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Customer Spotlight: Bruna of Kitchenlicious

Customer Spotlight is a weekly series featuring Bluchic customers across a variety of industries, who share about their business and experience with Bluchic Themes. So if you are Bluchic customer, please share your story here as we’d like to feature you!

Bruna Gomes – Founder of Kitchenlicious
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Tell us about yourself and your business
I’m a baking addicted person and for quite sometime have been dreaming about having my own food blog. One day, after a very inspiring trip, I decided I needed to give it a go. Since I wanted to do it the right way first, it took me quite some time to get the right person to work on the design, pick the right recipes, learn how to take pictures and so on.

After 4 months of planning, I’ve launched it and it’s being quite successful. I have around 11k Facebook likes as of today and several people engaged with my content. This is something I truly enjoy and that I see myself doing for a long time.

What hesitations did you have before deciding to purchase Isabelle Theme? And, how has that perception changed since you purchased?
I hired a person to make a design for me, but I always felt that I wanted something already “proven”, that other people were using and being successful with. So after she finished all the logos, I looked at Bluchic themes and purchased the one I thought would match better my expectations (in this case, it was the Isabelle theme).

I had no hesitations before purchasing it, to be honest, and I’m quite satisfied with the quality of the code (since I tuned and modified it myself). Support is also helpful, so I really recommend the investment.

What results have you noticed since you use Isabelle theme?
All my friends tell me that my website is gorgeous!

Bluchic Customer Spotlight l use Isabelle WordPress Theme

What specific feature did you like most, or find most beneficial, about Isabelle Theme?
Oh, I really like the way the code is organized — everything is well commented, placed in a sane way and so on. I also like the fact that I can use sliders, and can have a different “main” page to aggregate my posts.

Would you recommend Bluchic Themes? If so, why?
Definitely. Like I said, it is really easy to use and to change in case you need a custom design (and I’m no coding genius), there are plenty of options from almost any kind of business you’d like to open, and it’s a somewhat proven design, since so many people use and are being successful with.

Thank you to Bruna for sharing!

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