canva social media templates

Canva Social Media Templates

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These Canva Social Media Templates will drive social media traffic to your website and email list — and you won’t need to pay for a graphic designer or spend hours (that you don’t have!) creating shareworthy images for Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Twitter, and Pinterest.

When potential clients and customers are scrolling through your social media feeds, trying to decide if your business is the best place for their dollar, you want what they see to look styled, seamless, and consistent.

Our Canva Social Media Templates will give you the tools you need to do just that.

And guess what? You’re going to see the results in…
… your inbox (more inquiries!)
… your email list (more subscribers!)
… your website (more traffic!).

Here’s why it’s important…

Your work is already great — and you’re doing what you can to create content for your blog or website that supports that great work and helps your customers & potential customers understand what you stand for and what you can offer that the competitors can’t.

But here’s the thing… that content can be hard to find. The Internet is a big place, and social media platforms are crowded with users competing for attention and revenue.

Your graphics should stand out from the rest so that the clients and customers you want can’t help but notice them more than everything else they see as they scroll.

Bluchic Canva Social Media Templates - fully customizable. Check it out!

If you want to effectively convert Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook followers to…

engaged and paying fans of your business

…you need to capture them with well-designed social media graphics that speak to your brand identity.

And since you don’t have unlimited time, you need to be able to batch create a month’s worth of graphics quickly so your social media calendar is set ahead of schedule.

You don’t have the hours in the day to work in Canva endlessly on your own and build all of the graphics from scratch.

This process is time-consuming, especially since there’s no end to the amount of content you want to create in order to keep your feeds looking fresh!

Our Canva Social Media Templates solve these problems.

Here’s what you’re going to get:

17 Set of Professionally-Designed Canva Social Media Templates with 5 Options Per Template (that’s a total of 85 unique templates!)

10 Styled Stock Photos (exclusive from Styled Stock Society)

Change the fonts, colors, and images to make the Canva Social Media Templates completely customized to your brand!

They’re 100% customizable, which means that you can apply your own color scheme, branding, and design sensibility of choice.

Whether you prefer the monochromatic look, something a bit more feminine, or anything in between, the completed templates will look worthy of a professional graphic designer.

This level of customization sounds like a job for a graphic designer, right?

Remember: if you hire a graphic designer, it can cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $45 to $65 per hour. This really adds up as you grow your business over time and develop graphics on an ongoing basis.

These templates are a one-time purchase that gets you lifetime access, and you’re going to like the price!

You’ll get templates for 17 set popular — and necessary — graphics. Each template set comes with five variations so you can mix things up without straying from your distinct brand look.

You’ll have a total of 85 unique options!

  1. Instagram Post
  2. Instagram Post With Content Upgrade
  3. Instagram Quote
  4. Instagram Webinar
  5. Instagram Sale
  6. Pinterest Post
  7. Pinterest Post With Content Upgrade
  8. Instagram Stories Post
  9. Instagram Stories Post With Content Upgrade
  10. Instagram Stories Webinar
  11. Instagram Stories Quote
  12. Instagram Stories Sale
  13. Facebook & Twitter Post
  14. Facebook & Twitter Post With Content Upgrade
  15. Facebook Cover
  16. Twitter Header
  17. Content Upgrade Button
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