Landing Page Templates

Easy-to-use templates to help you create landing pages for your sales funnel so you can grow your list and start making sales on autopilot. No tech struggle required.

What if you didn’t keep putting off that new opt-in idea you have or the newest promotion you want to launch because you were so overwhelmed by the technical side of creating a landing page/sales page/opt-in page/etc?

Good news:
Creating high converting landing pages doesn’t have to be rocket science or make you want to pull your hair out
(you just need a little help from our templates.)

Does this sound a little too familiar?

You have an endlist to do list when it comes to growing your business. You’ve figured out the whole sales funnel thing, and what you need to do to get new leads.

But when it comes to actually creating and putting it out there, you keep putting it off.

You see that other business owner with an awesome landing page and you want the same thing.

But trying to figure out the technical side of things has you crying into your wine at night and wishing for a magic fairy to come along and just do it for you.

You’re tired of putting it off, knowing that your business is staying stagnant. You’ve heard everyone raving on about sales funnels and how amazing they can be for your business.

But creating that landing page or putting together that sales funnel is way more overwhelming than people make it seem.

Not to mention all the (expensive) options out there for creating landing pages and trying to figure out which one is the best for you.

It’s time for you to master this whole sales funnel thing. It’s completely possible for you to work less and earn more by generating sales on autopilot.

You just need to have the right tools to help you get there.

Being able to easily create landing pages and automated sales funnels will allow you to get more subscribers and make more passive income. So you can take time for yourself without worrying about losing sales.

What if we could make creating landing pages easy and stress-free?

How awesome would it feel to finally ditch the tech struggle? To create a stunning and effective landing page in just a couple hours rather than a couple weeks?

Imagine being able to easily create and edit beautiful landing pages for your marketing strategy. Implementing that sales funnel would be a breeze, not a nightmare.

Instead of waiting to launch your next campaign or promotion because you get bogged down in the tech details, you can quickly design beautiful landing pages that will wow your audience, convert like crazy and make you more sales.

Sounds like, a dream right?
It doesn’t have to be!

Elle Drouin

“I finally set up my tripwire thanks to your Landing Page Templates (which had been on my to-do list for months). It took less than an hour to set everything up

Since setting up my tripwire, I’ve been able to convert more of my website visitors into paying customers! Whereas before, people were only downloading my free photos, I now have an average of 4-5 tripwire sales per day which has led to a 10% increase in monthly revenue – all on autopilot!

The fact that it took me less than an hour to set this up using Bluchic’s Landing Page Templates definitely makes we wish I had done it sooner!”
– Elle Drouin,

There’s an easier way to create landing pages for your sales funnel.

And it takes a whole lot less effort and ends up looking way more professional.

All of that without having to spend big bucks on other software like Clickfunnels or Leadpages. Instead of paying a yearly or monthly subscription for those options, you can pay one time and be able to use them for life!

That’s a pretty sweet deal, if you ask us. Plus, the templates are so easy to use, you don’t need a complicated software to figure it out.


Our New Landing Page Templates

We’ve crafted 7 different templates to help you achieve all your marketing goals. Easily and beautifully.

These templates work seamlessly with your WordPress theme, whether or not you use one of ours. All you have to do is install a page builder plugin and upload the templates. From there, editing is easy and stress-free.

For every sales funnel need, we’ve got a template for it.

Cut out the stress and time it takes to build your marketing campaigns. Get our Landing Page Templates and save time and energy, with beautiful, high-converting results.

Get All Landing Page Templates For Only $109!

Cut out the stress and time it takes to build your marketing campaigns. Get our Landing Page Templates and save time and energy, with beautiful, high-converting results.
Hear from one of our happy customers:

“Pretty much everything in my business has to have a clear ROI for me to do it. I’m a busy entrepreneur & I like things to be simple and easy – especially when I’m traveling. So when I first got the landing page templates, I wanted to trial the tripwire page to see how it would convert. I wasn’t disappointed. Within the first week that page was converting into sales at 15%. After seeing that I decided to test out the opt-in template. After that week it was converting at 28%.

Now? I create ALL of my opt-in landing pages, thank you pages and tripwire pages through the templates. I LOVE THEM. They are SO easy to use, I can have a page set up in less than an hour, you don’t have to leave WordPress to be able to use them and best of all, you don’t have to keep paying a monthly or annual membership.”
– Elise McDowell,

What’s Included:

  • 7 professionally-designed and high converting landing page templates to use with WordPress. Includes lead magnet opt-in page, tripwire offer page, thank you page, sales page, offer expired page, webinar registration page and live webinar page.
    All you have to do is add in your own copy, your photos, and change the colors and fonts.
  • Step-by-step PDF guide, with instructions, checklists for setting up each landing page and suggestions for tools to use with your landing pages.
  • Video tutorials that will walk you through the setup process so you can feel confident about creating the landing pages on your own.
  • Free Lifetime Updates to all landing page templates. You’ll get immediate access as we improve each design and add more features.
  • Technical Support from us, Kathie & Andrew, the designer/developer duo who created these landing page templates.

If you’re thinking “That’s great! But what can I do with these templates?”

We’ve got just the answer for you.

Using our landing page templates, you can create an endless amount of sales funnels to help build and grow your business on autopilot. And make the most of each new subscriber you capture.

Here are just a few examples of sales funnels that you can create using these templates:

An Opt-in Lead Magnet

Promote your next freebie and get more subscribers on your list with this simple funnel.

  • Create a beautiful Opt-in page
  • Build a Thank You page for after they sign up and direct them to share it with friends

A Sales Page

This funnel is perfect for a new service or program you’re rolling out.

  • Create a sales page (with a limited time offer as well)
  • Create the Thank You page for after purchase
  • Create an Offer Expired page (Redirect visitors to this page when the offer runs out)

A Webinar Funnel

Use this funnel anytime you want to promote a webinar or special training.

  • Create a Webinar registration page
  • Create a Thank You page
  • Use the Template for your Live Webinar page

A Tripwire "fast action" offer

Turn subscribers into buyers by offering a limited-time low-price point product immediately after they sign up for your email list.

  • Once you have created an Opt-in page, create a tripwire page with a limited time offer
  • Direct subscribers to the tripwire page with limited time offer immediately after signing up
  • After the tripwire offer has been purchased, send them to the Thank You page
Brittney Lynn

These Bluchic Landing Page Templates solve ALL of my landing page woes! I was always hesitant in purchasing expensive landing page builder programs because I worried I wouldn’t need all of the additional bells and whistles that comes with these programs. I also wanted to be able to build landing pages for my webinars and lead magnet opt-ins on my own domain, not someone else’s and I could never find a solution to this problem until now!

I’m in love with these Landing Page Templates and can’t wait to see how they help me grow my audience and increase my revenue!”
– Brittney Lynn,

How it Works:

Step 01

After you make the payment via Paypal, you’ll receive an email with your receipt and download link. Download the zip file & unzip it.

Step 02

Open the PDF guide for the step-by-step instructions and video tutorials. Follow the instructions to upload the templates files to your WordPress site.

Step 03

Change the colors and fonts and add in your own copy and photos. Now you’re ready to launch your beautiful landing page/sales page/opt-in page/etc!

Stop stressing over sales funnels and tech stuff!

Our Landing Page Templates will help you take your sales funnel to the next level by building beautiful landing pages and email optin forms with minimal effort and zero frustration.

Meet Kathie and Andrew from Bluchic

Hey there! We’re Kathie and Andrew.

We’re the husband and wife team behind Bluchic. In 2012, we launched Bluchic as a way to provide chic feminine WordPress themes for female entrepreneurs & bloggers.

We believe that you don’t have to sacrifice great design when you’re just starting out. And we want to empower you to easily build your own professional web pages without having to spend a ton of money paying someone else to do it.

Your budget shouldn’t limit the way your website looks and feels. So we offer templates that help you get the results you want, without paying an arm and a leg.

When we aren’t designing new templates, we’re spending time with our toddler — probably munching down on sushi or even just spend hours playing Legos.

Who are these templates for?

If you’re trying to build a professional-looking landing page but have no clue where to start, these templates are for you. You don’t have to spend big bucks hiring a web designer or paying for expensive programs to create stunning and functional pages.

  • You’re a female entrepreneur, small business owner or blogger who have a WordPress site
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed and wish there was an easier way to create beautiful landing and sales pages
  • You don’t want to spend money on pricey landing page programs that are loaded with all the bells and whistles
  • You want to save time in creating well-designed landing and sales pages
  • You’re done DIY-ing everything but not ready to hire someone yet
  • You’re ready to grow your business with less work

Get All Landing Page Templates For Only $109!

How awesome would it feel to finally ditch the tech struggle? To create a stunning and effective landing page in just a couple hours rather than a couple weeks?

“Before purchasing these landing page templates, I was struggling to gain traction, monetize my site and let my readers connect with me. Why? Because I wasn’t encouraging website visitors to join my email list.

Since using the templates, my newsletter sign-ups have skyrocketed by 148% in just two months – and I’m proud to show the pages off! The conversion rate of my landing page now ranges between 80-90%, compared to 15% (at best!) with my DIY attempts.”
– Elise Dopson,

Frequently Asked Questions

What tools do I need to use these templates?
Use what you already have – WordPress. Then all you have to do is instal a free page builder to use the templates. From there, customizing your landing page can be as easy as drag and drop. ** Side Note: You will need to have an email service provider to be able to collect contact information.

Is it easy to use? What if I’m not a tech person?
Even if you’re a novice WordPress user, our Landing Page Templates are built to be easy-to-use and intuitive. No coding knowledge or design skills required!

Are the templates designed for mobile/responsive?
Yes, the Landing Page Templates are created so that visitors can easily navigate your landing pages on any device at any time. They will look great on any tablet, phone, or desktop screen.

Can I customize the templates to change the colors and fonts to match my brand?
Yes, all the Landing Page Templates are fully customizable. They are simple to edit so that you can easily change the colors to match your own or you can rearrange the layout of each section with the drag and drop page builder.

Will I receive any support? Is there a place to ask questions?
Absolutely! You’ll get support directly from us. Just open a support ticket and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

Will these templates work with my current Bluchic theme?
Yes! All of our templates are designed to work beautifully with any of our themes.

Can I still use these templates if I don’t have a Bluchic theme?
Of course! The Landing Page Templates work with any WordPress theme, regardless if they are Bluchic themes or not. So you don’t need to buy one of our themes to use them.

Does this price include lifetime access, or will I have to pay for a yearly license to keep using my templates?
No subscription necessary. Your one time fee gives you lifetime access to your templates. You can use them forever, on an unlimited number of sites, and you’ll always have access to support and updates.

What happens after I buy?
It’s easy: Just click “add to cart” and then checkout through Paypal. You’ll receive an email with the receipt & download link. Download the zip file, unzip it and open the PDF guide for the step-by-step instructions + link to video tutorials.

Do you offer a refund?
Since we sell digital products that you can download immediately, we do not provide refunds after a purchase has been made. Please review the templates demos, requirements and get in touch if you have any doubts or questions prior to purchase.

Let’s Make Sales Funnel Easy Again

Get your Landing Page Templates today and easily create beautiful sales funnels that work!
No more pulling your hair out trying to figure out CSS code to get your sales pages to look juuuust right.

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Easy-to-use templates to help you create landing pages for your sales funnel so you can grow your list and start making sales on autopilot. No tech struggle required.