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Taking the Scary out of your About Page

Taking the Scary out of your About Page l Copywriting Tips

Every website, every shop, every blog has one of these. Your About page is incredibly obvious and simple in its use, but it’s also a powerful place to connect with potential partners, customers, and brand leaders. And yet, it’s shocking how many people leave this blank or just slap something up there without much thought. Don’t let your About page scare you. Take charge and make your About page work for you.

  1. Decide the connections you want to make.
    Who is your audience? Who are you talking to? We are all complicated people – and we know the story we share with our family vs. our friends vs. our peers vs. our colleagues vs. our bosses. You see my point. It’s easy to know what to share when you know whom you’re speaking to. Consider who you want to connect with on your About page and talk to them.
  2. Choose a story to build on.
    One of the easiest ways to make your About page amazing is to base the whole thing on a single story. A turning point or even anecdote pulls your reader in quickly and makes you personable. It also instantly makes you focus and gives you direction.
  3. Focus on what makes you your brand.
    Your list of loves, passions, concerns, issues and more is endless. And you just can’t share it all here. And if you try, it’ll probably freak you out and make you start over. Instead, focus on what excites you about your industry and what brought you to this brand. In that way, you can focus on the 3-5 things readers really want to know. And won’t leave you feeling too exposed.
profile_tiffGuest post by Tiffany Silverberg l Website l @tiffsilverberg
Tiffany is a freelance writer with experience in print and online writing. She uses her journalistic background to unfold unique angles of untold stories and helps clients present themselves and their products with freshness and excitement.
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