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5 Reasons People Are Bouncing From Your Website

Guest post on Bluchic's blog: Mariah Magazine shares the 5 reasons people could be bouncing from your website

Guest Post by Mariah Magazine. As a website owner, you work hard to get people to your site, so the last thing you want is having your visitors leaving your website too quickly….aka bouncing away. Your website’s goal is to not only attract new visitors but actually, entice them to stay once they’re there. You […]

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How To Set Priorities For Your Business

Setting priorities for your business is essential for continual growth. Discover how you can set meaningful priorities so you can grow in business, life, and beyond.

Setting priorities for your business is essential for continual growth. There’s an ever-growing list of to-dos, new marketing tactics to try, and new products to create and we all only have so much time. Prioritizing the most important tasks for your business will help you be able to actually reach your business goals. But how […]

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Canva Social Media Templates

Canva Social Media Templates These templates will drive social media traffic to your website and email list — and you won’t need to pay for a graphic designer or spend hours (that you don’t have!) creating shareworthy images for Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Twitter, and Pinterest. Get the templates now One-time fee $67 Only When […]

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