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Now you can create a cohesive branding experience across your social media presence and deliver the right traffic to your website. Includes 15 professionally designed Canva social media templates with 3 variations for each template & styled stock photos.

Shareworthy Graphics in Minutes

You spent 3 hours writing a blog post, 2 hours creating a content upgrade, and 45 minutes making all of your graphics – only to get a handful of shares. Not exactly the results you hoped for.

You’re not the only one who struggles to get your content shared online. It’s a common problem for many female entrepreneurs and bloggers.

Content is key for growing your online business. You already spend so much time creating valuable blog posts, content upgrades, and social media posts. But when it comes time to share, you feel rushed trying to put together all the graphics you need to get noticed.

You know you need to share your content on social media to attract more readers, grow your email list, and convert your subscribers into customers and clients.

But to get noticed online, you need graphics that match the quality of your content.

And you need them quickly, without wasting time on dull designs that don’t match your brand’s modern style.

The only problem? You’re not a designer.

You’re tired of wasting time cobbling together a brand identity using free Canva templates and the same stock photos everyone uses. You want professional looking graphics that catch your ideal reader’s attention.

You want to get more readers and subscribers from the content you’re already publishing, so you can get the most out of the time you spend on your business.


Expertly Designed Canva Social Media Templates

Bluchic’s Social Media Templates are a downloadable set of 15 Canva templates for shareworthy social media graphics.

You get chic design templates created to stand out from the crowd on social media.

With better graphics and easy to use templates, you’ll get results like:

  • Seeing your pin go viral on the popular group boards in your niche
  • Putting together a winning graphic in a matter of minutes
  • Growing your list with new subscribers who download your latest content upgrade
  • Looking like a pro designed your graphics, even if you’ve got no graphic design skills
  • Batching your graphics in advance so you’re not scrambling when it’s time to hit publish
  • Getting more comments, likes, and shares on your posts that get noticed by the clients and customers who need what you offer

Make Content Creation Easier

Your graphics can’t be an afterthought or a last minute task you rush through before hitting publish.

According to research done by Twitter, tweets with graphics get 313% more engagement. With those kind of stats, you can’t afford to skip this step when creating content.

But when you need to put together graphics for a new post, it can be time consuming. You need at least one for Facebook, another for Twitter, several variations for Pinterest, and a couple more for Instagram.

That one post now needs 6+ graphics before you can share it on all your social media platforms.

If you’re using Canva, that means scrolling through templates, searching for stock photos that match your feminine branding, choosing fonts and colors, and repeating the process for every different graphic size needed for each platform.

When you’re running a business and balancing a family, time is always tight. Using premade templates can save you hours every week.

You can batch create a whole month’s worth of graphics in an afternoon. Just think how organized you’ll feel finishing your social media content ahead of schedule!

One payment of $49

What’s Included

This package includes professionally designed Canva social media templates for 15 of the most popular types of graphics you need:
  1. Facebook Cover
  2. Twitter Header
  3. Instagram Webinar
  4. Instagram Quote
  5. Instagram Post
  6. Instagram Post w/ Content Upgrade
  7. Pinterest Post
  8. Pinterest Post w/ Content Upgrade
  9. Instagram Stories Post
  10. Instagram Stories Post w/ Content Upgrade
  11. Instagram Stories Webinar
  12. Instagram Stories Quote
  13. Facebook & Twitter Post
  14. Facebook & Twitter Post w/ Content Upgrade
  15. Content Upgrade Button
Each template includes 3 variations to give your social media feed a distinct, but consistent look.


You’ll Also Get:

Your purchase includes lifetime access to all templates & future updates.

Because social media template sizes change from time to time, it can be hard to keep up with what size you need for each platform.

When you purchase this template pack, you won’t need to worry about those changes. We’ll update them as needed and send you the new sizes at no additional cost.

Look Professional on a DIY Budget

If graphic design isn’t your thing, maybe you’ve thought about hiring it out. You could save time by outsourcing design to a VA, but it’s going to cost you.

Expect to spend $30-50 an hour to hire a VA to do it for you. That adds up quickly if you have to hire someone every time you need graphics created.

Done for you templates are a great alternative and a budget friendly solution. Not only do you get the designs done for you, but you also get 10 beautiful stock photos from Styled Stock Society included for free.

One payment of $49

Here’s what happens when you click the buy button:

  1. Your Canva Social Media Templates are added to your cart and take you to the checkout.
  2. Once you hit the Checkout button, you’re redirected to PayPal to complete your payment. You’ll be charged a one time fee.
  3. Once you complete your payment, you’ll receive an email giving you a  download zip file. Open the PDF file to get immediate access to all the Canva templates, and video tutorials.
  4. You open Canva, copy the templates to your library, and start editing your own graphics. You save time whenever you post and get more shares, subscribers, and sales!

One payment of $49

Meet Kathie and Andrew from Bluchic

About Bluchic

We’re Andrew & Kathie, the husband and wife team behind Bluchic. We started designing beautifully functional themes for female entrepreneurs and bloggers in 2012 when we noticed a gap in the market for WordPress themes that looked as good as they functioned.

We’ve brought the same minimal, classy, and elegant style you love in our WordPress themes to our Canva templates. We designed these templates to work with all of our existing themes.

As business owners, we know the feeling of rushing to create your graphics at the last minute. When it’s blog post day and you’ve got to hit publish, creating a solid graphic in a matter of minutes is the advantage you need.

We’ve been there too! We created these templates as an easy solution to a common problem. Getting your graphics done quickly means more time for family dinners or an afternoon barre class.


Who it’s for:

  • Female entrepreneurs and bloggers who want to save time putting together graphics.
  • Small business owners who want to use free & easy tool, Canva, to create their graphics
  • People without graphic design skills who need an easy way to make their graphics look good.

Who it’s NOT for:

  • Entrepreneurs who want to use a program like Photoshop or InDesign. These templates only work in Canva.
  • People who want one of a kind, custom graphics. These templates are sold multiple times.
  • Business owners who want graphics done for them. These templates make it simple and easy, but you still have to DIY.

Beautifully Branded to Your Business

These templates help you easily create a consistent look across all your platforms – no more mismatched graphics or confused branding. Elevate your social media presence, create more engagement, and grow your business with less time.

You can use your brand’s colors and fonts to make them uniquely yours. The templates come in a pink and black color scheme, but they’re easy to customize.

Just put your own colors and fonts into Canva and you’ve created a branded social media image in no time. You’ll get a tutorial video to walk you through everything you need.

You’ll feel more confident putting your business out there and sharing your content because your graphics look professional (even if you’re new to business).


One payment of $49

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have graphic design skills to use these templates?
No, you don’t! These templates are designed for beginners, so you don’t have to have any previous graphic design training to use them. The tutorials will walk you through the steps you need to use these templates.

What’s the refund policy?
Since you’ll have immediate access to the templates once you complete your payment, there are no refunds after your purchase is complete.

Can I customize the templates to match my brand?
Absolutely! The templates are fully customizable and easy to edit. Simply change the color and font settings in Canva to create graphics with your brand’s colors and fonts.

If you’re using paid fonts that aren’t already listed in Canva, you may need to use Canva for Work to customize the font.

Will this work with my current Bluchic theme?
Yes, sure! We’ve created this template pack to work beautifully with any of our themes. We’ve brought the same refined, feminine style you love in our WordPress themes to our template pack for seamless branding between your website and your social presence.

Are the photos used in the templates included in the purchase?
Yes! The template pack includes 10 stock photos from Styled Stock Society that you can use in any of the templates.

Will this work with Photoshop/InDesign/Illustrator?
No, these templates are designed for Canva only. You won’t get files that are compatible with any other design software.

Do I need to buy a special software to use these templates?
All you need is a free Canva account! Canva is an easy to use software that offers powerful design tools for free. If you have a paid Canva for Work account, you can customize the templates even faster with your brand fonts and colors (but it’s not required to use the templates).

Won’t my graphics look the same as everyone else using these templates?
There are so many ways to customize the templates with your brand’s fonts and colors that you can make them completely your own. The included tutorials will show you how to edit the templates to match your brand’s design aesthetic. There are 10 stock photos included, but you can easily add your own photos to make them even more unique.

If you have any other questions, please contact us. We’re happy to help!

One payment of $49