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Shining the Light on the Bright Side

Shining the Light on the Bright Side l Copywriting Tips

With every story arc, there are ups and downs. When we write fiction, we have to plunge our poor characters into some rough times. And as they say, life imitates art. Our own stories see ups and downs. Those downs bring us to the ups. Too often though, when I read About pages, I’m left on the downside. You want your customers to understand the struggles that brought you here, without feeling weighed down by them. Here are some tips for keeping the positive:

  1. Tell us how the story ends first. Sometimes people only read the first paragraph. Don’t leave those casual readers with a down note.
  2. Make the positive heavier than the negative. Sometimes I read entrepreneurial stories and I’m not entirely sure what the writer gained from their experience. What’s the take away? What’s the positive here? Make sure you really punctuate the strength you’ve gained.
  3. A bit of humor goes a long way. This isn’t a therapy session or formal memoir. Be real to yourself and use a bit of levity, if that suits your personality and story. Leave your reader smiling.
profile_tiffGuest post by Tiffany Silverberg l Website l @tiffsilverberg
Tiffany is a freelance writer with experience in print and online writing. She uses her journalistic background to unfold unique angles of untold stories and helps clients present themselves and their products with freshness and excitement.
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