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Affiliate Resources

Affiliate Resources Hello and welcome to your Bluchic affiliate resource hub! Here you’ll find the  swipe copy and graphics that make it easy for you to promote your link on social media, newsletter and any other place online.Remember, you’ll earn 25% commission on sales made via your affiliate links. Find your affiliate link here Welcome […]

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A Huge Business Mistake We Made + How You Can Help

We share a huge mistake we made in our business (an email list disaster) & how you can help us out in this post

Hi all, Kathie here. Today’s post is a little different from all of our other posts. In an effort to be more honest and transparent with our readers (because we love you guys!), we wanted to open up about a huge mistake we recently made and how you can help us out. We share this […]

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Top 12 Tools You Can Use To Run Your Online Shop

All of these tools make it possible for us to run our online business smoothly and effectively. Get the free resource guide featuring all of these tools (plus 6 more!)

If it weren’t for these tools, our online shop wouldn’t exist. Bold statement, but it’s true. If we had to spend all of our time manually doing all of these tasks that these 12 tools do for us, we would have no time to create our lovely WordPress themes for all of you. All of […]

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