Get a little insight into what it takes to launch two new products in just under 90 days & that you can take the lessons that we’ve learned & implement them

Whew, launching two brand new products in 3 months’ time is no joke!

In May we launched our Canva Social Media Templates and just two weeks ago we launched our Landing Page Templates and we’re basically equal parts exhausted, thrilled, and crazy.

Launching these two new products practically back to back took a lot of planning and strategizing.

We know we love seeing the behind-the-scenes of other businesses launches, so we decided we would peel back the curtain and share the details behind ours.

This post will cover what it takes to launch two brand new products (and launch well, we surpassed both of our launch goals for each!).

Our next post will focus solely on our Landing Page Templates launch and the nitty-gritty of what we did right, what we would do differently, and a bunch of other juicy details.

We hope in sharing the behind the scenes of our launches (even when it’s ugly…because believe us, there were definitely some ugly parts), will encourage and inspire you for your own future launches. And if anything, maybe you can learn a lesson or two from our mistakes.

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What It Takes To Launch Two New Products in 3 Months

The two new products we launched

First up, in case you’re new around here, we’ll give a brief description of the two products we launched.

  1. Canva Social Media Templates: Professionally designed social media templates you can use to create beautiful graphics for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  2. Landing Page Templates: Collection of landing page templates you can quickly and easily implement on any WordPress website.

These launches were different than any other launch we’ve done in the past because they were two, totally different products than the product we already sell, WordPress themes.

While they are all digital products, their purposes are completely different and they have slightly different audiences.

Because of this, we had to create launch plans that were specific to the products we were selling.

We also had bigger launch goals for these two products than we’ve had for our other products.

The bigger the launch goals, the more planning you need to do ahead of time!

Now that you know a little background about each of the products, let’s dive into what it actually takes to pull off a successful launch.

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Strategy & planning

Launching two new products in just 90 days’ time takes a lot of strategy and planning ahead of time.

We did not wake up one morning and decide, “Hey, let’s launch a brand new product next week!” We carefully and thoughtfully planned out these launches as there were a lot of moving pieces that needed to be considered.

One huge reason why we reached our launch goals was that we knew our customers wanted these products because they told us.

We do two surveys every year, one in January and one in July/August where we ask our customers what they struggle with the most among many other questions that get to the root of their needs.

Our Canva Social Media Templates and Landing Page Templates were products that came directly from our customers so this is why we strategically chose these two products to launch.

For both launches, we started planning our launch strategy three months in advance. Not only do you have to plan out the launch of your product, but you also have to create the product. Even with three months of planning, we still felt like we could have used more time before the big day.

We knew from previous launches a few strategies that have worked for us in the past, but we also wanted to try a few new things too.

Trying new strategies means doing the research and creating a plan for how it will work for your business.

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Geez do you need to have determination and grit to make it through two big launches in 3 months? Heck, you need determination and grit to be a business owner period.

We had both mental and literal setbacks during each of our launches (no joke, Andrew’s practically brand new Mac computer stopped working a couple of weeks before our launch…how?!) and it took a lot of willpower to get over these problems and keep pushing through.

One big mental setback I had was being really intimidated by learning Canva to create our Canva Social Media Templates.

I’ve used Photoshop for 15 years and know that program like the back of my hand, however Canva? I had never used it!

And I know this sounds ridiculous because, well, I’m sure a large population of people would completely disagree with me and say Canva is a lot easier to use than Photoshop, but Photoshop is what I’m comfortable with.

So to create a brand new product using a system I’ve never used before really intimidated me.

At times I really doubted myself and my capabilities, but once I jumped in I realized it really wasn’t that bad. In fact, it was even fun to learn a completely new program!

What kept us going at the end of the day was that we knew these products would solve a huge problem for our audience and be able to serve and help make our audience’s lives that much easier was what kept helped us persevere.

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While we have grand ideas of about a zillion (that’s an exact number 😉) other products we want to create and launch, we knew we had to focus on one thing at a time.

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with all of the things you should be doing, what you want to be doing, and what you have to be doing but worrying about all of these things at once ends up leaving you feeling drained and burnt out.

When we were creating the Canva Social Media Templates we weren’t thinking about what we needed to do about the Landing Page Templates and vice versa.

Learning to focus on one project at a time, instead of trying to do #allthethings, really helped us have outstanding launches.

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Lessons we learned from both launches

We could probably write an entire blog post on the lessons we learned from both launches, but we’ll try to summarize:

1. Nothing ever goes according to plan
Planning is awesome and amazing and so needed, however…know that nothing ever goes exactly according to plan (i.e. Andrew’s computer fiasco). Be flexible and roll with the punches.

2. Plan for buffer days
Don’t plan to accomplish something every single day leading up to your launch. There will be a task that takes longer than you think or something will go wrong and it will take you three times as long to finish. Build in buffer days into your launch schedule so you have time to fix these things. If all goes well, you’ll get some rest time before your launch!

3. Try new things…but not too many at once
Trying new marketing tactics to launch your new product is a great idea and can increase revenue, however, don’t burn yourself out trying to do too many new things at once. Remember, when you’re trying something new there is a learning curve that takes time. Try 1-2 new marketing tactics per launch and that’s it.

4. Delegate
I’m really bad at asking for help. Really bad. It’s something I’m constantly working on, but asking for extra support during a launch was crucial to our success. Of course getting help for business-related tasks (sales page copy, launch planning, etc) is wonderful, but even asking your partner for support with household tasks can be extremely helpful.

5. Give yourself time to reflect
This can be easy to skip because we all inherently want to move on to the next big thing, but really try to give yourself time to reflect on your launch. What went well? What didn’t go well? How could you improve? Are there things you can outsource next time? How can you simplify moving forward? All of these are great questions to ask yourself. And be honest!

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Final Thoughts

We hope this post gives you a little insight into what it takes to launch two new products in just under 90 days and that you can take the lessons that we’ve learned and implement them into your own future launches!

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