your Blog, and Have Fun Doing It! by Jen Snyder

“Traffic has tripled. I receive views even when I don’t have time to self-promote. I get new followers every day thanks to Find Your Tribe Online. Being in a group with other bloggers has brought my blog to the next level. They’re helpful and kind and I love having my Tribe in my corner!”
– Ashley Freligh, Spit Ups and Sit Up

“The first and the best thing I did to drastically improve my blog traffic was to purchase Find Your Tribe Online. Once I joined her recommended Facebook groups for my niche, my blog traffic began to take off. I was no longer keeping my fingers crossed that someone would accidentally google my blog and fall in love.”
– Brittany Ferrell, Blogger | A Mama Tale


what the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is, who it’s for, courses included, and why you should consider buying


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