Learn how you can increase your landing page conversion rates by 148%!

It’s been several months since we launched our Landing Page Templates and the feedback we’ve gotten back from our customers has been nothing short of amazing.

Truly. When we started creating the Landing Page Templates, we knew this would be something you all would find value in (largely in part because you told us what you wanted 😊) but we’ve been blown away by all of the positive feedback.

Hearing from our customers about how our products have helped them grow their email list and revenue or help them build a business around the life they want to live is so incredible.

I don’t think it will ever get old to hear from happy Bluchic customers.

Though we love getting these emails in our inbox, we wanted to share the blog feedback from actual girl bosses who have been using our Landing Page Templates for a few months now.

They’ve gotten some incredible results and we’re so thrilled with their success!

How To Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rates By 148% – A Look At Bluchic Customers

Elle Drouin, owner of wonderfelle MEDIA

Elle Drouin – wonderfelle MEDIA

Elle Drouin, the owner of wonderfelle MEDIA, is a product stylist and commercial photographer, and she also runs the Styled Stock Society, a stylish stock photography membership for female entrepreneurs. Elle works with female entrepreneurs who are passionate about building brands that are as profitable as they are pretty.

“Before the Landing Page Templates I had DIYed some basic pages on my main website, but because I’m not a designer, adding additional pages was always a source of stress. I knew that I wanted to make some changes to my sales funnels, but I had certain things on my to-do list for months because I would get overwhelmed with designing new pages and keep putting things off!

The main thing I wanted to do was add a tripwire to my main sales funnel. I consistently have people signing up to download my free stock photos who are then added to an automated email sequence introducing them to the Styled Stock Society membership.

I wanted to add in a step – to offer the people who downloaded my free stock photos a limited-time offer to download a discounted bundle of stock photos – but the logistics of setting up the tripwire were a bit daunting, or so I thought!

Bluchic’s Landing Page Templates made it so simple to set up my tripwire in less than an hour! The step-by-step instructions were easy to follow and I was able to create a tripwire offer page + offer expired page that seamlessly matched the rest of my website.

Since setting up my tripwire, I’ve been able to convert more of my website visitors into paying customers! Whereas before, people were only downloading my free photos, I now have an average of 4-5 tripwire sales per day which has led to a 10% increase in monthly revenue – all on autopilot!

The fact that it took me less than an hour to set this up using Bluchic’s Landing Page Templates definitely makes we wish I had done it sooner!

I would definitely recommend Bluchic’s Landing Page Templates for anyone who wants to set up chic pages for their sales funnel without a lot of stress. Using these templates is so effortless (even for non-techy people!) and you can easily customize them to fit your brand.”

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Case studies for landing page templates by Bluchic

Elise Dopson – Elise Dopson

Elise is a freelance writer and guides new writers along their journey to becoming successful freelancer.

“Before purchasing these landing page templates, I was struggling to gain traction, monetize my site and let my readers connect with me. Why? Because I wasn’t encouraging website visitors to join my email list.

I bought the templates to create a landing page for my mailing list sign-up, and even used the tripwire offer and ‘thank you’ pages to keep my audience informed of whereabouts they are with their sign-up.

Since using the templates, my newsletter sign-ups have skyrocketed by 148% in just two months – and I’m proud to show the pages off! The conversion rate of my landing page now ranges between 80-90%, compared to 15% (at best!) with my DIY attempts.

The landing page templates fit seamlessly within my existing Bluchic theme, and I still receive compliments on how my landing pages are so easy to understand.”

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how to increase email sign up rate with Bluchic landing page

Sarah Sumic – Healthy Skin Glows

Sara founded Healthy Skin Glows to help women get clear, beautiful, and radiant skin by sharing science-based advice about natural skincare.

“The success of my website increased significantly after switching my theme to Victoria theme by Bluchic – the amount of time my visitors spend time on my website, how many pages they read, etc. People were simply clicking more!

However, in these initial stages of my business, I also wanted to grow my email list, and be able to communicate better with my audience. My lead magnet was doing an ok job, but the opt-in page didn’t look quite good, and I just didn’t have time or skills to design one myself. That’s when Landing Page Templates was released, and I had to get them!

Before using Landing Page Templates, my conversion rate (a number of visitors who view the page, also sign up for the lead magnet) was about 3-4%.

After installing them, my Opt-in page looks sleek, professional, and it showcases beautifully what my lead magnet is about. Not to mention that my conversion rate went over 10%, and it was super easy to install and customize the templates.

The more I am in the online business, the more apparent it becomes to me how important it is to not only deliver high-quality content, but to also look good, and provide a pleasurable experience for my audience.

That’s why I wholeheartedly recommend the Landing Page Templates and other products by Bluchic because they honestly never disappoint, and the customer service is awesome!”

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testimonial for Bluchic landing page templates

Narelle King – Simply Happy

Narelle helps mums prioritize what’s important in their lives so that they can be more focused, happier mums through her wellness coaching services.

“I kept putting off doing a 5-day challenge as a simple lead magnet because of the tech required to set up a landing page. I had someone just build me a product page with WooCommerce before a friend recommended Bluchic landing pages.

I was trying to create a lead magnet to increase subscribers. I was also trying to promote both my face-to-face and online coaching products.

I was able to set up very easily a lead magnet and have a large number of my target audience subscribe to my list. The landing pages and thank you pages have also helped me sale more of my coaching products.

I had 40 people subscribe in a week to my lead magnet, with 5 people attend my one of face-to-face monthly catch-up and 1 person sign up for my one-on-one coaching.

I would highly recommend Bluchic landing pages because they were really simple to set up with wonderful online support, easy to follow video tutorials and it was reasonably priced.

I was really impressed with my final product. It was such a sense of achievement to be able to work out the pages myself. I was able to save my newly created landing page and delicate the look for other products. I can use the landing page and thank you page anytime without paying someone else to create them for me.”

Final Thoughts

It has always been our mission to help female entrepreneurs feel confident about their website and our Landing Page Templates complement that mission perfectly.

If you’re ready to start growing your email list and converting more leads into customers, check out our easy-to-implement Landing Page Templates!