Discover where to find stylish and affordable styled stock photo library for women entrepreneurs & get hundreds of images at your finger tips for business use

As a small business owner and blog-preneur, you understand how important it is to use stylish and professional photos on your website and social media feeds. But what if you’re not a photographer or you’d rather spend time working on your business than trying to figure out the science of photography?

Enter styled stock photography; premade photos that are styled and sold individually or as a set of collection online.

Using stock photography can help you create stunning images for your site home page, your shop product features and all your social media needs such as Facebook banners and Instagram posts. Better yet, you can purchase a single styled stock photo from as low as $10, a fraction of the custom photography cost.

However, $10 a time can quickly add up to hundreds or more if you need stock images on a regular basis, which isn’t ideal when running a business on a budget.

That’s where a styled stock library comes in handy and offers great value for money (sometimes for less than $1 per image!) With monthly subscription plans and access to hundreds of images at your fingertips. Here’s our round-up of styled stock photography library resources for you. Hope they help!

Where to Find Affordable Styled Stock Photography Library

1 | Stock Brand Subscription by RW | Production

Do you need gorgeous, branded styled stock images to keep your online content cohesive and elevated? Look no further! With RW | Productions Stock Brand Subscription, you’ll receive access to a library of hundred gorgeous styled stock photos, with over 20 new images being released each month. You can subscribe for just $29 per month or $199 per year. The gorgeous desktop styled stock photos can be spotted on our LaunchIt Plugin.

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2 | Haute Chocolate Styled Stock Library

Looking to add a touch of style, class, and instant glam to your online presence? We think you’ll love Haute Chocolate Styled Stock Library by Rachel Rouhana! Once sign up, you’ll have access to over 700 images with new images being added monthly. We love that the styled stock photos are organized into easy-to-view collections and categories. You can also spot her gorgeous photos being used as sample images in our Kelly Theme.

3 | Color By Turquoise and Palm

From the beginning, Ali knew that her digital library of thousands of images would be just perfect for creative entrepreneurs. The stock library images are bright and happy, with cheerful color palettes and beautiful styling, from gorgeous event, lifestyle and home décor details to pretty workspaces to festive food and florals, and more. The membership plan can be purchased for just $19 per month (or $180 annually) with access to 1000+ images.

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