Here’s What Our Customers Have To Say

We’ve helped over 30,000 female entrepreneurs like you build their own beautiful & professional online presence using our WordPress themes & landing page templates. Here’s what some of our past customers have to say about Bluchic products.

“I recently gave my entire website a refresh with the ChicBoss theme and the entire process was EASY PEASY! Within 72 hours (or less) of purchasing the template, I’d got everything up & running (and of course am madly in love with the new site!). The ChicBoss Theme is so easy to customize & their support videos are super helpful in being able to get up and running fast.

– Elley Mae, Business Coach

“When it came to creating a professional website, I didn’t even know where to start but with the layouts of the ChicServe theme, it made everything much easier and of course appealing! Now I get compliments all the time about my website! A lot of people feel more drawn to my blog due to my appearance.

I absolutely love Bluchic themes! They will help you look more accredited to your audience. SO, if you’re a new blogger, using a Bluchic Theme will definitely keep you from looking like a newbie!

– Kayla, Mommy Blogger and Virtual Assistant

“The ChicServe theme made it so easy for me to get my website set up quickly and I feel so proud to have a beautiful site that conveys the professional yet fun vibe I want to give off to people who visit my site. I love that I just needed to plug in my own content and customize the colors and images to my brand. I have no website shame thanks to Bluchic!!”

I also purchased Bluchic’s landing page templates. Within an hour, I had an amazing tripwire page created that was wayyyy better than the previous one I had cobbled together myself.

If you’re looking for a super nice website theme for your WordPress site, I highly recommend Bluchic! Their templates are amazing and their customer service is also top-notch!!

– Kelly Morrison, Affiliate Program Expert

“Oh. My. My website is just gorgeous. I click on it almost every day to gawk at it! Now that I have an attractive website, I have launched my first opt-in freebie and grown my list to 50. When you have everything in place, a beautiful, professional site, your social media pages, and blog content, the world is yours to pursue. I thank the Lord for finding Bluchic and all the help they provided to get my website updated and gorgeous!

– Kris Katzmann, Social Media Image Specialist for Online Entrepreneurs

“I chose Bluchic because I was very new to the online biz world and it was recommended by another online biz owner. Being so new to technology, I wasn’t entirely sure whether it was the right solution for me but glad I took the leap as it did make my life so much easier having a template like ChicServe to work with set up by professionals who know what they’re doing.

I had ZERO ideas of how to create a website and make it look pretty! It was so easy to have a template that was super easy to install and customize. It took me a while to get the hang of WordPress but the online tutorials and resources made things so much easier for a complete newbie. Buying the landing pages also helped to streamline the look and feel of my website making everything look consistent, professional, modern, and feminine.

– Sonia Kapur-Taylor, Reiki Master Teacher & Coach.

“Before purchasing my Bluchic theme I had no website! Now I have a place to point my clients when I’ve had inquires about my services. Since launching in early January, I am now fully booked with full-time clients!! It’s not even February yet!”

The team at Bluchic not only has an incredible product, but their customer service is top-notch. They will do whatever is in their power to fix any issues or help you out with questions!”

– Carmen Smith, Virtual Assistant at My Unicorn Did It

“I found Bluchic in 2015 and haven’t looked back! I’m a counselor by day but love designing websites. WordPress can be a beast sometimes, but Bluchic themes help to tame it. I have to say the ChicServe theme made it so easy, and I’m switching my other site over to it now. I’ve also loved not having to worry about my site crashing because the theme wasn’t updated, or if I did run into a problem you or Andrew were right on it.”

– Pamela Cancel, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern

I absolutely love my site and have had so many compliments! Now I don’t mind directing potential customers there. Even the customer service I received was top-notch! I had an issue with getting a button to look like the demo and emailed Bluchic. I received a timely email back explaining exactly how to fix it.”

– Shelly Criswell, Online Biz Manager at SC Freelancer

“Bluchic is such an incredible resource. Not only are their templates stunning, but the support they provide is also amazing and the entire customer experience is like nothing I’ve seen before in this space.

With the ChicBoss theme, I managed to build my new website in 4 days, and yet it looks 1000x better than anything I’ve had before. The feedback has been amazing plus I’ve noticed my opt-in conversions have increased!

I’m so excited about my new site and the freebie I created with their Canva templates!”

– Kat Elizabeth, Personal Branding Strategist

“I wanted a WordPress theme that would be easy to install and customize. The Bluchic theme’s documentation is the best, that’s what made me feel comfortable buying. Now I have a beautiful home for my podcast and numerous compliments on the site!

– Carin Clark, Host of Honest Convos with Carin and Marcia

“I wasn’t sure how to switch from another theme, but all your support and tutorials were so helpful. In the end, I bought ChicBoss because it was just perfect. It’s the theme I had in my mind for years but I didn’t know how to create it myself. When I saw it, I just knew it was the one.

Sooo many WP themes promised easy customization, but if you don’t know how to code, you can barely change anything! ChicBoss had the perfect layout from the start and allows me to emphasize all the right things in my business without knowing a line of coding.

I used to cringe when people visited my site and didn’t really want to show it around. Since switching to Bluchic everything changed. Now, my website and landing pages have a cohesive feel. They’re feminine, professional, and a beautiful reflection of my brand. I’ve got so many compliments on the new design and my ebook sales have doubled, too!”

– Giorgia, Skincare Blogger & Coach at Beautiful With Brains

“It took me a while to justify the cost but after doing research and a pretty bad DIY, I took the leap to purchase the ChicServe theme and it was so worth it. Once you get over the learning curve, the theme is so easy to customize.

Now, more people visiting and staying on my website. I also feel that my website is now a professional and chic extension of my business and brand.”

– Alisa White, Maryland Postpartum Doula and Coach for New Parents

“I fell in love with all your WordPress themes but I wasn’t sure which one was the best fit for my business. Ultimately what made me decide was asking all my questions to Kathie and Andrew who clarified all my doubts.

My previous theme wasn’t right for my business, and it was really challenging for me to customize it for my needs. Each time I needed to modify something I couldn’t get the look I wanted.

After switching to the ChicShop theme, I could finally feel my website was talking for me and was representing my business. Also, I started to see more sales coming in as well as more subscribers to my newsletter which is great!”

– Silvia Volpe, Pattern and Illustration Designer at Dreamy Fox di Silvia Volpe

“I’m brand new to this business (started this month) and I have already booked 5 clients for wedding coordination, who have mentioned they loved my website and felt a connection to me through it. If you’re thinking about buying a Bluchic template, I would say to go for it! It will look incredibly professional and is very easy to customize.”

Juliet Kellogg, Wedding and Event Planner

“I was hesitant to switch to using Elementor for the new WordPress theme I wanted to purchase from Bluchic because I’ve been using Genesis Framework for years. 

I finally took a leap and purchased the ChicBoss theme because I knew if I ran into any issues, Bluchic had great customer support to help me.

Already, I’ve noticed an increase in sign-ups to my free content planning course and purchases of my planners. It’s a perfect fit to showcase my content and products on my blog and I’m happy I made the switch!

– Kari Sayers, Blogger & Side-hustling Mama of Twins

“I went on a journey to build my website myself. At first, it seemed like a huge undertaking. But through your tutorials and helpdesk support, I was able to build a website that reflected my vision and authenticity, so thank you! I have received lots of compliments on my website, including a client who herself is a web designer. She decided to work with me after visiting my website and thought it was fabulous.”

– Damla Aktekin, Crystal Healing Teacher

“I have been a long-time Bluchic user with my theme being the Victoria theme as well as using the Landing Page templates. I was interested in rebranding my website and I was very intrigued by the ChicServe Theme. I held back for a while because it was more costly than my original Victoria theme so I wasn’t sure if it was worth it!

Ultimately, the showcase is what did it for me. Being able to see how other people used the theme and customized it to their liking is what made me pull the trigger and purchase the new theme.

With the ChicServe theme, I had more customization ability. I’m not a pro at coding and prefer to be able to drag and drop things to look the way I want them to. I’ve received many new inquiries for my services as well as a new client already after using the new theme. I get so many compliments on the new look of the site!”

Amanda, Digital Marketing Strategist & Pinterest Manager

I’ve had only great results after installing my Bluchic theme! The day after I launched my page views doubled in number. In the last month my traffic from Pinterest has also consistently been on the upward swing. My e-mail subscribers have broken through the 1k mark and are also climbing daily. I had one post on the first page of Google within 24 hours of writing it. I credit that to the SEO-friendly nature of the theme to a large extent.”

– Shailaja V, Blogging Coach

“I didn’t have any hesitations, as Bluchic was recommended to me. And as soon as I saw your WordPress themes, I knew it was exactly what my site needed to give it a more professional and slick appearance.

I had a blog on a free WordPress theme – that was doing really well and I wanted to build it into a business. But my old website just did not cut the mustard. I needed a more professional look and feel and I needed to put my business center stage, rebrand, and move the blog to the sidelines. The ChicServe theme helped me achieve all of this, yet was simple enough for me to execute myself, giving me control of the end look and keeping costs down.

It’s early days but my followers have all commented they love my new website and this month I’ve surpassed my sales figures from last month – AND it’s only the 10th day of the month!

– Victoria Brown, Pinterest Manager & Marketing Coach

“I had problems with sitting down and updated my site myself. Once you uploaded the ChicServe Theme for me…all I had to do was focus on the copy. I always get compliments on how easy to navigate my site is…and it looks AWESOME!”

– Rayne Parvis, Certified Style Coach™ & Personal Stylist

“I was already using a Bluchic WordPress theme and love all their products. I needed to re-design my blog as I made changes in my blogging business and now focused mostly on online courses, my brand, more professional images, and bolder colors, etc.

ChicBoss was exactly what I was looking for. I was excited to get the theme and start designing my site. I’ve been wondering exactly how to structure all the elements on my site and what to display on the homepage for a long time now, and Chic Boss solved all this with its page templates and features.

Once I shared the design update with my email list, many people said they love it. The Bluchic WordPress themes are ideal for bloggers, course creators, and business owners offering services!”

– Lidiya Kesarovska, Course Creator and Business Owner at Let’s Reach Success

“I was skeptical if Bluchic theme will serve my line of business, that is interiors. However, I’m more than happy that I bought the Bluchic theme as it was very easy to set up and my website looks very professional now.

Having an attractive website has given me the confidence to blog weekly twice without missing my schedule. I get a lot of compliments for my website now, which has never happened in the past. Buying the Bluchic theme is one of the best investments I have done for my website.

– Manasa Bharadwaj, Founder and Principal Designer at Ambiance Design Studio.

“My friend, Alexandra, was a huge fan of your template after we both had issues with another company. I had to wait until I had time to devote to redoing my website in the winter which is my off-season.

When I got finished overhauling my website I promoted it across my social media and SO many people raved about how much of an improvement it was from my other website! I put so much more work into it and made a lot of changes. I’m just SO happy with how it came out and can’t wait to continue using it!

Bluchic has proven to be just the refresh my website needed! I love the ChicBoss theme, as it caters to a business that offers both services and products.

Their customer service is great as I had many questions throughout the setup process. Although their time zone is different, I knew I could always expect a prompt answer so I could continue the process of editing my website. I recommend their themes for anyone looking for a feminine theme on a WordPress website!”

Lauren Simpson, Owner of LA Page Makeup

“There are so many different WordPress themes on the market to choose from, that it can get overwhelming. That’s why I chose Bluchic – It’s so niched down to female entrepreneurs that it all felt easier! I’ve received comments saying how much more professional my website looks now with the ChicServe theme!”

– Alicia Rufino, Freelancer at Born to Freelance

“I didn’t want a cookie-cutter website that looked like EVERYTHING else out there. I wanted something that I could customize and make unique to my business. Ultimately, the flexibility of Bluchic’s ChicServe Theme convinced me to give it a shot.

As a busy Mompreneur, I really didn’t have time to spend on my website. But I also know enough about WordPress to be dangerous, so I didn’t want to pay someone outright to put my website together for me. As a result, my website was bland, unsophisticated, and lacking and I was unhappy.

I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have my website up and functioning and LOOKING GOOD! I’m now proud to direct people to my site, which helps boost my energy and confidence, which allows me to show up and serve my clients on a whole new level.

Olivia Radcliffe, Business and Marketing Consultant at The Bluebell Group, LLC

“I wasn’t sure if I needed to pay for a template so I used the free WordPress ones at first, but it looked amateurish. So I bought the Paisley theme for my site and I’m so much happier with it and my page views have gone up.

I also had no lead magnets before I purchased your templates. Now I have two and I’m gaining subscribers! The Canva Lead Magnet Templates were perfect.”

– Elizabeth Billies, Divorce Lawyer & Author

“I had more reservations about investing in my business rather than in Bluchic, but after looking at the demos and reading the reviews, I’m SO GLAD that I did!

I have been able to get my website up and running and I’ve built a few landing pages, one for my podcast. I’m currently in the process of building others.

I absolutely LOVE my Bluchic WordPress theme because it was easy to set up and there was so much easy-to-use guidance that took me through every step of the setup. The landing page bundle that I bought was also absolutely amazing and it’s so easy to adapt it to fit my business needs. I would definitely recommend Bluchic for EVERYTHING website and landing pages based!”

– Meg Johnson, Mindset and LeadHership Coach at Twenties Thrive

“I bought the Online Course Launch Templates. I literally only had to change the photos and text to my own and it was a perfect sales page! Thank you for the amazing templates. It helped me get my first 5 students into my course when I launched a few weeks ago.”

– Julie C Butler, Personal Brand Photographer

Bluchic themes were love at first sight! I had done intensive research on which theme to select for my blog and Bluchic themes tick all the criteria I was looking for – NO technical interference (I don’t have any WordPress Background), feminine, good-looking, clean, easy-to-navigate, and great product support. Bluchic also has very clear and concise help documentation and videos which make it a cakewalk for users like me.

I am currently using Isabelle theme on my blog and am very happy with it. This is my first blog and I wanted to make it look good and function efficiently. Many people have complimented the look and feel of the site.

I also grabbed their landing pages, Canva Templates (to name a few), and very happy with the response. Somehow, Bluchic has made me feel very confident through their product and service and I can concentrate on creating content.

Jayati Gupta, Engineer & Travel Blogger

“Before using Bluchic theme, I kept customizing my free WordPress themes and I was never happy with the end result. I was wasting so much time. Now when people visit my site I am constantly getting compliments on how much they love my site.

A friend of mine visited my site and called me gushing at how much she loved it and would I help her with her company’s social media strategy and customizing their new social media platforms. I didn’t tell her Bluchic made it possible but I will soon enough!”

– Elizabeth Johnson, Travel & Lifestyle blogger

“I worried if I would be able to use the template (technical knowledge) and would it have the versatility that I needed to be able to create the design and feel of the website I wanted? Ultimately I really liked so many of the Bluchic templates and Kathie’s responsiveness to my pre-purchase questions (as well as after!) made me confident with the support available.

I think the best thing I heard was from a user who said – ‘I don’t know what you were after, but it just is a really calming website to look at. I liked being there.’ Win! That was the feel I was after when people go on it.

I’d like to say thank you! Your website template was so beautiful and easy to use and I could really make it my own space that I feel at home in and that my customers feel at home in. Your tutorials are step by step, in super easy bite-sized chunks.”

Kat Kendon, Teacher + Digital planner + Creator behind KJKCreates & The Simplicity Matters 

“I absolutely love all of the Bluchic products. The support is first class and I always feel really confident with the quality of the products they offer. The biggest benefit is the consistent look and feel across my brand because the social media templates and website themes are all matching.”

– Olivia Jenkins, Business Coach & Consultant

“I changed from a theme purchased on Themeforest to Bluchic theme. Once I had finished the migration, web visitors increased by around 22%. Enough said!

Outstanding theme based on functionality, not bloated with code and in the hands of a good designer can look fabulous, excellent for personal branding and more importantly SEO as my stats improved significantly in a short space of time. The entire package Kathie and Andrew offer is different from the rest, it’s a business with clients at the forefront for sure, I would not hesitate to recommend it.

– Gayle Macdonald, Sobriety Coach at Sober Bliss

“I just started my WordPress Blog and wanted something that will give me a start on designing my website and I ran across your IG profile and fell in love with all there was to offer on your website.

Bluchic has saved me a lot of time and money from hiring a website designer to do my websites! It’s affordable, easy to do, and of course beautiful templates. I brought 3 in total and can’t wait to design my next website.”

– Shemaiah, Educator, Digital Creator & Mom Blogger

I’m currently working on a brand new online course and the Landing Page Templates help me so much! They save me a lot of time while building up the sales page, the thank you, the freebies pages. After a few changes, they end up with the images, the details, and the colors of my brand, just the way I wanted. It almost doesn’t feel like work!”

– Karina Matos, Organização Pessoal

Bluchic makes my life easy! I have a consistent design with no hassle. The best of it all I made money in different ways, from attracting people to my websites made with Bluchic themes to selling with your landing pages.

The landing pages work like a charm, all of them! I’ve been using the landing page templates for some years now and they sell! I recently purchased the rest, finally, put my e-book on sale, and sold it.”

– Raquel Devillé, Aerial Yoga Teacher at Yoga Aérien

“I’ve had a lot of great comments about the site from visitors, which is fantastic. I’ve been managing websites (as a hobby) for about 20 years but this is the first time I really feel like I have a professional presence on the web. I’m already eyeing off options for my other business/website!

I was really impressed (and grateful!) for the speedy customer service I got from Bluchic when I encountered a problem with some colours disappearing in my template. It was around the Christmas holiday, so I wasn’t expecting an immediate response, but I got one anyway! Thank you for your help!”

– Sarah Gower, Virtual Assistant at The Virtual Crew

“I was on the fence for quite some time because I thought I had to do a lot of integration that was beyond my ability but it wasn’t! I was able to set up my Bluchic theme in a few hours and got it to look exactly the way I wanted!

My website traffic increase and my email list have been steadily growing ever since I changed to the Victoria theme! I feel that I can easily showcase my blog posts and digital products that I have available to teachers.”

Bianca Cole, Middle School Teacher, Mom, and Blogger

“I prefer to support small companies your support and documentation, and adherence to things like GDPR (which I didn’t know about before!) which makes me feel confident in my investment.

I’ve created WordPress sites before and it has always been a NIGHTMARE. I was apprehensive about using WordPress again.

BUT it was so easy to pull my site together with the help of your ChicBoss Theme, even when creating new pages using the templates.

Sarah Salmon, Burnout Coach at Introvert Advocate

I am thrilled to have found the Bluchic templates! Not only did they help me achieve the perfect, modern and cohesive web experience I was looking to provide on my site, but they also have very detailed tutorials to help guide you through setting up your site, making it very easy for someone with no web experience to navigate through updating the templates.

I also have the Landing Page Templates and the beautiful Canva templates which allow me to further brand everything I put out for my customers. The Canva templates are so beautiful and they provide numerous designs for any format you need. Thank you so much for creating these amazing tools!

– Christina Giffin, Realtor

“I’ve bought 3 products from your company, Marilyn, Victoria, and the Landing Pages Templates. All were super easy to set up and completely transformed my site. If I ever run into any issues, I would simply submit a help ticket and receive a reply within minutes! Every time, Andrew has walked me through the steps to resolve my issue and it’s been seamless. I’d continue to buy from you just from the customer service and ease alone! Keep doing what you’re doing!”

– Ashley Caldwel, Business + Personal Growth

“I tried to get by with the free landing pages that come with my email platform, but I just wasn’t impressed with what I could do with them. I’m so glad I took the plunge and bought the Bluchic landing pages! They’re gorgeous and easily customizable.”

Amber, Food & Craft Blogger

“Just wanted to pop in and say that Andrew was SO much help! I used the Maggie theme on a new website (for a restaurant!) and he was so patient with all of my questions. Thank you guys again for the beautiful themes and super helpful tutorials.”

– Christina Orso, Content • Copy • Photog • Consult

I’ve been using Bluchic themes for the past few years and I love them! Perfectly feminine yet functional, Bluchic themes works so well with my business and branding.

They’re so super easy to install and customize that it’s easy for me to make changes and updates as I go. I’ve bought three of their themes so far and literally want to buy everything they put out.

I’m all about ease of use (especially for non-designers) so these themes and social media graphics are something I recommend to my clients.

– Andréa Jones, Creator and Lead Social Media Strategist at OnlineDrea

“I’ve spent the day making my Bluchic website and OMFG it’s amazing! The tutorials on how to get it to look the way it does in the demo are so clear and so easy.

I’ve spent the last four years struggling with free templates, trying to guerrilla the code into doing what I want, spending hours and hours trying to figure how to make this bit of my site look more like I wanted it too and having it all fail and trying to learn enough code to get by… and this template is just SO PERFECT and SO EASY and my site is already beginning to look more professional – I feel my business upleveling already!”

– Demelza Fox, Rockstar Priestess

Bluchic themes are elegant, beautiful, and easy to adapt to a brand’s standards. Knowing I’m working with a theme created by an independent business––a wife/husband team––means I’m working with a product made by real people who will actually communicate with me. That’s lovely, too.”

– Karen a. Chase, Author and Brand Designer

I thought I was going to have to pay a bunch of money to have someone redesign my website — until I found Bluchic. The clean and responsive themes were exactly what I was looking for! And not only do they look fabulous, they’re affordable and easy to set up. I chose the Quinn theme for its slider and sleek look — and am absolutely obsessed with its form and functionality.

As a freelance writer and travel blogger, my website is my internet home. If I want people to think I’m polished and professional, my website has to reflect that. I used to cringe when I gave people my business card, afraid of what they’d think when they visited my site. Now, I share my site with pride — I can’t wait for them to see how beautiful it looks!

– Susan Shain, Freelance Writer & Blogger

I love how easy the ChicServe theme is to use and customize, the clean & feminine design, and the fact that everything is specifically designed for coaches and female entrepreneurs. It was super quick to set up! I have been receiving wonderful feedback from my audience.”

– Elyse Santilli, Life Coach

Your themes are beautiful both visually and from a practical standpoint. I’ve created 3 websites using your themes and I’ve gotten numerous people ask me who my designer is. When i tell them i did it myself they are floored and then think i’m a design guru in hiding!

I run two digitally based business. There is no office to welcome my corporate clients, so I needed a place online that would represent me and my brand. Your themes have helped me position myself as a thoughtful, detail-oriented consultant that cares about the finer details. All of which has led to more people reaching out for my services. Thanks for all that you do!

– Lisa Durante, Entrepreneur & Communications Strategist

The Bluchic themes take the coding stress away from me. All the themes are extremely easy to set up and customise. It is the perfect platform to showcase my food photos because after all your eyes eat first. The Samantha theme is my third Bluchic theme and I love that I can soon start up my online shop directly on my website. This keeps my readers and customers all on one page without being redirected to a website that I have no control over.

– Anett, Baker

I finally set up my tripwire thanks to your Landing Page Templates (which had been on my to-do list for months). It took less than an hour to set everything up. Since setting up my tripwire, I’ve been able to convert more of my website visitors into paying customers!

Whereas before, people were only downloading my free photos, I now have an average of 4-5 tripwire sales per day which has led to a 10% increase in monthly revenue – all on autopilot! I really wish I had set up a tripwire sooner, but I’m glad your templates finally made it easy for me to finally do it!

– Elle Drouin, Founder of the Styled Stock Society

My Bluchic theme helped me create everything I wished for and more. I was able to launch a website that I felt 100% satisfied with. The support offered was also amazing – as newbie, I needed a fair bit of help, but it was readily available. Would highly recommend a Bluchic theme to any boss babe out there looking to create or upgrade their website. Beautiful themes to choose from and so perfectly adaptable to all devices. Thanks Bluchic!

– Nicolle, Fitness Coach

I’ve been trying for months to get a free WordPress theme to look the way I wanted. When I found the Bluchic themes, I knew immediately they were worth the investment. The hardest decision was choosing a theme. Within hours of downloading Isabelle, I had my website completely customized and looking beautiful. Plus, I contacted support with a question, and got a prompt and helpful reply. I couldn’t be happier.

– Jennifer, Single Girl’s DIY

I love my Bluchic theme! It allows for so much personalization and they have thought of everything! Oh, and did I mention the amazing customer service? Every question was handled quickly and, even more importantly, kindly.

– Kim Mayo, Blogger

“I got hooked the very first time I saw Canva social media templates by Bluchic. The templates can really speak my personality and values when it comes to my own Virtual Assistant business.

To add professionally crafted images without spending a lot of money for the blog and social media posts became easier than ever before. Such a huge help for a not so creative entrepreneur like me to attract my prospects to come and visit my website. It is my life-saver!”

– Carolyn Miciano, Virtual Assistant

I LOVED my Bluchic product so much that I purchased a second theme for my healthcare website. It was very easy to customize and the tutorials helped get me started. Bluchic makes it easy to start a blog and website & feel confident along the way.

– Dr. Jessica Louie, High Performance Life Coach & Certified Konmari Consultant

When I wanted to redesign my website, I spent many hours researching possible themes. Having some previous experience in designing websites, I could tell that Bluchic themes had the high quality I was looking for (not to mention that they are gorgeous beyond belief)!

I ended up choosing the Naomi theme because I knew it would provide the simple, feminine, and timeless look I wanted. Each detail was very thoughtful, and stylistically elegant. Having a theme that is responsive was a must for me, and so I love that my theme looks just as slick on a tablet or mobile device as it does on a desktop. I also love how easy it is to edit the look of each element—I barely had to dive into the code at all to get it exactly how I wanted!

– Mandee Thomas, Die Cut Designer

I LOVE Bluchic theme designs. I did a great deal of research about themes and needed a modern cheerful design for my craft and shopping blog. Only Bluchic had all the unique features I loved and at a great price. I was able to easily setup the theme myself using the descriptive tutorials and upbeat videos. Tons of color and style customizations within one theme! Support was also very quick to answer any technical questions. I am so incredibly happy!

– Mary, Crafter

Having a Bluchic WordPress theme has given me the autonomy I’ve been looking for when designing my website. It allows me to add my own personality, while providing an already classy design. Because of Bluchic’s incredible customer service, I have been able to implement customizations and integrations successfully, which has allowed me to connect with my readers even further.

There is huge comfort in not only having a great theme, but also having a great team that can provide unlimited support. Blogging is not a one person gig, it takes a village, and Bluchic has definitely become a part of my village.

– Amber Hill, Lifestyle Blogger

Before using Bluchic Landing Page Templates, my conversion rate (a number of visitors who view the page, also sign up for the lead magnet) was about 3-4%. After installing them, my Opt-in page looks sleek, professional, and it showcases beautifully what my lead magnet is about.

Not to mention that my conversion rate went over 10%, and it was super easy to install and customize the templates. I wholeheartedly recommend the Landing Page Templates and other products by Bluchic because they honestly never disappoint, and the customer service is awesome!

– Sara Sumic, Msc, Molecular Biologist

I would highly recommend Bluchic landing pages because they were really simple to set up with wonderful online support, easy to follow video tutorials and it was reasonably priced. I had 40 people subscribe in a week to my lead magnet, with 5 people attend my one of face-to-face monthly catch-up and 1 person sign up for my one-on-one coaching. I was really impressed with my final product.

It was such a sense of achievement to be able to work out the pages myself. I was able to save my newly created landing page and delicate the look for other products. I can use the landing page and thank you page anytime without paying someone else to create them for me.

– Narelle King, Wellness Coach

The landing page templates are SO easy to use, I can have a page set up in less than an hour, you don’t have to leave WordPress to be able to use them and best of all, you don’t have to keep paying a monthly or annual membership. Within the first week my tripwire page was converting into sales at 15%. After seeing that I decided to test out the opt-in template. After that week it was converting at 28%.

– Elise McDowell, Entrepreneur & Digital Nomad

“When I first started my social media business I was hustling a lot with sometimes little results. I was spending too much time on activities that were not my strength such as creating designs for my social media posts on Pinterest.

Before I had my social media templates for Canva from bluchic I was either researching hours for a nice design or trying to put something together myself. So I literally wasted hours. On top of that I never really had consistency in all my material.

I really was just looking for templates that match my brand and would help me save time in my daily life as an entrepreneur.

If you are an entrepreneur and you don’t have your own team yet that helps you out, make your life easier with getting those Canva templates. If you are like me and you like beautiful designs but are not really able to create them yourself – these are perfect for you.

If you want to adapt colors or fonts or even pictures it’s super easy and you will have consistency in your social media posts. I highly recommend it!”

– Nadine Rohner, Social Media Strategist

I cannot tell you how many hours these Canva templates have saved me in creating my social graphics. I also love that I can easily create several images at once with very minimal work.

When I saw all the templates that were included for any social network, it was a no-brainer to click “purchase.” Now my brand has a much more cohesive feel. Thanks, Bluchic.”

– Heather Davis, Organization Blogger

I’m new to the world of blogging and I’ve been trying to learn everything on my own. It’s a steep learning curve, but I have to say, upgrading to Bluchic theme has been the best decision I’ve made so far. You’ve designed it beautifully and included such clear and simple tutorials for every aspect of the theme — I’ve been having so much fun playing around with this and setting up my website so that it looks happier and more user-friendly (compared to the free WordPress themes I was using).

– Sandra, R.E.A.L. World Learners

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