This post covers 5 crucial hotspots on your blog to optimize it to get more subscribers. Click to read more.

Do you have blog traffic but feel clueless about how to convert them into subscribers?

The fastest way to build your email list is to utilize your website as your best subscriber magnet.

By being able to convert a huge percentage of your visitors into subscribers, you will be able to quickly grow your email list without much effort.

Today, I’ll be covering 5 crucial hotspots on your blog to optimize it to get more subscribers.

These are proven spots that have been converting the best for me and the people in my community of bloggers!

5 Blog Hotspots To Place Your Opt-in Forms And Grow Your Email List

1 | Exit-intent pop-ups

We all know that pop-ups are annoying. However, from a webmaster’s point of view, they are amazing simply because they convert.

With Google cracking down on pop-ups, I no longer encourage people to have a pop-up on their site. However, an exit-intent popup will be able to convert your visitors effectively without damaging the user experience on your blog.

An exit-intent popup only pops when your visitor is about to leave your blog. That way, you do not annoy anyone unnecessarily. These people were going to leave your site for good anyway, so why not take the opportunity to get them to join your list?

Talk about a win-win situation!

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2 | Above-the-fold area

The above-the-fold area is simply the area on your website that visitors will see without having to scroll down. Having an opt-in form above-the-fold is great because a huge majority of your website visitors will see the form.

For instance, when you visit Bluchic’s home page, you can see that Kathie adds a call-to-action for visitors to sign up for her freebie library (and hence join her list).

Having an opt-in form above-the-fold is great, because a huge majority of your website visitors will see the form.

However, be careful. If you opt-in form spans the entire area above-the-fold, only do this for your home page. Having an opt-in form at other pages may adversely affect your user experience as people are trying to view your blog content and may get annoyed.

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3 | About me page

Guess which page on your website gets viewed by almost 100% of people who will eventually subscribe to you?

The about page. Most people will visit your home page, followed by your about me page if they want to know more about you.

Add opt-in forms to your about me page. Personally, I add opt-in forms to my about me page multiple times, so that my visitors have multiple opportunities to subscribe.

If you have a longer about me page, I recommend that you add in an opt-in form in the middle, and at the end of your about me page.

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4 | Sidebar

You’ll be surprised to realize that most blog visitors aren’t as smart and savvy as you think they are!

There is a good chance that some of your visitors are trying to subscribe to your blog and are actively trying to find a way to join your list, but they may not be able to find your opt-in forms.

Having an opt-in form at your sidebar solves this problem as your sidebar is visible and people naturally go to the sidebar when they want to subscribe to a blog’s newsletter.

Remember, nobody knows your website as well as you do. While the location of your opt-in forms may be very apparent to you, your new website visitors will probably not be as familiar with your blog layout as you. Allowing them to find your opt-in forms without much effort will bump up your conversion rates.

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5 | End of posts

If you have a ton of blog posts, adding opt-in forms to the bottom of each post would increase your conversion rates dramatically.

The end of your posts is a great spot to add your opt-in form as people have just finished reading your article and have just received a ton of value from you.

For instance, you can see that Bluchic has an opt-in form asking blog readers to sign up for their digital library at the end of every post.

If your readers liked what they read, they will be more willing to join your email list to get updates about future posts.

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Final Thoughts

I hope that this post has given you new insights on how you can optimize your blog to get more subscribers.

If you need more help with getting subscribers, I highly recommend downloading this free cheat sheet I have created about list building. It is a nifty 1-pager list-building cheat sheet containing the 7 exact pillars you need to get your first 1,000 subscribers.

Raelyn Tan

Guest post by Raelyn Tan
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