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Customer Spotlight: Alyssa of The Wolf + The Wardrobe

Introducing Bluchic Customer Spotlight, a series of posts featuring our customers who share the amazing stories behind their business and the gorgeous website they’ve built with Bluchic themes.

In today’s Bluchic Customer Spotlight, we’re happy to introduce you to Alyssa Winegarden, a former fashion model who run a lifestyle blog at The Wolf + The Wardrobe and a soy candle business. Read on to learn more about Alyssa’s inspiring story and how she uses our Paisley WordPress Theme for her blog. Enjoy!

Bluchic Customer Spotlight - Alyssa of The Wolf + The Wardrobe

Q: Hi Alyssa. Tell us about yourself and your blog?
My name is Aly! I’m 24 years old, a former fashion model, PR graduate, and beauty product hoarder. The fashion and beauty industry has had a huge impact on my life and after retiring from modeling, I decided I needed a way to still express myself through it. That’s when I started my style & beauty blog, The Wolf + The Wardrobe. Since its launch (almost two years ago, YIKES!), it’s transitioned into more of a lifestyle blog, where I post DIY tutorials, home reno tips, before and after pictures of my own home projects, and so much more. One of those DIY projects was soy candle making, which has now turned into a small business of itself. You can see my Etsy shop here.

Q: What ignited the spark in you to start your blog?
I’ve always been passionate about writing and aesthetics. When I became I model, I started to have a new found appreciation for fashion and beauty as well. After retiring, I decided to channel my passion for writing and the fashion industry and use my blog as a creative outlet. It’s grown into so much more since then! I have an ‘Ask Aly‘ section, where readers can submit questions anonymously for me to answer, and I’ve shared some of my favorite DIY projects and personal home makeover ‘before and after’ photos.

Q: What does a typical day in your life look like?
The Wolf + The Wardrobe is something I do in addition to my full-time job though I probably devote just as much time to it. Lately, my day has consisted of coming up with blogging ideas – splurging on beauty project or home decor, and experimenting with my candle-making process. I’m an Aries, and for anyone who has any sort of interest or knowledge in horoscopes knows that I’m passionate, but also have my hand in a bunch of different pots all at the same time. I like to keep busy.

Bluchic Customer Spotlight - Alyssa of The Wolf + The Wardrobe

Q: What’s been your biggest challenge so far and how did you overcome it?
I think my biggest challenge was actually sticking with something that I started. I’m a bit scatter-brained, I like to keep busy, I like to express myself creatively, but I also get bored really fast. I had to convince myself a few times to keep going with my blog and push myself to post even if I was feeling unmotivated. I also suffer from depression, mostly seasonal. So it was important for me to have something to keep me busy during the months where I felt kind of low. I’m happy I stuck with it though, because it’s become an incredibly therapeutic experience for me!

Q: What’s one thing you wish you knew before you started your business?
I wish I knew how willing people would be to work with me. I’ve collaborated with so many different brands over the last year, it’s been an incredible experience. I wish I wasn’t so afraid to reach out in my first year, though at the same time I’m happy I had the time to build and grow my brand organically. That was a great lesson in itself.

Q: What business tools or resources have helped you or inspired you?
I don’t know that I’d say I’ve had any business tools that have helped me… I find my greatest source of inspiration to be other bloggers that I admire. Oh and Pinterest, obviously.

Q: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?
Infuse as much of yourself into your work as possible. Be authentic. Don’t be afraid to ask other bloggers for advice or brands if they want to collaborate. The worst they can do is say ‘no’ or ignore you.

Bluchic Customer Spotlight - Alyssa of The Wolf + The Wardrobe

Q: What’s in store for your business in 2016?
I just underwent a re-brand with Bluchic, which included a new logo, new portrait, new theme, and new host. I’m using the holidays as an opportunity to launch my candle business, attending craft shows, and pitching to small businesses in my hometown. I also have an Etsy shop. I think my candles will be at the forefront of my business next year – my blog will likely remain more lifestyle oriented and less fashion/beauty oriented. I’m excited to see what’s in store.

Q: What made you choose your current Bluchic Theme for your website?
I chose the Paisley theme because it’s downright gorgeous. It’s clean, modern, feminine, sophisticated, and fun. I love the features, the free Bluchic plug-ins, and the support from Bluchic. They made my rebrand incredibly easy and were there to answer any questions I had along the way.

Q: What are some of your favorite features in Paisley Theme?
I really like the way Instagram is displayed through the Bluchic plug-in. I love the ability to customize, the simplicity, and the overall look. It’s very user-friendly and has some great elements. The promotional boxes at the bottom which feature some of my categories are probably one of my favorite parts. I love the hover effect! It’s subtle but impactful.

Q: What is your favorite quote?
‘A wolf doesn’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.’

To learn more about Alyssa, check out her website l Twitter l Facebook l Pinterest l Instagram.

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