The Easiest Way To Make Amazing Social Media Graphics in MINUTES | Want to learn the easiest way you can make amazing social media graphics in MINUTES? Check out Bluchic's Canva Social Media Templates!

We’ve been sharing a lot of content over the past two weeks on how you can drive more traffic to your website.

Missed those posts? Check them out!

One thing all of these posts have in common?

How important it is to have beautiful, well-designed social media graphics to promote your blog posts.

And we want to show you how you can make amazing social media graphics without having a design background and wasting hundreds of dollars.

Pinterest is one of our top referrers to our website (we get one million monthly viewers on our Pinterest account!) and a huge reason for that is the gorgeous Pinterest graphics we use to promote our blog posts.

We know not everyone has a design background nor is every small business owner able to invest in a professional designer so that’s why we created our Canva Social Media Templates!

The Easiest Way To Make Amazing Social Media Graphics in MINUTES

We are currently re-launching these templates (cue the confetti 🎉🎉🎉) and we wanted to share how you can use and customize these templates to fit your brand’s aesthetic…no matter what industry you’re in!

Below are some examples of actual Bluchic customers who have implemented our Canva Social Media Templates.

From social media marketers and lifestyle bloggers to life coaches and online entrepreneurs, our customizable Canva Templates can help any girl boss out there trying to reach a bigger audience!

Pluuuus, we included a video tutorial sharing exactly how you can change the fonts, colors, and images to make them completely customized to your brand!

It seriously only takes minutes to make amazing social media graphics. We’ll show you how!

Carolyn Miciano – Virtual Assistant

Carolyn helps business owners, busy professionals, and female-led startups reach their goals by providing them comprehensive marketing and technical support.

Check out how she used our Canva Templates!

Using Canva Social Media Templates by Bluchic for Virtual Assistant Business

“I got hooked the very first time I saw Canva social media templates by Bluchic. The templates can really speak my personality and values when it comes to my own Virtual Assistant business.

To add professionally crafted images without spending a lot of money on the blog and social media posts became easier than ever before. Such a huge help for a not-so-creative entrepreneur like me to attract my prospects to come and visit my website. It is my life-saver!”

– Carolyn Miciano

Nadine Rohner – Social Media Consultant

Nadine teaches people how to skyrocket their social media and never waste another minute. She teaches you what content to share, when and where to get the most engagement with your brand.

Here’s how she implemented our templates for her brand!

canva templates for social media marketers

“I am Nadine, a social media strategist, consultant, and manager. I’ve worked in social media for over 6 years.

While traveling the world I fell in love with the Island of Gods, Bali, and decided to stay there as long as I had money. The island inspired me to create content and so I started a travel blog and focused to grow my Instagram account. My account grew very fast and companies approached me to handle their social media. That’s when the idea came up to start my own social media business.

Now I work with a variety of businesses all over the world and helps them growing and managing their social media accounts through coaching sessions and online courses.

When I first started my business I was hustling a lot with sometimes little results. I was spending too much time on activities that were not my strength such as creating designs for my social media posts on Pinterest.

Before I had my social media templates for Canva from bluchic I was either researching hours for a nice design or trying to put something together myself. So I literally wasted hours. On top of that I never really had a consistency in all my material.

I really was just looking for templates that match my brand and would help me save time in my daily life as an entrepreneur.

If you are an entrepreneur and you don’t have your own team yet that helps you out, make your life easier with getting those Canva templates. If you are like me and you like beautiful designs but are not really able to create them yourself – these are perfect for you.

If you want to adapt colors or fonts or even pictures it’s super easy and you will have a consistency in your social media posts. I highly recommend it!”
– Nadine Rohner

Heather Davis — Organization blogger, A Simple Southern Life

Heather teaches people ways to simplify their lives to have more time for their passions. Learn simple recipes, easy DIY projects, budget travel ideas, and more. Her goal is to make a house a home.

Check out her Pinterest graphics and content upgrade button!

Example of how a blogger uses Bluchic Canva Social Media Templates to create Pinterest graphics in minutes

“I cannot tell you how many hours these Canva templates have saved me in creating my social graphics. I also love that I can easily create several images at once with very minimal work.

When I saw all the templates that were included for any social network, it was a no-brainer to click “purchase.” Now my brand has a much more cohesive feel. Thanks, Bluchic.
– Heather Davis

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Maggie Reyes – Life Coach + Marriage Mentor, Modern Married

Maggie, Life Coach + Marriage Mentor and the creator of Modern Married, helps smart, soulful, successful women have healthier, happier, sexier marriages using simple tools she shares on her blog and in her personalized coaching programs.

She used our Canva Social Media Templates to create Pinterest and Facebook graphics in minutes!

How to use Bluchic's Canva Social Media Templates to create pinterest graphics

“I really love the social media templates from Bluchic! I used to spend hours on PicMonkey and Canva creating the images for my blog.

With these social media templates, I had my assistant edit them to put in stock pictures that match my branding, we use my brand fonts and now I can create Pinterest pins and Facebook posts in minutes. And the best part is each design can be original and yet maintain the look and feel of my brand.

I share marriage advice to help wom5-stare thriving 5 star marriages and I would much rather focus on creating content that heals relationships than clicking around trying to figure out graphics.

For this post, I used the templates for the main Pinterest Headline, the YouTube Video Cover and the Content Upgrade Download Banner – between the Bluchic design and the Canva re-sizing tool, I was all set.

And it has been shared over 1,500 times! That’s 1500 marriages creating more connection and love. YAY! Thank you Bluchic!”
– Maggie Reyes

Final Thoughts

Now we want to show you just how easy it is to make amazing social media graphics. Watch the quick video tutorial below!

See how easy and simple it can be? No more:

  • Worrying about wasting hours of time trying to put together poorly designed graphics
  • Spending money on professional designers you can’t quite afford yet
  • Stressing out about your social media graphics being off-brand

Our Canva Social Media Templates make it so easy to make amazing social media graphics in minutes.