what website link you should have in your Instagram bio to drive Instagrammers over to your website!

Instagram has continued to grow this year at a record rate, recently clocking up over 800M active users from around the world!  The nature of social media means it changes constantly but there’s only one thing for certain — Instagram is not going anywhere!

There’s been an extraordinary amount of time and money invested into Instagram by many of us, and for good reason, it’s set to remain a social media staple for years.

Sure Instagram is great, but how to make best use of it to get people to buy from you?

Converting Viewers to Website Visitors

Getting Instagrammers over to your website or sales page is an important part of the sales funnel process. Once someone has visited your website, Instagram’s job is mostly done, and it’s now up to the sales funnel of your website to get to work.

I’m talking about lead magnets, Call-To-Actions (CTA’s), button hierarchy, branding consistency, shopping cart, and newsletter opt-ins, all of which are very specific parts of your sales funnel and marketing strategy.

So after you’ve created awareness of your product – you need to get them to visit.

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How Do You Get Them To Your Website in The First Place?

Linking through to external content has been something Instagram hasn’t supported much, and up until recently have only supported one clickable link per profile! At the top of your Instagram account where you tell the world what you do and what you’re all about, you’re given the option to add just one clickable link here.

One recent change is this: if you’ve hit over 10,000 followers you’ll now also be able to add a clickable link to your Instagram Stories with a ‘swipe up for more’ action to reveal your external link.

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How to build a follow-worthy brand?

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What Link Should I Use?

This is a great question because it means you are thinking strategically about how to make the best use of external links on Instagram.

And naturally, this is all by design. Instagram wants to keep its users on the Instagram platform (the same way you want to keep people browsing your website!), so you’re going to have to think of a great reason to ask your audience to stop scrolling and grab what you’re offering, and right now.

how to make best use of external links on Instagram
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What Are Your Goals?

To be strategic you need to keep your purpose and your goals top of mind, make sure you’ve got your Instagram mapped out for what you’re going to post for a week or two, what you’re planning to promote and ensure your goals are covered.

Are you working up to a sale? New blog posts, or a new product launch? Once you’ve mapped out your social media strategy we can get to work on testing your links.

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Goals: Check! Now what?

I’m going to pretend for this scenario that you’re a week away from launching a new handbag, but really it could be anything! Your Instagram is planned out and you’re feeling organized, you’ve got a great professional mix of behind-the-scenes shots, inspirational lifestyle shots, and the new bag hanging on someone’s beautiful shoulder. Awesome.

You know what link you’re going to use in your bio . . . straight to your shop, right? How about using links to create a launch strategy?

Instagram link in bio tips to tell people what to do and why they should click on your links

Calls-To-Action, or CTAs

Using external links is awesome, but if no one knows they’re there, they won’t know to click them!

Use your wonderful creativity and personality to tell people what to do and why they should click on your links. Update your bio every day or so with a new link, depending on what you post and the strategy behind it.

Keeping with the scenario with the handbag launch, you can update your Instagram links over a 7 day week like this:

  1. Link: Your website to collect emails
    CTA: “New handbag launch! Only limited stock available, click through the link in our bio to get on the waitlist for 20% off.”
  2. Link: Your website to collect emails
    CTA:” It wasn’t just us that thought this handbag was better than individually wrapped cheese. They’re going quick!”
  3. Link: Through to pre-order page
    CTA: “Watch our Instagram Stories today while we un-box our new handbag, half sold already!”
    Instagram Stories CTA: “Pre-order now, half are already gone, uh oh, we’re really going to need to make more.”
  4. Link: Through to pre-order page
    CTA: “See how @INFLUENCER dresses our handbag with her monochrome style.” [social proof]
    Instagram Stories: “Behind-the-scenes at the @INFLUENCER shoot!” [or ask for some outtakes]
  5. Link: Product Page
    CTA: “Official Launch of Chloe-The-Great Handbag! Get yours from our website now and you’ll be able to sling it over your shoulder by the end of next week!’
    Instagram Stories: “Available now, swipe up to get yours now.”
  6. Link: Lead Magnet/Offer
    CTA: “We’re all sold out of Chloe-the-great, can you believe it! Want to get yours when they’re restocked? Sign up to our email and we’ll send you a promo code for 20% off!’
    Instagram Stories: “Find out when we’re back in stock and get 20% off!”

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How Do You Keep on Top of an Instagram Campaign?

Organizing your links, posts, and stories don’t have to be difficult!

That’s why we created Plann, visual Instagram manager, so that you can easily rearrange and schedule your entire instagram strategy, caption and images in advance (YES! Even your Instagram Stories!).

There’s nothing worse than feeling overwhelmed and not being in control of your day, so we’ve made sure it’s available on both Android and iOS to help as many people as possible.

Use Plann, visual Instagram manager, to easily rearrange and schedule your entire instagram strategy, caption and images in advance

Tracking & Testing Links on Instagram

Instagram is still a marketing platform so measuring your metrics will tell you where things are going peachy (and eep, not so peachy!).

You’ll want to keep an eye on what offers are bringing the most people over from Instagram, it’s easy to track them with link shorteners like goo.gl and bit.ly, they’re an easy way to track how many people are clicking through.

If you use Google Analytics, you can also change your links with custom campaign code using Google’s Campaign URL Builder, or if you want to get REALLY nerdy you can use UTM’s as well to manage . Keep track of your most valuable CTAs and your best content to maximize your brand’s use of the Instagram links.

Helpful Resources

Here are a couple of nifty tools that can help with managing links, for example, our @Plannthat Instagram account currently trying out a 3rd party tool called Linktr.ee where you can list multiple links within one click through link.

You can learn how we set it up and why we chose what links to highlight here.

Alternatively, you could try a mobile optimised Instagram Landing Page for complete control, where you can inject your own brand, photos and keeps all web traffic and SEO Bonus points on your own domain rather than a 3rd party tool.

Key Takeaway

Think of your links as an extension of your Instagram feed, and use them in line with your strategy. Think about what you’re working on and what you’re trying to promote, and how you can discover more about your customer.

Already optimising links? Wonderful! I’d love to hear what creative ‘Calls-To-Action’ you’ve been using to drive traffic!

If you’re willing to share your knowledge with the community, pop them at the comment in this Facebook post!

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