Your System for Repurposing Content | Use our system to repurpose your content so you can work smarter! Strategically plan your content and repurpose it in multiple ways with these tips.

Do you have a content plan that helps you reach more customers and drives more traffic to your site? How does that content plan feel? Does it feel like you can maintain it… or are you exhausted at the end of each week by how much content you’ve had to create? 

If you’re burnt out on content creation, you’re not alone! It can be exhausting if you’re not using one important tool: Repurposing! 

When it comes to creating content to share with your audience, we want to help you work smarter by strategically planning your content and then repurposing it into multiple pieces of content. This way, you can create consistency in your marketing strategy while reaching more potential customers and followers. That’s the dream!

We’ve created a guide for you to follow so you can create your own content repurposing system, so you can see more reach and revenue in your business. 

Your System for Repurposing Content for More Reach & Revenue

1 | Start with Your Editorial Calendar

Before you can repurpose any content, let’s start at the beginning with your editorial calendar. We plan our posts and content strategically with our own editorial calendar, as it helps to create consistency, increase web traffic, and organize every piece of content we share across all platforms. 

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First things first: Spend time doing some research on your audience and website to narrow down what it is your customers are looking for from a brand like yours. This includes what they are searching for online, which of your current posts or pages have the highest traffic rates, and which emails are clicked on most. It’s best to figure out what your audience wants before you start creating a marketing plan that’s not rooted in fact.

We really love the idea of creating a content plan that aligns every piece of content going out each week so that you are consistent across platforms. Choose one topic per week to focus on, and then use a Google spreadsheet (like our editorial calendar!) to plan your blogs, videos, podcasts, emails, posts, or any launches you have coming up each week. 

You could also look into a program like Asana if you prefer something like that over spreadsheets. We like to plan things in 3-month increments, as it is short enough to see what we have coming up, but not too far into the future that we can always readjust and realign with different goals if things change along the way.

2 | Content Strategy

Now that you have done your research and you know exactly what your audience is looking for, you can strategically plan out your content. You want each and every post, email, video, etc. to be purposeful and circle back to the ultimate purpose of why you started your business in the first place. Your marketing strategy revolves around your content strategy – so it’s pretty important! The better you can market your business, the more revenue you will see. 

Some pieces of content you put out will be to promote your products or services, but not everything you share, of course! Some pieces of content will be to connect with your potential customers, create the “Know, Like, and Trust” factor you want your audience to have with you, and showcase your personality. 

Other pieces of content will be created to give them the tangible and practical value they are looking for, and also promote your products or services. Remember, having a content strategy is simply just having a plan for what you share online. Don’t overthink it!

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3 | Create Your Main Piece of Content 

You’ve got your calendar planned out and your content strategy, so now it’s time to get writing (or recording)! Start with your main piece of content – whether that’s a blog post, video, podcast, newsletter, or what have you. This will be the place where you share all you want to about the topic you have chosen for the week. 

From here, you’ll be able to pull out the content you need for your social media captions, Reels, videos, emails, etc., with the end goal of getting people back to the main piece of content you shared in the first place. 

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4 | Instagram and Facebook Captions

One of the easiest ways to repurpose your content is to take your blog or podcast episode from the week, for example, and narrow it down to a few tips to share in a social media caption for Instagram or Facebook. 

This is a great way to tease your followers to check out your latest blog post, podcast, etc. Rather than creating social media content from scratch, use your topic for the week to create posts that not only bring your followers lots of value, but also lead them back to your site! 

Pro tip: Carousels are a great way to distill points from your blog/podcast/video into a popular format for Instagram!

5 | Videos

The same things we shared about Instagram and Facebook captions can be said about videos – whether it’s on YouTube, a Reel you create for Instagram, or maybe even TikTok! 

Take YouTube videos, for example. They will boost your SEO, build more connections with your audience, and give you a broader reach to new potential customers. You can create short action-oriented videos from your blog post that are the appropriate length for the platform you are sharing them on. 

We suggest Youtube videos to be 3-5 minutes long, whereas Instagram Reels will be a quick 30 second snippet. 

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6 | Pinterest

Many business owners forget that Pinterest is another search engine your audience may be using, and it also happens to be our biggest social media referral to our website! Your followers are using Pinterest to search for content just like they would on Google. 

The difference is that Pinterest is a visual search engine, so the graphics you use matter! We recommend that you create several different graphics that all lead back to the same piece of content. 

Looking for some help to create these images with ease? Take a look at our Canva Social Media Templates and create seamless images without spending hours and hours on them!  

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7 | Bonus! Repurpose Your Past Engaging Content

Not only can you repurpose and optimize the content you are planning to share now and in the future, but you can also repurpose older content, like blog posts, videos, podcast episodes, captions, etc. Take your best content from the past and repurpose it to share with your audience and drive even more traffic to your site. 

Spend some time looking at your Google Analytics to determine which pieces of content performed the best. Then, use that information to compile a list of the posts or episodes you want to reshare. 

Follow the same steps we shared above to create social media captions, videos, Pinterest pins, and more to repurpose your best content. Don’t let your best content die off without getting eyes on it!  

Final Thoughts 

Repurposing your content does not have to be overwhelming. Consistency in your marketing strategy starts with your content! Work smarter by creating your own system to repurpose your content and reach more new potential customers that will drive more revenue to your business.

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