We're so thrilled to release the latest update for Jacqueline - one of the best WordPress themes for women coaches and consultants. Click for details!

We’re so thrilled to release the latest update for Jacqueline – one of the best WordPress themes for women coaches and consultants. The Jacqueline theme helps you grow your email list and showcase yourself as an expert in your field, but also show off some personality so that your clients know what they’re getting.

This is a major update which brings various new and improved features including a refreshed design, WooCommerce compatibility and more. We believe all of these changes help to improve the overall site appearance and experience for your visitors. Let’s dig into the details at what we’ve added to this update.

WooCommerce Compatible

If you’ve been wanting to sell products and have an online shop with the Jacqueline theme, you’ll be able to do so with this update. We’ve styled and ensured that Jacqueline theme works with the popular eCommerce plugin “WooCommerce”.

You can choose to have a sidebar on the shop page or remove the sidebar so it becomes full width like the screenshot below. There is also an option to set number of products per row and total products per page. Check out the shop demo here.



Wider Content Area

Three years ago, 960px was the standard grid layout for a website template and that’s the standard layout size we used to build our themes.

However, as computer screens are getting bigger with a resolution higher than 1280px, the standard grid layout has gone up to 1200px.

With our 960px layout, that leaves a plenty of awkward white space on either side of the larger screen and the content looks squished in the middle of the screen.

We started to implement the 1200px layout on our newer themes such as Rachel, Samantha, and Tiffany theme. The feedback is amazing, so we decide to bring the changes over to our older themes including the Jacqueline theme.


Improved Slider Feature

The slider image size used to be 980px width and 450px height. With the wider layout, the slider is now 1140px width and the height is flexible depending on how much you want to show on the screen, which means it’s no longer being hard-cropped to 450px height.

If you’re already using Jacqueline theme, simply crop the new images size at 1140px width and determine the height based on your preference, and upload the new images. Be sure to keep the height consistent for all the slider images.


Three Promo boxes

We’ve added featured widget section where you can place 3 promo boxes. You can choose from two different location, either at the top (below the slider) or bottom of the page (before the social media). Upload an image, place a call-to-action by linking to your page, shop categories or services type.

There isn’t a limitation to the image size. You can choose to upload a square image, a horizontal-based or vertical based image, depending on your need. The minimum image size is 340px width.



Final thoughts

If you’re using Jacqueline theme, the update has been sent to your email address (that was used to purchase the theme). If you have trouble updating the theme or found a bug after the update, rest assured we’re here to help via support ticket.

If you’re not using Jacqueline theme already, now would be a great time to take a look at one of the best WordPress themes for women coaches and consultants.