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Here’s What Our Customers Have To Say

We’ve helped over 30,000 female entrepreneurs like you build their own beautiful & professional online presence using our WordPress themes & landing page templates. Here’s what some of our past customers have to say about Bluchic products.

I’ve been using Bluchic themes for the past three years and I love them! Perfectly feminine yet functional, Bluchic themes works so well with my business and branding.

They’re so super easy to install and customize that it’s easy for me to make changes and updates as I go. I’ve bought three of their themes so far and literally want to buy everything they put out.

I’m all about ease of use (especially for non-designers) so these themes and social media graphics are something I recommend to my clients.


I am thrilled to have found the Bluchic templates! Not only did they help me achieve the perfect, modern and cohesive web experience I was looking to provide on my site, but they also have very detailed tutorials to help guide you through setting up your site, making it very easy for someone with no web experience to navigate through updating the templates.

I also have the Landing Page Templates and the beautiful Canva templates which allow me to further brand everything I put out for my customers. The Canva templates are so beautiful and they provide numerous designs for any format you need. Thank you so much for creating these amazing tools!

“I’ve spent the day making my Bluchic website and OMFG it’s amazing! The tutorials on how to get it to look the way it does in the demo are so clear and so easy.

I’ve spent the last four years struggling with free templates, trying to guerrilla the code into doing what I want, spending hours and hours trying to figure how to make this bit of my site look more like I wanted it too and having it all fail and trying to learn enough code to get by… and this template is just SO PERFECT and SO EASY and my site is already beginning to look more professional – I feel my business upleveling already!”

“Just wanted to pop in and say that Andrew was SO much help! I used the Maggie theme on a new website (for a restaurant!) and he was so patient with all of my questions. Thank you guys again for the beautiful themes and super helpful tutorials.”

“I’ve bought 3 products from your company, Marilyn, Victoria, and the Landing Pages Templates. All were super easy to set up and completely transformed my site. If I ever run into any issues, I would simply submit a help ticket and receive a reply within minutes! Every time, Andrew has walked me through the steps to resolve my issue and it’s been seamless. I’d continue to buy from you just from the customer service and ease alone! Keep doing what you’re doing!”

“I’ve used a Bluchic theme for my website since the beginning but only because I’ve built websites for others who used other themes and I saw how many difficulties they faced. I love the ease of use for the websites, how easy to customize they are and also just the overall look and feel of the websites.

I always get compliments on my website from anyone who visits it. With the subscribe for email lists prompt on the home page, my email list has grown.”

“I love the consistent look and feel across my brand because Bluchic’s social media templates and website themes are all matchings. Also, ease of installing the themes and using the products because of the first class support videos & how to’s guides.”

“I LOVE how everything is affordable – Bluchic is really looking into supporting female entrepreneurs on looking professional. Other than compliments from everyone I know I did got a few new leads – all because, and I quote :”your website is super professional, yet super personal. It’s chic, feminine and I felt you were talking to me and about me”

“Before using Bluchic, I used a free WordPress theme. My website performed okay for a new blog (I’m all about celebrating the small steps), but I felt like it needed something else to take it to the next level.

Since switching to the Bluchic Isabelle theme, I have noticed more organic search traffic on my site. Part of the appeal of getting a Bluchic theme is that they are SEO optimized! I’ve also noticed that the bounce rate on my site has been lower and that visitors will check out other posts aside from the one most recently published more so than they did before I got a Bluchic theme.

With the polished and professional look that wasn’t completely there before Bluchic, I feel that I can confidently share my website with brands I may want to collaborate with in the future! “

Bluchic themes are elegant, beautiful, and easy to adapt to a brand’s standards. Knowing I’m working with a theme created by an independent business––a wife/husband team––means I’m working with a product made by real people who will actually communicate with me. That’s lovely, too.”

I love how easy the ChicServe theme is to use and customize, the clean & feminine design, and the fact that everything is specifically designed for coaches and female entrepreneurs. It was super quick to set up! I have been receiving wonderful feedback from my audience.”

Your themes are beautiful both visually and from a practical standpoint. I’ve created 3 websites using your themes and I’ve gotten numerous people ask me who my designer is. When i tell them i did it myself they are floored and then think i’m a design guru in hiding!

I run two digitally based business. There is no office to welcome my corporate clients, so I needed a place online that would represent me and my brand. Your themes have helped me position myself as a thoughtful, detail-oriented consultant that cares about the finer details. All of which has led to more people reaching out for my services. Thanks for all that you do!


I thought I was going to have to pay a bunch of money to have someone redesign my website — until I found Bluchic. The clean and responsive themes were exactly what I was looking for! And not only do they look fabulous, they’re affordable and easy to set up. I chose the Quinn theme for its slider and sleek look — and am absolutely obsessed with its form and functionality.

As a freelance writer and travel blogger, my website is my internet home. If I want people to think I’m polished and professional, my website has to reflect that. I used to cringe when I gave people my business card, afraid of what they’d think when they visited my site. Now, I share my site with pride — I can’t wait for them to see how beautiful it looks!


I finally set up my tripwire thanks to your Landing Page Templates (which had been on my to-do list for months). It took less than an hour to set everything up. Since setting up my tripwire, I’ve been able to convert more of my website visitors into paying customers!

Whereas before, people were only downloading my free photos, I now have an average of 4-5 tripwire sales per day which has led to a 10% increase in monthly revenue – all on autopilot! I really wish I had set up a tripwire sooner, but I’m glad your templates finally made it easy for me to finally do it!


The Bluchic themes take the coding stress away from me. All the themes are extremely easy to set up and customise. It is the perfect platform to showcase my food photos because after all your eyes eat first. The Samantha theme is my third Bluchic theme and I love that I can soon start up my online shop directly on my website. This keeps my readers and customers all on one page without being redirected to a website that I have no control over.


My Bluchic theme helped me create everything I wished for and more. I was able to launch a website that I felt 100% satisfied with. The support offered was also amazing – as newbie, I needed a fair bit of help, but it was readily available. Would highly recommend a Bluchic theme to any boss babe out there looking to create or upgrade their website. Beautiful themes to choose from and so perfectly adaptable to all devices. Thanks Bluchic!


I love my Bluchic theme! It allows for so much personalization and they have thought of everything!

Oh, and did I mention the amazing customer service? Every question was handled quickly and, even more importantly, kindly.


I LOVED my Bluchic product so much that I purchased a second theme for my healthcare website. It was very easy to customize and the tutorials helped get me started. Bluchic makes it easy to start a blog and website & feel confident along the way.


I’ve been trying for months to get a free WordPress theme to look the way I wanted. When I found the Bluchic themes, I knew immediately they were worth the investment. The hardest decision was choosing a theme. Within hours of downloading Isabelle, I had my website completely customized and looking beautiful. Plus, I contacted support with a question, and got a prompt and helpful reply. I couldn’t be happier.


I have been very pleased with Bluchic themes and love that there is an option of affordable, stylish themes for woman out there. It is great to be able to have themes that are beautiful out of the box AND can be easily customized if desired. I do and have recommended the Bluchic products. I love how clean the designs are and how easy they are to use even for the novice WordPress user.


“I got hooked the very first time I saw Canva social media templates by Bluchic. The templates can really speak my personality and values when it comes to my own Virtual Assistant business.

To add professionally crafted images without spending a lot of money for the blog and social media posts became easier than ever before. Such a huge help for a not so creative entrepreneur like me to attract my prospects to come and visit my website. It is my life-saver! ♥”


We’ve been using a Bluchic theme on One Woman Shop since the very beginning and couldn’t be happier. We love that the themes provide a great technical foundation but that we can easily edit them to showcase our own branding. Bluchic’s Theme Documentation has been invaluable as well — almost every question we’ve had about our site has been answered by searching there!


Installing the Isabelle theme is one of the best decisions I made for Whim Magazine’s website. Not only did it transform my site into the beautiful vision I had planned for it, but it also gave the website a professional look and feel that worked wonders for increasing Whim’s authority within our niche.


When I wanted to redesign my website, I spent many hours researching possible themes. Having some previous experience in designing websites, I could tell that Bluchic themes had the high quality I was looking for (not to mention that they are gorgeous beyond belief)!

I ended up choosing the Naomi theme because I knew it would provide the simple, feminine, and timeless look I wanted. Each detail was very thoughtful, and stylistically elegant. Having a theme that is responsive was a must for me, and so I love that my theme looks just as slick on a tablet or mobile device as it does on a desktop. I also love how easy it is to edit the look of each element—I barely had to dive into the code at all to get it exactly how I wanted!


I LOVE Bluchic theme designs. I did a great deal of research about themes and needed a modern cheerful design for my craft and shopping blog. Only Bluchic had all the unique features I loved and at a great price. I was able to easily setup the theme myself using the descriptive tutorials and upbeat videos. Tons of color and style customizations within one theme! Support was also very quick to answer any technical questions. I am so incredibly happy!


Before using Bluchic Landing Page Templates, my conversion rate (a number of visitors who view the page, also sign up for the lead magnet) was about 3-4%. After installing them, my Opt-in page looks sleek, professional, and it showcases beautifully what my lead magnet is about.

Not to mention that my conversion rate went over 10%, and it was super easy to install and customize the templates. I wholeheartedly recommend the Landing Page Templates and other products by Bluchic because they honestly never disappoint, and the customer service is awesome!


Having a Bluchic WordPress theme has given me the autonomy I’ve been looking for when designing my website. It allows me to add my own personality, while providing an already classy design. Because of Bluchic’s incredible customer service, I have been able to implement customizations and integrations successfully, which has allowed me to connect with my readers even further.

There is huge comfort in not only having a great theme, but also having a great team that can provide unlimited support. Blogging is not a one person gig, it takes a village, and Bluchic has definitely become a part of my village.


I would highly recommend Bluchic landing pages because they were really simple to set up with wonderful online support, easy to follow video tutorials and it was reasonably priced. I had 40 people subscribe in a week to my lead magnet, with 5 people attend my one of face-to-face monthly catch-up and 1 person sign up for my one-on-one coaching. I was really impressed with my final product.

It was such a sense of achievement to be able to work out the pages myself. I was able to save my newly created landing page and delicate the look for other products. I can use the landing page and thank you page anytime without paying someone else to create them for me.


I originally hired a designer who just couldn’t understand my vision… So, that relationship didn’t work out so well, and I moved on, website-less… I spent days and days in the search of my perfect theme, and when I finally came across your page I had the hardest time deciding which theme to pick because they are all so beautiful. I picked Isabelle, and absolutely love it!!!

I am super new (and insecure) about the whole blogging thing… I had no idea what I was doing and still I was able to set up the theme on my own by following the super user friendly documentation you guys provide. I have been getting fantastic feedback on the look of my page and I couldn’t be happier!! Thank you so very much!!!!


This is my 4th website for myself, but I used to work for a digital marketing agency, so I’ve been around a lot of websites and I was very clear on what I wanted. I knew that my website had to be simple, easy to navigate and clear.

It needed to work seamlessly on mobile and be good on the eye too. The Bluchic websites and the Quinn version in particular tick all of those boxes, and I couldn’t be happier with my website. I’ve also received tons of compliments on it, so thank you to the team at Bluchic!


“When I first started my social media business I was hustling a lot with sometimes little results. I was spending too much time on activities that were not my strength such as creating designs for my social media posts on Pinterest.

Before I had my social media templates for Canva from bluchic I was either researching hours for a nice design or trying to put something together myself. So I literally wasted hours. On top of that I never really had a consistency in all my material.

I really was just looking for templates that match my brand and would help me save time in my daily life as an entrepreneur.

If you are an entrepreneur and you don’t have your own team yet that helps you out, make your life easier with getting those Canva templates. If you are like me and you like beautiful designs but are not really able to create them yourself – these are perfect for you.

If you want to adapt colors or fonts or even pictures it’s super easy and you will have a consistency in your social media posts. I highly recommend it!”


The landing page templates are SO easy to use, I can have a page set up in less than an hour, you don’t have to leave WordPress to be able to use them and best of all, you don’t have to keep paying a monthly or annual membership. Within the first week my tripwire page was converting into sales at 15%. After seeing that I decided to test out the opt-in template. After that week it was converting at 28%.


“I really love the social media templates from Bluchic! I used to spend hours on PicMonkey and Canva creating the images for my blog. With these social media templates, I had my assistant edit them to put in stock pictures that match my branding, we use my brand fonts and now I can create Pinterest pins and Facebook posts in minutes. And the best part is each design can be original and yet maintain the look and feel of my brand.

One of my blog posts has been shared over 1,500 times! That’s 1500 marriages creating more connection and love. YAY! Thank you Bluchic!”


I cannot tell you how many hours these Canva templates have saved me in creating my social graphics. I also love that I can easily create several images at once with very minimal work.

When I saw all the templates that were included for any social network, it was a no-brainer to click “purchase.” Now my brand has a much more cohesive feel. Thanks, Bluchic.”


I’m new to the world of blogging and I’ve been trying to learn everything on my own. It’s a steep learning curve, but I have to say, upgrading to Bluchic theme has been the best decision I’ve made so far. You’ve designed it beautifully and included such clear and simple tutorials for every aspect of the theme — I’ve been having so much fun playing around with this and setting up my website so that it looks happier and more user-friendly (compared to the free WordPress themes I was using).


“Can I tell you how much I love, love, love Bluchic!!! It has saved me so much time, and I’ve been able to create a beautiful blog and landing pages with your stuff. Can’t gush enough about how much I love it.Thanks for the awesome content! I’m hooked and telling others about it.” – AMY, SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST & PARENT CONSULTANT

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