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Taking the Scary out of Your Product Descriptions

tips to write product description

Your new product is done. Awesome. You have the price point and all the photos. Super. It’s time to list it in your shop. Yay! And now that giant, blank box is staring back at you. Dun dun dunnnn. You have to write a product description. You have to. Let’s take the horror out of the whole process.

  1. Make a character or avatar.
    There are two ways to do this. Either make your product a character or your customer. Either way, you can build a story of use around that character. Talk about how your product interacts with the world or your character. You can give them a name if you feel particularly creative or just talk about its use. Either way, if you can personify your product and put it in a real life situation, you can connect with your customer fast.
  2. Talk about real life, every day use.
    Going back to the character, you want to take time to really explain how your item is used. Even if you just make a prettier item that everyone knows, an item that doesn’t need instructions, you should still talk about when and how it’s used. When is your customer wearing it? How are they incorporating it? When are they using it to make life easier? Get a little practical.
  3. Get emotional.
    Now that the practical is behind us, let’s get a little emotional. I’m not talking about a sob story or over-the-top weepiness, but you have to tap on some feelings. What pain point are you hitting? What good feelings are you bringing? Even the smallest, most mundane item, has an emotional pull. Speak to it.
profile_tiffGuest post by Tiffany Silverberg l Website l @tiffsilverberg
Tiffany is a freelance writer with experience in print and online writing. She uses her journalistic background to unfold unique angles of untold stories and helps clients present themselves and their products with freshness and excitement.
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